An effectual remedy against the fear of death. [Followed by] The successive vanity of human life

Edmund Parker, at the Bible and Crown over against the New Church in Lombard-street, 1733 - 96 páginas

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Página 102 - A COMPANION to the ALTAR; showing the Nature and necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, in order to our worthy Receiving the Holy Communion : with Prayers and Meditations.
Página 103 - Exhortation to a Holy Dying. With proper Directions in order to a timely Repentance.
Página 102 - Meditations, suitable to a sacramental preparation, according to what the Church of England requires from her communicants...
Página 72 - We are big with the hopes of that part of life which is coming on, and live day after day upon the fancy of what to-morrow will produce, like the spectators of a play still in expectation of the next scene ; but yet, when to-morrow comes, we find it just like yesterday, vain and without content ; and so will every tomorrow be when it comes to be to-day [Norria].
Página 110 - PartlV.Whereinislhew'J, i. The Worth and Excellency of the Soul. 2, The Divinity and Incarnation of our Saviour. 3. The .Authority of the Holy Scripture. 4. The Obligation of the People to read the Scripture.
Página 102 - Welch. price 3d. or 205. a Hundred. It is alfo printed on a larger Letter in Englijh. price bound 6d. or 5 s.
Página 99 - Difcourfe, manifeftly (hewing how inconfiftent Riches is with Piety ufually, and how oppofite Poverty is often. Together with the happy Agreement and Conjunction of Ifonej} Labour.
Página 99 - In Two Parts. Containing, I. An Earneft Exhortation to the Communion : With proper Devotions Before, At, and After Receiving.
Página 102 - Damnation thereby, are proved groundlefs and unwarrantable. Unto which are added, Prayers and Meditations preparative to a Sacramental Preparation, according to what the Church of England requires from her Communicants- price 41!.
Página 104 - Wifdorn, fitted to the Ufe of Human Life, and defign'd for the better Regulation of it.

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