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dedication to Lord Craven, by Dr. John Donne, the son, and a copy of verses to Dr. Donne, by B. Jon. i.e. Ben Jonson. Prefixed to the volume is a print of the Author in a suit of armour, with eight verses under it, by Izaak Walton. There is another edition of the poems in 1669, 8vo.

VI. “ LXXX SERMONS," 1640, folio, with a print of the Author, æt. 42, M. Merian, jun. sc. With a Dedication to King Charles, and Izaak Walton's Life of Dr. Donne.

VII. “L SERMONS; the Second Volume," 1649, folio.This volume contains two dedications; the first “ To Basil, Earl of Denby;" and the second “ To Bolstred Whitlock, Richard Keeble, and John Leile, Lords Commissioners of the Great Seale."

VIII. “ XXVI SERMONS; the third Volume," 1661.With a dedication « To King Charles II.”

Many of the sermons in the preceding volumes were printed separately at different times.

IX. “ LETTERS to several Persons of Honour. Published by John Donne, Doctor of the Civill Law.London, 1654, 4to; and dedicated by him “ To the most virtuous and excellent Lady Miris. Bridget Dunch."

X. “ESSAYS in DIVINITY, &c. being several Disquisi. tions interwoven with Meditations and Prayers.” 1651, 12mo. Written by him before he went into holy orders. .

XI. “PARADOXES, PROBLEMS, ESSAYS, CHARACTERS, &c. To which is added, a Book of Epigrams, written in Latin by the fame Author, translated into English by J. Mayne, D. D. As also Ignatius his Conclave, a Satyr, translated out of the original Copy written in Latin by the fame Author; found lately amongst his own Papers.” London, . 1653, 12mo.

Several parts of this volume were printed before under different titles.

Of the tract « Ignatius his Conclave," it must be observed, that it was originally written in Latin with this title; “ Conclave Ignatii, sive ejus in nuperis inferni comitiis Inthronisatio: ubi varia de Jesuitarum indole, de novo inferno creando, de eccles à lunaticà instiruendâ per Satyram congefta funt. Accessit et Apologia pro Jesuitis.”

This little volume is printed without the name of the author or printer, and without any intimation of time or place. It contains many severe and ironical invectives against Ignatius Loyola, who founded the order of the Jesuits in 1540. The auihor deicribes himself in a vision. “Eram in extasi, et

“Animula vagula blandula

. “Comes hofpesque corporis « per omnia liberè vagata est, omnes cælorum contignationes "numerabat et volumina : omnes insularum natantium om

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SIR, “I take the bouldnelse to present to your hands this booke, “ hopinge that it máy bee welcome to you, even for the pa-, os trone's fake who has received it toe nobly, that I cannot doubt 16 bat that all his frinds will entertaine it as fome thinge that, ." belongs to my Lorde Herbert, and has lyen still these fivftie “last years to expect á patrone noble enough to entertaine a " peece that is an absolute originall, and, I thincke, drawen by “ noe very ill a hande. “Sir, your most humble fervant,


! ... LETTER II.

"S SIR, " I have here sent you a booke that may peradventure give “ you fome entertainement out of the noveltie of the subject, " but that is not all my reason of presentinge it to you at this “ time ; for, fince I lived in this parish, I have published a vo“lume of eighty fermons preached by my father; and have pre“ pared fixty more, which are licensed and entered in the Prin-' “ ter's Halle ; which is, a's farr as I can drive them, untill the “ times allter. I was encouradged to undertake this worke by the “ learnedeft men in the kingdome of all professions, and was « often told that I should deferve better by doinge foe, then by. "keepinge them to my owne use, for by this meanes I did not “ only preach to the present adge, but to our children's children. “ Sir, I write this to you that you may judg what a fad con“ dition a scholler is in ; when ať a public vestry in this parish, " I was told by a pittifull ignorant baker, I was an idle man, and " never preached. 6 Your humble servant, .

“ JO. DONNE.” Another edition of the Biathanatos appeared in 1648.

A Satirical Poem, called " A Scourge for Paper Perfecutors, by I. D. 1025;" 410, has been attributed to Dr. Donne. It was written by John Davies of Hereford, and is printed in his “ Scourge of Tolly," 8vo. which is not inserted by Wood aniong the works of Davies. See “ Wood's Ath. Ox." Vol. I. col. 4++.

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