The Life of Archbishop Cranmer, Volumen2

J. & J. Harper, 1833

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Página 196 - I renounce and refuse, as things written with my hand, contrary to the truth which I thought in my heart, and written for fear of death, and to save my life, if it might be...
Página 196 - And now I come to the great thing that troubleth my conscience more than any other thing that ever I said or did in my life, and that is, the setting abroad of writings contrary to the truth which here now I renounce and refuse as things written with my hand, contrary to the truth which I thought in my heart, and writ for fear of death, and to save my life...
Página 217 - Gad, I am in a great strait: let us fall now into the hand of the Lord; for his mercies are great: and let me not fall into the hand of man.
Página 147 - From this your judgment and sentence I appeal to the just judgment of God Almighty, trusting to be present with him in heaven, for whose presence in the altar I am thus condemned ". Doctor Ridley.
Página 211 - Now as concerning the estate of religion, as it is used in this realm of England at this present, if it please your Highness to license me, I would gladly write my mind unto your Majesty. I will never, God willing, be author of sedition, to move subjects from the obedience of their heads and rulers : which is an offence most detestable.
Página 282 - Christ commands to be given unto them. And furthermore, Christ ordained the sacrament in two kinds, the one separated from the other, to be a representation of his death, where his blood was separated from his flesh, which is not represented in one kind alone. So that the lay people receive not the whole sacrament, whereby Christ's death is represented, as he commanded.
Página 198 - ... might see his hand burned before his body was touched. His body did so abide the burning of the flame...
Página 196 - Christ in heaven, in joy, or else to be in pain ever with wicked devils in hell ; and I see before mine eyes presently either heaven ready to receive me, or...
Página 116 - Darcy, then lord-chamberlain to the king's majesty, which two were present at the communication between the king's majesty and me. I desired to talk with the king's majesty alone, but I could not be suffered ; and so I failed of my purpose. For if I might have communed with the king alone, and at good leisure, my trust was, that I should have altered him from his purpose ; but they being present my labour was in vain.
Página 289 - Cran" mer, doctor of divinity, and late archbishop of Canter" bury, do firmly, steadfastly, and assuredly believe in all " articles and points of the Christian religion and Catholic " faith, as the Catholic Church doth believe, and hath ever " believed from the beginning. Moreover, as concerning " the sacraments of the Church, I believe unfeignedly in " all points as the said Catholic Church doth, and hath be" lieved from the beginning of Christian religion.

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