Rept. of the Secretary and Financial Report of the Executive Committee of the Board of Regents


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Página 7 - I mean stock to remain in this country, to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
Página 9 - Each memoir presented to the Institution to be submitted for examination to a commission of persons of reputation for learning in the branch to which the memoir pertains; and to be accepted for publication only in case the report of this commission is favorable.
Página 9 - The volumes of the memoirs to be exchanged for the transactions of literary and scientific societies, and copies to be given to all the colleges and principal libraries in this country. One part of the remaining copies may be offered for sale ; and the other carefully preserved, to form complete sets of the work, to supply the demand from new institutions.
Página 9 - By appropriating a part of the income, annually, io special objects of research, under the direction of suitable persons. 1. The objects and the amount appropriated, to be recommended by counsellors of the Institution. 2.
Página 372 - The inhabitants, living chiefly upon shell-fish, are obliged constantly to change their place of residence; but they return at intervals to the same spots, as is evident from the piles of old shells, which must often amount to many tons in weight.
Página 11 - To carry out the plan before described, a library will be required, consisting, 1st, of a complete collection of the transactions and proceedings of all the learned societies in the world; 2d, of the more important current periodical publications, and other works necessary in preparing the periodical reports. 5. The Institution should make special collections, particularly of objects to illustrate and verify its own publications. 6. Also, a collection of instruments of research in all branches of...
Página 12 - That hereafter the annual appropriations shall be apportioned specifically among the different objects and operations of the Institution in such manner as may in the judgment of the Regents be necessary and proper for each, according to its intrinsic importance and a compliance in...
Página 7 - ... increased by different methods of facilitating and promoting the discovery of new truths ; and can be most extensively diffused among men by means of the press. 8. To effect the greatest amount of good, the organization should be such as to enable the Institution to produce results, in the way of increasing and diffusing knowledge, which cannot be produced either at all or so efficiently by the existing institutions in our country.
Página 7 - These two objects should not be confounded with one another. The first is to enlarge the existing stock of knowledge by the addition of new truths ; and the second, to disseminate knowledge, thus increased, among men. 6. The will makes no restriction in favor of any particular kind of knowledge ; hence all branches are entitled to a share of attention.
Página 118 - See., for it has not been possible, without erecting a scaffolding, to determine whether it will be necessary to take down the high northern tower. Colonel Alexander, of the engineer corps, however, has informed the committee that he thinks $100,000 will be required to make the necessary repairs and improvements. The committee...

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