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pass of the world, and they 4 Lead me forth in thy truth, that dwell therein.

and learn me; for thou art the 2 For he hath founded it upon God of my salvation: in thee the seas, and prepared it upon hath been my hope all the day the floods.

long. 3 Who shall ascend into the 5 Call to remembrance, O hill of the Lord? or who shall Lord, thy tender mercies, and rise up in his holy place? thy loving kindnesses, which

4 Even he that hath clean have been ever of old. hands, and a pure heart; and 6 O remember not the sins that hath not lift up his mind and offences of my youth ; but unto vanity, nor sworn to de- according to thy mercy think ceive his neighbour.

thou upon me, O Lord, for thy 5 He shall receive the bles- goodness. sing from the Lord, and righ- 7 Gracious and righteous is teousness from the God of his the Lord; therefore will he teach salvation.

sinners in the way. 6 This is the generation of 8 Them that are meek shall them that seek him; even of he guide in judgment; and them that seek thy face, O Ja- such as are gentle, them shall cob.

he learn his way. 7 Lift up your heads, O ye 9 All the paths of the Lord gates; and be ye lift up, ye are mercy and truth unto such everlasting doors; and the King as keep his covenant and his of glory shall come in.

testimonies. 8 Who is the King of glory? 10 For thy name's sake, O it is the Lord strong and migh. Lord, be merciful unto my sin; ty, even the Lord mighty in for it is great. battle.

11 What man is he that fear9 Lift up your heads, Oye eth the Lord? him shall he gates; and be ye lift up, ye teach in the way that he shall everlasting doors; and the King choose. of glory shall come in.

12 His soul shall dwell at 10 Who is the King of glory? ease, and his seed shall inherit even the Lord of hosts, he is the land. the King of glory:

13 The secret of the Lord is Psalm xxv.

Ad te, Domine, among them that fear him, and levavi.

he will show them his covenant.

14 Mine eyes are ever look. lift up my soul; my God, ing unto the Lord; for he shall I have put my trust in thee: O pluck my feet out of the net. let me not be confounded, nei- 15 Turn thee unto me, and ther let mine enemies triumph have mercy upon me; for I am

desolate, and in misery. 2 For all they that hope in 16 The sorrows of my heart thee shall not be ashamed; but are enlarged : O bring thou me such as transgress without a out of my troubles. cause, shall be put to confusion. 17 Look upon my adversity

3 Show me thy ways, O and misery, and forgive me all Lord, and teach me thy paths. my sin.

UNT0 thee, O Lord, will I

over me.


20 Let perfectness and righ. THELord is my light and my

18 Consider mine enemies 12 My foot standeth right: I how many they are; and they will praise the Lord in the conbear a tyrannous hate against gregations.

EVENING PRAYER 19 O keep my soul, and deliver me: let me not be con- Psalm xxvii. Dominus illumifounded, for I have put my trust

natio. in thee.

salvation, whom then shall teous dealing wait upon me; for I fear? the Lord is the strength my hope hath been in thee. of my life, of whom then shall

21 Deliver Israel, o God, I be afraid? out of all his troubles.

2 When the wicked, even Psalm xxvi. Judica me, Domine. mine enemies and my foes, came E thou my judge, O Lord, upon me to eat up my flesh,

for I have walked innocent. they stumbled and fell. ly: my trust hath been also in 3 Though an host of men the Lord, therefore shall I not were laid against me, yet shall fall.

not my heart be afraid; and 2 Examine me, O Lord, and though there rose up war against prove me; try out my reins me, yet will I put my trust in and my heart.

thee. 3 For thy loving-kindness is 4 One thing have I desired ever before mine eyes; and I of the Lord, which I will rewill walk in the truth.

quire; even that I may dwell 4 I have not dwelt with vain in the house of the Lord all the persons; neither will I have days of my life, to behold the fellowship with the deceitful. fair beauty of the Lord, and to

5 I have hated the congrega- visit his temple. tion of the wicked; and will 5 For in the time of trouble not sit among the ungodly. he shall hide me in his taberna

6 I will wash my hands in in- cle; yea, in the secret place of nocency, O Lord, and so will his dwelling shall he hide me, I go to thine altar.

and set me up upon a rock of 7 That I may show the voice stone. of thanksgiving, and tell of all 6 And now shall he lift up thy wondrous works.

mine head above mine enemies 8 Lord, I have loved the ha- round about me. bitation of thy house, and the 7 Therefore will I offer in his place where thine honour dwel. dwelling an oblation, with great leth.

gladness : I will sing and speak 90 shut not up my soul praises unto the Lord. with the sinners, nor my life 8 Hearken unto my voice, O with the blood-thirsty;

Lord, when I cry unto thee; 10 In whose hands is wick. have mercy upon me, and hear edness, and their right hand is me. full of gifts.

9 My heart hath talked of 11 But as for me, I will walk thee, Seek ye my face: thy innocently: 0 deliver me, and face, Lord, will I seek. be merciful unto me.

16 O hide not thou thy face

comfort thine heart; and put B Rye mighty

, bring young

from me, nor cast thy servant 6 For they regard not in their away in displeasure.

mind the works of the Lord, ui Thou hast been my suc- nor the operation of his hands; cour; leave me not, neither for. therefore shall he break them sake me, O God of my salva- down, and not build them up. tion.

7 Praised be the Lord; for 12 When my father and my he hath heard the voice of my mother forsake me, the Lord humble petitions. taketh me up.

8 The Lord is my strength, 13 Teach me thy way, O and my shield; my heart hath Lord, and lead me in the right trusted in him, and I am helpway, because of mine enemies. ed; therefore my heart danceth

14 Deliver me not over into for joy, and in my song will I the will of mine adversaries : praise him. for there are false witnesses risen 9 The Lord is my strength, up against me, and such as speak and he is the wholesome dewrong,

fence of his Anointed. 15 I should utterly have faint- 10 O save thy people, and ed, but that I believe verily to give thy blessing unto thine insee the goodness of the Lord in heritance: feed them, and set the land of the living.

them up for ever. 16 O tarry thou the Lord's Psalm xxix. Afferte Domino. leisure; be he shall

RING unto thou thy trust in the Lord. Psalm xxviii. Ad te, Domine. rams unto the Lord; ascribe INTO thee will I cry, O unto the Lord worship and

Lord, my strength : think strength. no scorn of me; lest, if thou 2 Give the Lord the honour make as though thou hearest due unto his name; worship not, I become like them that go the Lord with holy worship. down into the pit.

3 It is the Lord that com2 Hear the voice of my hum- mandeth the waters; it is the ble petitions, when I cry unto glorious God that maketh the thee; when I hold up my hands thunder. towards the mercy-seat of thy 4 It is the Lord that ruleth holy temple.

the sea; the voice of the Lord 3 O pluck me not away, nei. is mighty, in operation; the ther destroy me with the un- voice of the Lord is a glorious godly and wicked doers, which voice. speak friendly to their neigh- 5 The voice of the Lord bours, but imagine mischief in breaketh the cedar trees; yea, their hearts.

the Lord breaketh the cedars of 4 Reward them according to Libanus. their deeds, and according to

6 He maketh them also to the wickedness of their own in- skip like a calf; Libanus also ventions.

and Sirion like a young unicorn. 5 Recompense them after the 7 The voice of the Lord diwork of their hands; pay them videth the flames of fire; the that they have deserved. voice of the Lord shaketh the


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wilderness ; yea, the Lord shak- 9 What profit is there in my cth the wilderness of Cades. blood, when I go down to the

8 The voice of the Lord pit? maketh the hinds to bring forth 10 Shall the dust give thanks young, and discovereth the unto thee? or shall it declare thick bushes: in his temple thy truth? doth every man speak of his 11 Hear, O Lord, and have honour.

mercy upon me; Lord, be thou 9 The Lord sitteth above the my helper. water flood, and the Lord re- 12 Thou hast turned my maineth a King for ever. heaviness into joy; thou hast

10 The Lord shall give put off my sackcloth, and girdstrength unto his people; the ed me with gladness: Lord shall give his people the 13 Therefore shall every good blessing of peace.

man sing of thy praise without

ceasing: O my God, I will give The sixth Day.

thanks unto thee for ever.

Psalm xxxi. In te, Domine, MORNING PRAYER.

speravi. Psalm xxx. Exaltabo te, Do

N thee, O Lord, have I put mine.

my trust; let me never be I With magnify thee, O Lordj put to confusion; deliver me

for thou hast me up, and in thy not made my foes to triumph 2 Bow down thine ear to me;

make haste to deliver me. 2 O Lord, my God, I cried 3 And be thou my strong unto thee; and thou hast healed rock, and house of defence,

that thou mayest save me; 3 Thou, Lord, hast brought 4 For thou art my strong my soul out of hell: thou hast rock, and my castle: be thou kept my life from them that go also my guide, and lead me for down to the pit.

thy name's sake. 4 Sing praises unto the Lord, 5 Draw me out of the net O ye saints of his; and give that they have laid privily for thanks unto him, for a remem- me; for thou art my strength. brance of his holiness.

6 Into thy hands I commend 5 For his wrath endureth but my spirit; for thou hast rethe twinkling of an eye, and in deemed me, O Lord, thou God his pleasure is life; heaviness of truth. may endure for a night, but joy 7 I have hated them that hold cometh in the morning.

of superstitious vanities, and 6 And in my prosperity I my trust hath been in the Lord. said, I shall never be removed; 8 I will be glad, and rejoice thou, Lord, of thy goodness, in thy mercy; for thou hast hadst made my hill so strong. considered my trouble, and hast

7 Thou didst turn thy face known my soul in adversities. from me, and I was troubled. 9 Thou hast not shut me up

8 Then cried I unto thee, O into the hand of the enemy, Lord; and gat me to my Lord but hast set my feet in a large right humbly.


over me.


my body.

10 Have mercy upon me, O that put their trust in thee, even Lord, for I am in trouble, and before the sons of men. mine eye is consumed for very 22 Thou shalt hide them heaviness; yea, my soul and privily by thine own presence

from the provoking of all men : 11 For my life is waxen old thou shalt keep them secretly with heaviness, and my years in thy tabernacle from the strife with mourning.

of tongues. 12 My strength failed me, 23 Thanks be to the Lord; for because of mine iniquity, and he hath showed me marvellous my bones are consumed. great kindness in a strong city.

13 I became a reproof among 24 And when I made haste, all mine enemies, but especially I said, I am east out of the sight among my neighbours; and of thine eyes. they of mine acquaintance were 25 Nevertheless, thou heard. afraid of me; and they that did est the voice of my prayer, see me without, conveyed them- when I cried unto thee. selves from me.

26 O love the Lord, all ye. 14 I am clean forgotten as a his saints; for the Lord predead man out of mind; I am serveth them that are faithful, become like a broken vessel. and plenteously rewardeth the

15 For I have heard the blas- proud doer. phemy of the multitude, and 27 Be strong, and he shall fear is on every side, while they establish your heart, all ye

that conspire together against me, put your trust in the Lord. and take their counsel to take

EVENING PRAYER. 16 But my hope hath been Psalm xxxii. Beati, quorum. in thee, O Lord: I have said, BLE

LESSED is he whose unThou art my God.

righteousness is forgiven, 17 My time is in thy hand; and whose sin is covered. deliver me from the hand of 2 Blessed is the man unto mine enemies, and from them whom the Lord imputeth no that persecute me.

sin, and in whose spirit there is 18 Show thy servant the light no guile. of thy countenance, and save

3 For whilst I held my me for thy mercies' sake.

tongue, my bones consumed 19 Let me not be confound- away through my daily comed, O Lord, for I have called plaining. upon thee; let the ungodly be

4 For thy hand is heavy upon put to confusion, and be put to me day and night, and my moissilence in the grave.

ture is like the drought in sum20 Let the lying lips be put mer. to silence, which cruelly, dis- 5 I will acknowledge my sin dainfully, and despitefully speak unto thee, and mine unrighagainst the righteous.

teousness have I not hid. 21 O how plentiful is thy 6 I said, I will confess my goodness, which thou hast laid sins unto the Lord; and so thou up

for them that fear thee, and forgavest the wickedness of my that thou hast prepared for them sin.

away my life.

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