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“but all churches have one form of supplication by that name. " Ainongít ancient annals, I mean some 800 years, I have met two " Letanies in Latin verse, which gave me not the reason of my medi"lations ; for in good faith I thought not upon them, but they give “me a defence, if any man to a Layman and a Private impute it as a “fault to take such divine and publique names to his own little " thoughts.” (Letters, doc. p. 32.)

m But it appears from the preceding pages, that his intentions of visiting the Holy Land were frustrated.


My filesh be no more heard; it will obtrude
This lethargy: So fhould my gratitude,
My vows of gratitude should be so broke,
Which can no more be, than his virtues, spoke
By any but himself : For which cause I
Write no encomiums, but this elegy
Which, as a free-will offering, I here give
Fame and the world, and, parting with it, grieve
I want abilities fit to set forth
A monument as matchlefs as his worth.

APRIL 7, 1631.

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ught to take the Romans this Concih in out of ce

1. “PSEUDO-MARTYR; wherein out of certaine Propopositions and Gradations this Conclusion is evicted, that those which are of the Romane Religion in this Kingdome, may and ought to take the Oath of Allegeance.” London, 1610, quarto.

II. « DEVOTIONS upon EMERGENT OCCASIONS, and several STEPS in my SICKNESS; digefted into . Meditations upon our humane Condition.-2. Expoftulations and Debatements with God.-3. Prayers upon several Occasions to him." London, 1624, 12mo.

This book is dedicated to Prince Charles. The subjects of the different devotions are expressed in twenty-two hexameter. verses prefixed to the work.

“ Stationes five periodi in morbo, ad quas referuntur meditationes fequentes.

1. Insultus morbi primus. 2. Poft actio læsa. 3. Decubitus sequitur tandem. 4. Medicusque vocatur. 5. Solus adeft. 6. Metuit. 7. Socius fibi jungier inftat,” &c. A fourth edition of this work appeared in 1634.

III. “ The ANTIENT HISTORY of the SEPTUAGINT; written in Greeke by Aristeus 1900 Yeares since. Of his Voyage to Hierusalem, as Ambassador from Ptolomeus Philadelphus unto Eleazer then Pontiffe of the Jews. Concerning the first Translation of the Bible by the 72 Interpreters; with many other remarkable Circumstances. Newly done into English by J. Donne.London, 1633, 8vo, or 16mo.

“N. B. There are added Proofes concerning this History, and a short Discourse of the Antiquity and Dignity of the Sacred Bookes, and Excellency of their Inspired Writer the Prophet Moses."

A new edition of this version, said to be very much corrected from the original, was published in 1685, 12mo.

IV. “ JUVENILIA, or certaine Paradoxes and Problems." London, 1633, quarto.

V. “ POEMS by J. D. with ELEGIES on the AUTHOR's DEATH."-1633, quarto. The same in 1635, Svo or 16mo; and again in 1654, 8vo or 16mo. The last edition contains ?

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