Present-day Egypt

Century Company, 1899 - 372 páginas

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Página 314 - That the United States hereby disclaims any disposition or intention to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction, or control over said island except for the pacification thereof, and asserts its determination, when that is accomplished, to leave the government and control of the island to its people.
Página 320 - Egyptian fellaheen, knowing what it was before the advent of the English, without conceding this. For half a dozen years Egypt has fairly bristled with prosperity. The story of that country's emergence from practical bankruptcy, until its securities are quoted nearly as high as English consols, reads like a romance ; and there is no better example of economical progress through administrative reform than is presented by Egypt under British rule.
Página 320 - ... as English consols, reads like a romance ; and there is no better example of economical progress, through administrative reform, than is presented by Egypt under British rule. Security is assured to person and property ; slavery has been legally abolished ; official corruption is almost unknown ; forced labor for public works is no longer permitted, and native courts have now more than a semblance of justice. Hygienic matters have been so carefully looked after that the population has increased...
Página 316 - And again, on page 316, he says: An incidental reason why Great. Britain retains her hold upon Egypt is that the cotton crop of the Nile Valley reduces more and more each year the dependence of British "pindlers upon the cotton fields of the United States.
Página 359 - ... are centred .... If he would reap the full measure of good which his new position places within his reach, he must trust more to himself and to his own conduct than to the simple influence of any climate, however genial ; he must adhere strictly to such a mode of living as his case requires ; he must avail himself of all the advantages which the climate possesses...
Página 169 - June, and the grand rush of water pouring down the Blue Nile and the Atbara into the parent channel, inundates Lower Egypt, and is the cause of its. extreme fertility. Not only is the inundation the effect of the Abyssinian rains, but the deposit of mud that has formed the Delta, and which is annually precipitated by the rising waters, is also due to the Abyssinian streams, more especially to the river Atbara, which, known as the Bahr el Aswat (Black River) carries a larger prox PREFACE.
Página 296 - Prince Abbas begged to have the ship wait for better weather. " I must not stop, Highness," was the admiral's reply, " for it is the emperor's command to lose no time, and the etiquette must be observed." When the peaceful harbors of Greece came in sight, the khedive again pleaded for delay. But the punctilious commander insisted that " the etiquette must be observed, for it was his Majesty's order.
Página 359 - The air, or climate, is often regarded by the patient as possessing some specific quality, by virtue of which it directly cures his disease. This erroneous view of the matter not unfrequently proves the bane of the invalid by leading him, in the fulness of his confidence in climate, to neglect other circumstances as essential to his recovery as that in which all his hopes are fixed.
Página 313 - Arabi was guilty of an offence punishable by death or deportation. The British government announced, after the crushing of Arabi, that its "army of occupation" would be withdrawn as soon as law and order could be restored, and a date was actually fixed for the departure of the troops. Her philanthropic task not being completed, in her opinion, at the end of the six months, an extension of time for another six months was made. At all events, the occupation was only to last for the brief period necessary...
Página 229 - But then he was a sovereign, and his creditors were the kings of Jews, or rather the Jews of kings, and powerful enough to bring to bear the authority and pressure of their respective Governments to enforce their claims by every means available...

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