Triptych-A Mystery

Xlibris Corporation, 2006 - 524 páginas
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TRIPTYCH-a Mystery (Part 1-The Painting) deals with a well known biblical figure during several incarnations through which he finally achieves complete self awareness and self-acceptance. It is a self contained novel within a larger three part structure including Part 2 (Preliminary Studies) and Part 3 (Afterimages), which though formally related to Part -and dealing with the creative process, but telling their own stories-are not printed here. Part 1-The Painting is written in its own three part structure and is in the form of a mystery story-to which the word, "mystery," is to be applied in more than one definition: To begin with it is not a "Whodunit?" but "Whoisit?" And though the answer to this question should become apparent by halfway through the work, the final denouement can be perceived as either diabolical or holy-or both-depending upon the reader's point of view.

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