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The glory of the church.


The birth of Chris the law shall go forth of jenjanalthe B. C. 750. No enter thyself in trenere

3 | And he shall judge among 1 or, scythes. laid siege against us they sha many people, and rebuke strong

d Ps.72.7.

smite a the judge of Israel with nations afar off; and they shall

rod upon the cheek. beat their swords into plough-e Ki.4.25. 2 But b thou, Beth-lehem Ephrs

Zec.3. 10. shares, and their spears into 1 prun

ah, though thon be little among the ing-houks : nation shall not lift up f Je.2.11. thousands of Judah, yet out of the a sword against nation, neither d

& Zec. 10.12.

shal' he come forth unto me that's shall they learn war any more. Col.2.6.

to be ruler c in Israel ; whose 4 But e they shall sit every man

goings forth have been from of old,

h Eze.34.13. under his vine, and under his fig

from 1 everlasting.d

17. tree; anıt none shall make them


3 Therefore will he give them , afraid : for the mouth of the LORD

until the time that she which of hosts hath spoken it.

1 Ps.38.17. travaileth hath brought forth: thea

He, 12.12, 5 For all f people will walk every

the remnant of his brethren shail

13. one in the name of his god, and

return unto the children of Israel weg will walk in the name of the k Ps. 147.2. 4 T And he shall stand and feed LORD our God for ever and ever. 1 Is.9.6,7. in the strength of the LORD, in the

6 In that day, saith the LORD, will Da.7.14,27. majesty of the name of the LORD I assembleh her that halteth, i and Lu. 1.33. his God; and they shall abide: * I will gather k her that is driven

Re.11.15. now shall he be great unto the out, and her that I have afflicted; mPs.48.12, 13. ends of the earth.

7 And I will make her that halted 2 or, Edar. 5 And this man shall be the a remnant, and her that was cast Ge.35.21. peace, when the Assyrian sail far off a strong nation : and the n Re.22.5. come into our land : and when he LORD shall l reign over them in lo Je.8.19.

shall tread in our palaces, then mount Zion from henceforth, even

shall we raise against him seten

p Is.66.7,8. for ever.

shepherds,and eight Sprincipal men 8 T And thou, O tower m of 2 the 9H0.1.10.

6 And they shall 4 waste the land flock, the strong hold of the daugh- + 12.2.16. of Assyria with the sword, and the ter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, s Ob.12. land of Nimrod 5 in the entrances even the first dominion ; n the t Is.55.8. thereof: thus shall hef deliver * kingdom shall come to the daugh Je.29.11. from the Assyrian, when he cometb ter of Jerusalem.

Ro.11.33, into our land, and when he tread 9 Now why dost thou cry out


eth within our borders. aloud ? iso there no king in thee? u Lu.3.17. 7 And the remnant of Jacob shall is thy counsellor perished? for v Is.41.15, 16. be in the midst of many people, as pangs have taken thee as a wo- w De.33.25. a g dew from the LORD, as the man in travail.

showers upon the * Da.2.44.

grass, that 10 Be in pain, and labour to bring p

tarrieth not for man, nor waiteth forth, O daughter of Zion, like a

for the sons of men. woman in travail : for now shalt (CHAP.5.)

84 And the remnant of Jacob thou go forth ont of the city, and a Mat.27.30. shall be among the Gentiles in the thou shalt dwell in the field, and

midst of many people, as a lion

b Mat.2.6. thou shalt go even to Babylon;

among the beasts of the forest, as a there q shalt thou be delivered;

c Ge.49.10.

young lion among the flocks of there the LORD shall redeem thee 1 the days of 6 sheep: who, if he go through, from the hand of thine enemies.

eternity. both treadeth down, and teareth in 11 T Now r also many nations are a Pr.8.22,23. pieces, and none can deliver. gathered against thee, that say,

Jno, 1.1. 9 Thine hand shall be lifted up Let her be defiled, and let our eye


upon thine adversaries, and all look s upon Zion.

thine enemies shall be cut off. 12 But they know not t the e Zec.9.10. 10 And it shall come to pass in thoughts of the LORD, neither un Ep.2.14. that day, saith the LORD, that I derstand they his counsel : for he 3 princes of. will cut off thy horses out of the shall gather u them as the sheaves 4 eat up.

midst of thee, and I will destroy into the floor.

13 Arise and thresh, v O daughter own naked 11 And I will cut off the cities of of Zion : for I will make thine horn

swords. thy land, and throw down all thy iron, and I will make thy hoofs

f Lu. 1.74.

strong holds : brass : w and thou shalt beat in

12 And I will cut off witchcrafts

g De.32.2. pieces z many people : and I will

out of thine hand; and thou shalt consecrate their gain unto the

or, goats.

have no more soothsayers: h LORD, and their substance unto h Is.2.6,8. 13 Thy graven images also i will the LORD of the whole earth.

Re.22.15. I cut off, and thy 7 standing images CHAPTER V.

i Zec.13.2. out of the midst of thee; and thou 1 The birth of Christ : 4 His king- 7 or, statues. shalt no more worship the work of ciom : 8 His conquest.

thine hands.

2 or, rule.

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or, with her thy chariots :


HEAR, ye now what the LORD


Whey have gathered the sum

God's conroversy.

MICAH, VI, VII. The church complaineth 24 And I will pluck up thy groves B. C. 710. 14 Thou shalt eat, but not be zit of the midst of thee : so will I

satisfied: and thy casting down Zestroy thy 8 cities.

8 or, enemies. shall be in the midst of thee; and 35 And I will execute vengeance k

k 2Th.1.8. I thou shalt take hold, put shalt not in anger and fury upon the heathen,

deliver; and that which thou desuch as they have not heard.

(CHAP. 6.) liverest will I give up to the CHAPTER VI.

1 or, with. sword. 1 God's controversy for unkindness, 6 a Eze.36.1,8. 15 Thou m shalt sow, but thou

for ignorance, 10 for injustice, 16 Ho.4.1. shalt not reap; thou shalt tread the and for idolatry.

c Je.2.5,31.

olives, but thou shalt nut anoint

thee with oil; and sweet wine, but

d De.4.20. saith; Arise, contend thou

shalt not drink wine.

e Nu.XXII. 2 before the mountains, a and let

16 T For 9 the statutes of Omrin

XXV. the hills hear thy voice.

are kept, and all the works of the 2 Hear ye, ó mountains, the f Ju.5.11.

house of Ahab, and ye walk in their LORD's controversy, and ye strong

2 sons of a

counsels; that I should make thee foundations of the earth: for b the

a 10 desolation, and the inhabitants LORD hath a controversy with his g Ps.51.16. thereof an hissing: therefore ye people, and he will plead with Is. h 2Ki.3.27. shall bear the reproach of my rael.

3 belly.

people. 30 my people, what c have I done i De. 10.12.

CHAPTER VII. unto thee? and wherein have I

1 The church complaining, 5 putteth

4 humble wearied thee? testify against me.

thyself to

her confidence in God. 8 She 4 For I brought d thee up out of


triumpheth over her enemies. the land of Egypt, and redeemed thee out of the house of servants;

5 or, thy

name shall and I sent before thee Moses,

mer-fruits, as the grape-gleanings a

see that Aaron, and Miriam.

which is.

of the vintage: there is no cluster 5 0 my people, remember now or, Is there

to eat: my soul desired the firstwhat Balake king of Moab consult

yet unto

ripe fruit. ed, and what Balaam the son of

evcry man

2 The 2 good man is perished b Beor answered him from Shittim an house of out of the earth: and there is none unto Gilgal ; that ye may know the the wicked. upright among men: they all lio righteousness f of the LORD.

7 measure of in wait for blood ; they hunt every 6 T Wherewith shall I come be lcanness.

man his brother with a net. fore the LORD, and bow myself be Am.8.5. 3 T That they may do evil with before him with burnt-offerings, 8 or, be pure. reward; and the great man, he fore the high God ? shall I come k Pr.20.10,23. both hands earnestly, the prince with calves 2 of a year old ?

1 Ho.5.9. 7 Willg the LORD be pleased with

uttereth 3 his mischievous desire : thousands of rams, or with ten

so they wrap it up. thousands of rivers of oil ? shall I ni De.28.38 4 The best of them is as a brier: give my first-born h for my trans

40. the most upright is sharper than a gression, the fruit of my 3 body for 9 or, he doth thorn hedge: the day of thy watchthe sin of my soul?

much keep men and thy visitation cometh; 8 He hath showed thee, O man,


now shall be their perplexity. what is good; and what i doth the nIKi. 16.25. 5 T Trust c ye not in a friend, put LORD require of thee, but to do

30. ye not confidence in a guide; keep justly, and to love mercy, and to 10 or, aston the doors of thy mouth from her 4 walk humbly with thy God? ishment. that lieth in thy bosom. 9 The LORD's voice crieth unto (CHAP. 7.)

6 For the son dishoncureth the the city, and 5 the man of wisdom i the gather father, the daughter, riseth, up shall see thy name: hear ye the

ings of

against her mother, the daughterrod, and who hath appointed it.


in-law against her mother-in-law; 10 T 6 Are there yet the trea

a Ho.9.10.

a man's enemies are the men of his sures of wickedness in the house

own house. of the wicked, and the 7 scant

2 or,godly,or, ✓ Therefore d I will look into measure that is abominable ? k

merciful. the LORD: I will wait for the God 11 Shall I 8 count them pure with

b Is.57.1.

of my salvation; my God will hear the wicked balances, and with the 3 the mischief me. bag of deceitful weights?

of his soul.

8 T Rejoice not against me, O mine 13 For the rich men thereof are c Je.9.4. enemy : when e I fall, I shall arise ; full of violence, and the inhabit- d Is.8.17. when I sit in darkness, the LORD ants thereof have spoken lies, and e Ps.37.24. shall be a light f unto me. their tongue is deceitful in their Pr.24.26. 9 I will bear g the indignation of mouth.

f Ps.27.1. the LORD, because I have sinned 13 Therefore also will I make thee g He.12.6,7. against him, until he plead my dick in smiting thee, in making thee h Ps.37.6. cause, and execute judgment for dosolate l because of thy sins.

Ime: he will bring me forth I to

The majesty of God.

NAHUM, I. His goodness and severity She light, and I shall behold his B. C. 510. 16 According to the days of the righteousness.

coming out of the land of Egypt w 10 4 Then she that is mine enemy or, And I show unto him marvellous thines shall see it, and shame shall cover thou wilt 16 The nations shall see and be her which said unto me, Where is see her that confounded at all their might: they the LORD thy God? mine eyes shall is mine ene shall lay their hand upon the behold her: 5 now shall she be

my, and

mouth, their ears shall be deaf. trodden i down as the mire of the

cover her

17 They shall lick l the dust like

with shame. streets.

a serpent, and they shall more oat 11 In the day that thy walls are

s she shall be of their holes like 9 worms of the to be built, in that day shall the

for a tread

earth: they shall be afraid of the

ing down. decree be far removed.

i Mal.4.3.

LORD our God, and shall fear be 12 In that day also he shall come 6 or, even to cause of thee. even to thee from Assyria, 6 and 7 or, After

18 Who is a God like unto thee. from the fortified cities, and from that it hath that pardoneth m iniquity, and the fortress even to the river, and

been. passeth by the transgression of the from sea to sea, and from moun- & or, Rule. remnant of his heritage ? he retaittain to mountain.

k Ps.23.4. eth not his anger for ever, n be 13 7 Notwithstanding, the land

cause he delighteth in mercy. shall be desolate because of them

1 Ps.72.9.

19 He will turn again, he will have tiat dwell therein, for the fruit of 8 or, creeping compassion upon us; he will o su their doings.


due our iniquities : and thou wilt 14 8 Feed thy people with thy k m Ex.34.6,7. cast all their sins p into the depths rod, "the flock of thine heritage, n La.3.31,32. of the sea. which dwell solitarily in the wood, o Ro.6.14. 20 Thou q wilt perform the truth in the midst of Carmel: let them p Je.50.20. to Jacob, and the mercy to Abraham, feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in 9 Lu. 1.72,73. which thou hast sworn unto olu the days of old.

fathers from the days of old.


From the Creation, 3291.... Year of Hezekiah, king of Judah, 14.


B. C. 713. poured out like fire, and the rocks The majesty of God in goodness to

are thrown down by him. his people, and severity against his ' or, The

7 The LORD is good, a 4 strong

LON D is enemies.

hold in the day of trouble, and

a jealous he knoweth them that trust in him book of the vision of Nahum

God and a 8 But with an over-running flood

revenger. the Elkoshite.

he will make an utter end of the 2 1 God is jealous, a and the LORD 8 Ps.91.1.

a Ex.20.5.

place thereof, and darkness shall revengeth; b the LORD revengeth, 2 that hath pursue his enemies. and 2 is furious; the LORD will take


9 What do ye imagine against the vengeance on his adversaries, and 3 stand up. LORD? he will make an utter end : he reserveth wrath for his enemies.

affliction shall not rise up the 3 The Lord is slow to anger, and 4 strength.

second time. great in power, and will not at all counsellor 10 For while they be folden toacquit the wicked: the LORD hath of Belial. gether as thorns, and while they are his way in the whirlwind and in 6 or, if they drunken as drunkards, they shall the storm, and the clouds are the would have be devoured as stubble fully dry. dust of his feet.

been at 11 There is one come out of thee, 4 He rebuketh the sea, and maketh peace, so

that imagineth evil against the it dry, and drieth up all the rivers :

should they LORD, a 5 wicked counsellor.

have been Bashan languisheth, and Carmel;

12 Thus saith the LORD; 6 Though and the flower of Lebanon languish

many, and
so should

they be quiet, and likewise many, eth.

they have

yet thus shall they be 7 cut down, 5 The mountains quake at him,

been shorn, when he shall

pass through. and the hills melt, and the earth is and he Though I have afflicted thee, I will burned at his presence, yea, the should have afflict thee no more. world, and all that dwell therein.

passed 13 For now will I break his yoko 6 Who can stand before his indig away. from off thee, and wil burst thy nation? and who can 3 abide in the shorn. bonds in sunder. kerceness of his anger ? his fury is

14 And the LORD hath given

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The armies of God.


The run of Nineveh mmandment concerning thee, B. C. 713. 12 The lion did tear in pieces zt no more of thy name be sown:

enough for his whelps, and strant of the house of thy gods will I

c Is.52.7.

gled for his lionesses, and alled his t off the graven image and the

holes with prey, and his dens with olten image: I will make thy & feast. ravin. ave; for thou art vile.

13 Behold, I am against thee, saith 5 Behold cupon the mountains · Belial,

the LORD of hosts, and I will bum e feet of him that bringeth good d Is.29.7,8.

her chariots in the smoke, and the lings, that publisheth peace! 0

sword shall devour thy young lions: idah, s keep thy solemn feasts, (CHAP. 2.) and I will cut off thy prey from the rform thy vows: for 9 the wicked

earth, and the voice of thy messen

or, The disrall no more pass through thee;

perser, or,

gers shall no more be heard. e is utterly d cut off.


hammer. CHAPTER II.

1 The miserable ruin of Nineveh : 8 udah and Isriel being punished, 2 or, pride. No power able to resist God: 15 God sendeth fearful armies against

Their sudden destruction. their enemies.

3 dyed.

to a to the 1 bloody city! it is JE i that dasheth in pieces is or, fiery.

all full of lies and robbery; L. come up before thy face : keep

the prey departeth not; he munition, watch the way, make

5 their show.

2 The noise of a whip, and the hy loins strong, fortify thy power 6 or, gallants. noise of the rattling of the wheels nightily.

and of the prancing horses, and of 2 For the LORD hath turned away covering, the jumping chariots. he 2 excellency of Jacob, as the 2 or, coverer. 3 The horseman listeth up both *xcellency of Israel: for the empa 8 or, molten. ing spear: and there is a multitude

the 2 bright sword and the glitteriers have emptied them out, and narred their vine branches. 9 or, that of slain, and a great number of car

3 The shield of his mighty men is which was casses; and there is none end of made red, the valiant men are 3 in established, their corpses; they stumble upon scarlet: the chariots shall be with 4 or, there

their corpses : flarning torches in the day of his was a stand

4 Because of the multitude of the preparation, and the fir trees shall made. whoredoms of the well-favored be terribly shaken.

10 discovered. harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, 4 The chariots shall rage in the

that selleth nations through her streets, they shall justle one

11 or, from whoredoms, and families through against another in the broad ways:

the days

her witchcrafts. 6 they shall seem like torches, they

that she
hath been.

5 Behold I am against thee, saith shall run like the lightnings.

the LORD of hosts; and I will dis5 He shall recount his 6 worthies: 12 or, cause cover thy skirts upon thy face, and they shall stumble in their walk; them to I will show the nations thy nakedthey shall make haste to the wall turn. ness, and the kingdoms thy shame. thereof, and the 7 defence shall be 13 or, and

6 And I will cast abominable filth prepared.

their infi

upon thee, and make thee vile, and 6 The gates of the rivers shall be

nite store.

will set thee as a gazing-stock. opened, and the palace shall be 8

7. And it shall come to pass, that dissolved.

"* vessels of all they that look upon thee shall

desire. 7 And 9 Huzzab shall be 10 led

flee from thee, and say, Nineveh is away captive, she shall be hrought a Zep.2. 13. laid waste : who will bemoan her! up, and her maids shall lead her as

whence shall I seek comforters for with the voice of doves, tabering

thee? upon their breasts.

(CHAP. 3.) 8 Art thou better than populous 5 But Nineveh is 11 of old like a a Eze. 24.9. No, that was situate among the pool of water; yet they shall fee

rivers, that had the waters round away. Stand, stand, shall they cry;

city of

about it, whose rampart was the but none shall 12 look hack.

sea, and her wall was from the sea? 9 Take ye the spoil of silver, take a flame of the 9 Ethiopia and Egypt were her the spoil of gold ; 13 for there is none

sword, and strength, and it was infinite; Put end of the store and glory out of all

the lighten- and Lubim were 4 thy helpers. the 14 pleasant furniture.

ing of the

10 Yet was she carried away, she 10 She is empty, a and void, and


went into captivity: her young chilwaste : and the heart melteth, and 3 No-Amon, dren also were dashed o in pieces the knees smite together, and much

or, nours

at the top of all the streets : and pain is in all loins, and the faces of

ishing. they cast lots c for her honourable them all gather blackness.

* in thy help. men, and all her great men were 11 Where is the dwelling of the 6 Ps. 137.8,9. bound in chains. lions, and the feeding-place of the

11 Thou also shalt be, drunken:d

c Joel 3.3. young, lions, where the lion, even

thou shalt be hid, thou also shalt the old lion, walked, and the lion's d Je.25 17-27. seek strength because of the eno whelp, and none made them afraid?



Hubakkuk comprarneth.

HABAKKUK, 1. Fearful vengeance shor 12 All thy strong holds shall be like B. C. 713. chants above the stars of heatea Sg trees e with the first-ripe figs :

the canker-worm 5 spoileth, a If they be shaken, they shall even e Re.6.13.

fleeth away. fall into the mouth of the eater.

If Je.51.30.

17 Thy crowned are as the loat: 13 Behold, thy people in the midst

and thy captains as the great gras of thee are women : f the gates of 5 Ps. 147.

13. hoppers, which camp in the heter thy land shall be set wide open h Joel 2.25. in the cold day, tut when the se unto thine enemies: the fire shall

ariseth they flee away, and the devour thy bars. 9

Sor, spread place is not known where they c? 14 Draw thee waters for the siege, eth himself. 18 Thy shepherds slumber, i fortify thy strong holds: go into i Ps. 76.6. king of Assyria : kthy 6 noblesse clay, and tread the mortar, make a Eze.31.3,

dwell in the dust: thy people is so strong the brick-kiln.

&c. tered I upon the mountains, and no 15 There shall the fire devour 6 or, valiant man gathereth them. thee; the sword shall cut thee ott,

19 There is no 7 healing of te it shall eat thee up like the canker

I 1Ki.22.17.

bruise; thy wound is grievous : worm:h make thyself many as the

that hear the bruit of thee st. canker-worm, make thyself many

7 wrinkling.

clap the hands over thee · for upco as the locusts.

m Re. 18.2,3. whom m hath not thy wicked 16 Thou hast multiplied thy mer

passed continually ?





B. C. 626. 9 They shall come all for violence I Unto Habakkuk, complaining of the

5 their faces shall sup up 13th iniquity of the land, 5 is showed a La.3.8. east wind, and they shall gather the fearful vengeance by the Chal-1 or, wrested. the captivity as the sand. doans.

B Is.29.14. 10 And they shall scoff at the THE burden which Habakkuk

c Fulfilled,

kings, and the princes shall be a the prophet did see.

2Ch.36.6. scorn unto them: they shall deride 2 0 LORD, how long shall I cry, 2 breadths.

every strong hold; for they shai and thou a wilt not hear! even cry

heap dust, and take it. out unto thee of violence, and thou

2 or, from 11 "Then shall his mind change wilt not save!

them shall and he shall pass over, and offend

proceed the 3 Why dost thou show me iniquity,


imputing this his power unto his and cause me to behold grievance?


of these, for spoiling and violence are before

and cap

12 T Art thou not from everlastme: and there are that raise up

tivity of

ing, O LORD my God, mine Holy strife and contention.


One ? we shall not die. O LORD 4 Therefore the law is slacked, 4 sharp.

thou hast ordained them for juda and judgment doth never go forth:

ment; and, O mighty 6 God, thou for the wicked doth compass about sor, the sup

hast 7 established them for correo the righteous; therefore 1 wrong

ping of

tion. judgment proceedeth.

their faces,

13 Thou art of purer eyes than to 5 T Behold ye among the heathen,

behold evil, and canst not look on and regard, and wonder marvel faces shall iniquity : wherefore lookest thou lously : for b I will work a work in look toward upon them that deal treacherously, your days, which ye will not believe, the east.

and holdest thy tongue when the though it be told you.

Heb. the wicked devoureth the man that is 6 For, lo, I raise up the c Chal op position more righteous than he? deans, that bitter and hasty nation,

14 And makest men as the fishes

faces towhich shall march through the 3

of the sea, as the 9 creeping things,

ward the breadth of the land, to possess the

that have no ruler over thenı ?

east. dwelling-places that are not their's.

6 rock.

15 They take up all of them with 7. They are terrible and dreadful:

the angle, they catch them in their 8 their judgment and their dignity founded. net, and gather them in their 19 shall proceed of themselves. 8 or, griev drag: therefore they rejoice and 8 Their horses also are swifter

are glad. than the leopards, and are more 4 9 or, moving. 16 Therefore d they sacrifice unto fierce than the evening wolves: 10 or, flue net. their net, and burn incense anto and their horsemen shall spread d Is. 1o. 13-15. their drags ; because by them their themselves, and their horsemen 11 fut, or, portion is fat, and their meat 11 shall come from far ; they shall fly dainty.

plenteous. 8L3 the engle that hasteth to eat

17 Shall they therefore empty their

or, their

of their

апсе. .

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