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Página 148 - With regard to poetry in general, I am convinced, the more I think of it, that he and all of us — Scott, Southey, Wordsworth, Moore, Campbell, I, — are all in the wrong, one as much as another; that we are upon a wrong revolutionary poetical system, or systems, not worth a damn in itself, and from which none but Rogers and Crabbe are free; and that the present and next generations will finally be of this opinion.
Página 120 - In the youth of a state, arms do flourish; in the middle age of a state, learning; and then both of them together for a time; in the declining age of a state, mechanical arts and merchandise.
Página 148 - I am the more confirmed in this by having lately gone over some of our classics, particularly Pope, whom I tried in this way, — I took Moore's poems and my own and some others, and went over them side by side with Pope's, and I was really astonished (I ought not to have been so) and mortified at the ineffable distance in point of sense, harmony, effect, and even Imagination, passion and Invention, between the little Queen Anne's man, and us of the Lower Empire. Depend upon it, it is all Horace...
Página 79 - Vegetables produce in their organism the blood of all animals, for the carnivora, in consuming the blood and flesh of .the graminivora, consume, strictly speaking, only the vegetable principles which have served for the nutrition of the latter. Vegetable fibrine and albumen take the same form in the stomach of the graminivorous animal as animal fibrine and albumen do in that of the carnivorous animal.
Página 113 - ... a base and uncomely creature altogether for wealth ; for it will cause contempt in Others and loathing in thee ; neither make choice of a dwarf or a fool ; for by the one thou shalt beget a race of pigmies, the other will be thy continual disgrace, and it will yirke thee to hear her talk...
Página 149 - ... astonished (I ought not to have been so) and mortified, at the ineffable distance in point of sense, learning, effect, and even imagination, passion, and invention, between the little Queen Anne's man, and us of the Lower Empire. Depend upon it, it is all Horace then, and Claudian now, among us ; and if I had to begin again, I would mould myself accordingly. Crabbe's the man ; but he has got a coarse and impracticable subject, and ... is retired upon half-pay, and has done enough, unless he were...
Página 13 - The neglect of the conquerors, the degeneracy of the colonists, and the obstinacy of the natives, have preserved, even to our day, living proofs of the veracity of Caesar and Tacitus ; of this, many will affect to be incredulous — of the Irish, lest it diminish the character of their country — of the English, because it arraigns the wisdom and policy of their system.
Página 36 - Experience in agriculture shows that the production of vegetables on a given surface increases with the supply of certain matters, originally parts of the soil which had been taken up from it by plants — the excrements of man and animals. These are nothing more than matters derived from vegetable food, which in the vital processes of animals, or after their death, assume again the form under which they originally existed, as parts of the soil.
Página 79 - But fifteen pounds of flesh contain no more carbon than four pounds of starch, and while the savage, with one animal and an equal weight of starch, could maintain life and health for a certain number of days, he would be compelled, if confined to flesh alone, in order to procure the carbon necessary for respiration, during the game time, to consume five such animals.
Página 16 - The peasantry of Ireland are generally of the Roman Catholic religion, but utterly and disgracefully ignorant; few among them can read, fewer write. The Irish language, a barbarous jargon, is generally, and in some districts exclusively, spoken: and with it are retained customs and superstitions as barbarous. Popish legends and pagan tradition are confounded, and revered...

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