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IN the name of the blessed and glorious Trinity, Amen. I John Donne, by the mercy of Christ Jesus, and by the calling of the Church of England, Priest, being at this time in good health and perfect understanding (praised be God therefore) do hereby make my last Will und Testament, in the manner and form following:

First, I give my gracious God an entire sacrifice of body and soul, with my most humble thanks for that assurance which his Blessed Spirit imprints in me now of the salvation of the one, , and the resurrection of the other; and for that constant and cheerful resolution which the same Spirit hath established in me to live and die in the religion now professed in the Church of England. In Ca'pectution of that resurrection, I desire my body may be buried in the most private manner that may be ; in that place of St. Paul's Church, London, that the now Residentiaries have at my request designed for that purpose, &c.

And this iny last Will and Testament, made in the fear of God, (whose mercy I humbly beg, and constantly rely upon in Fesus Christ), and in perfect love and charity with all the world (whose pardon I ask, from the lowest of my servants, to the highest of my superiors), written all with my own hand, and my name subscribed to every page, of which there are five in number.

Sealed Decemb. 13, 1630.

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“ your plenty have cheered and raised the hearts of so many " of your dejected friends, would now receive this from me, " and use it as a cordial for the cheering of your own;" And upon these terms it was received. He was a happy reconciler of many differences in the families of his friends and kindred (which he never undertook faintly, for such undertakings have usually faint effects), and they liad such a faith in his judge ment and impartiality, that he never advised them to any thing in vain. He was, even to her death, a most dutiful son to his mother, careful to provide for her supportation, of which she had been destitute, but that God raised him up to prevent her necessities, who having fucked in the religion of the Roman Church with her mother's milk, spent her estate in foreign countries, to enjoy a liberty in it, and died in his house but three months before him.

And to the end it may appear how just a steward he was of his Lord and Master's revenue, I have thought fit to let the reader know, that after his entrance into his Deanery, as he numbered his years, he (at the foot of a private account, to which God and his angels were only witnesses with him), computed first his revenue, then what was given to the poor and other pious uses; and lastly, what reited for him and his; and, having done that, he then blessed each year's poor remainder with a thankful prayer: which, for that they discover a more than common devotion, the reader shall partake some of them in his own words :

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