Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Volumen20

Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Página 185 - On the Primordial Fauna and the Taconic System, by Joachim Barrande. With Additional Notes by Jules Marcou.
Página 250 - Silurian System' as characterizing the Lower Silurian division, and which I have named second fauna. It is then just to recognize this priority, and I think it all the more fitting to state it at this time, that it has not been claimed to this day.
Página 202 - On some new Species of Fossils from the Limestone near Point Levi, opposite Quebec...
Página 376 - ... thickish summit entire: seed 1£ lines long, the wing 4 lines long by 2| broad. — This unusually distinct species has been found (by Thomas Howell, in June, 1884) only at high elevations in the Siskiyou Mountains, California, on the head-waters of the Illinois River, in rather dry rocky ground. It grows to a height of from 100 to 150 feet, and a diameter of 1 to 3 feet. Bark reddish. The specific name is given in compliment to Prof. WH Brewer, who in connection with the California State Geological...
Página 530 - with the great discovery of the quantification of the predicate," adds : — " I must continue to hold that the principle of quantification is explicitly stated by Mr. Bentham ; and it must be regarded as a remarkable fact in the history of logic, that Hamilton, while vindicating in 1847 his own claims to originality and priority as against the scheme of De Morgan, should have overlooked the much earlier and more closely related discoveries of Bentham.
Página 497 - One observer tested the light photometrically, whilst another observed the galvanometer, with the result that with similar photometric observations the thermopile indicated a large change in the amount of heat received. In conclusion, the author thinks it possible to assume as a practical standard a carbon loop in an exhausted vessel raised to such a point of incandescence that it will radiate a definite amount of energy, this energy being measured by a bolometer strip or the thermopile at a definite...
Página 19 - GERALINCRA nov. gen. Cephalothorax ovate, the front rounded, one third as broad as hinder portion. Palpi large and robust, with interior spines. First two pairs of legs slender, the hinder stout and broad. Abdomen composed of nine joints, the basal three rather short, the others subequal and longer. Postabdomen much as in Thelyphonus. Geralinura carbonaria nov. sp. Hinder legs three times as stout as the front pairs, the fourth much longer than the third. Abdomen about twice as long as broad. Postabdomen...
Página 356 - ... or rarely sparingly toothed, 2 or 3 inches long, on a stout usually reddish petiole 4 to 8 lines long : flowers in dense closely panicled spikes a half-inch long or less, the rounded bracts and sepals purplish ; petals light yellow : fruit compressed-ovate, 2 or 3 lines long, viscid-pubescent. — On hills and mountains, away from the coast, from San Diego to Los Angeles County, the Camillas Mountains in Lower California, and in Southern Arizona ; also on Santa Catalina Island (WH Lyon).
Página 389 - ... and in separating the sulphides it would be necessary to know the weight of the asbestos felt, since it must be weighed finally with the insoluble sulphides, unless removed by a special treatment which involves the solution, filtration and reprecipitation of the latter. It is to meet cases like these that I have sought a filter which, in the reversal of the ordinary mode of separating filter and precipitate, should dissolve easily in solvents which do not affect the ordinary precipitates met...
Página 321 - Abietis of Europe, although, as the spores were not quite ripe, one cannot be certain. If there is a difference, it is to be found in the fact that the teleutospores are arranged in threads which branch less than in the European form. But at a later stage of development this supposed difference might disappear. At the same time and place Mr. Seymour found another interesting species of...

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