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Observatorio de Marina de San Firaundo. Culis.

Almanaque Nautico para el suo lovu. ovo. Cadiz. 1864. Accademia della Scienze dell'Istituto de Bologna.

Memorie. Vol X., XI., XII. Serie 2. Vol. I., II. 4to. Bologna. 1859, 1861, 1862.

Rendiconto delle Sessioni dell'Accademia – Anno Accademico 1860 - 61, 1861 - 62, 1862 - 63. 8vo. Bologna. 1861 – 63. Societa Reale di Napoli.

Atti dell'Accademia delle Scienze, Fisiche e Matematiche. Vol. I. 4to. Naples. 1863.

Rendiconto. Vol. II. Part 8–12: Vol. III. Part 1, 2. 4to. Naples. 1863 – 64. Reale Istituto d' Incorriaggiamento di Agricoltura, Arti e Manufatture

in Sicilia.

Ser. 3. Vol. I. No. 1-6. 8vo. Palermo. 1863. Prof. George P. Bond.

List of the New Nebulæ and Star-Clusters seen at the Observatory of Harvard College, 1847 – 1863. 8vo pamph. Cambridge. 1863.

On the New Form of the Achromatic Object-Glass introduced by Steinheil. 8vo pamph. Cambridge. 1863.

Report of the Committee of the Overseers of Harvard College appointed to visit the Observatory in the Year 1863: together with the Report of the Director, submitted January 28, 1864. 8vo

pamph. Boston. 1864. Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, M. D.

Calendar for the Hebrew Years 5622 - 5660: being also for the Years of Our Lord 1861 - 1900. — Printed for the Use of Ineffable Freemasons. — Svo pamph. Boston. 1863.

Report of the Committee of the Overseers of Harvard College appointed to visit the Library for the Year 1863 : together with the accompanying Documents. Submitted January 28, 1864. 8vo

pamph. Boston. 1864. Reuben D. Mussey, M. D., etc.

Health : Its Friends and Its Foes. 12mo vol. Boston. 1863. J. Mason Warren, M. D.

Recent Progress in Surgery. — The Annual Address delivered before the Massachusetts Medical Society, May 25, 1864. 8vo vol. Boston. 1864.

Henry Bryant, M. D.

Traité Elémentaire de Physique. Par E. Peclet. 4° Édition. 2 vols. 8vo. Plates 1 vol. Paris. 1847.

Leçons de Physique de l'École Polytechnique. Par J. B. Pujoulx. 8vo vol. Paris. 1805.

Éléments de Chimie Générale avec Figures sur Bois intercalées dans le Texte. Par E. Verguin. 8vo vol. Lyons. 1845.

Précis Élémentaire de Physique. Par E. Soubeiran. 2° Edition. 8vo vol. Paris. 1844.

Nouvelles Manipulations Chimiques Simplifiées ou Laboratoire Economique de l'Étudiant. Par H. Violette. 2o Édition. 8vo vol. Paris. 1847.

Leçons de Chimie Élémentaire appliquées aux Arts Industriels, et faites le Dimanche à l'École Municipale de Rouen. Par M. J. Girardin. 3° Édition. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1846.

Chimie Médicale. Traité de Chimie considérée dans ses Applications à la Médecine tant Théoriques que Pratiques. Par R. De Grosourdy. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1838 - 39. Samuel Kneeland, M. D.

The Merchant's and Banker's Assistant. By B. F. Foster. Svo vol. Boston. 1856.

A Treatise on Commercial Calculations on entirely New Principles. By Henry Ernst. 8vo vol. New Orleans. 1857.

Interest Tables at Five per Cent. By William Birkin. 16mo vol. Derby (Eng.) 1833. J. D. Whitney.

Geological Survey of California. Palæontology, Vol. I. 4to vol. Philadelphia. 1864. A. R. Spofford.

Catalogue of Additions made to the Library of Congress from December 1, 1863, to December 1, 1864. 8vo. Washington. 1864. Col. J. D. Graham.

Annual Report of Col. J. D. Graham of the Corps of Engineers, for the Year 1863 — Survey of the Northern and Northwestern Lakes. 8vo vol. Washington.

Annual Report of Brev. Lieut.-Col. J. D. Graham, Major of U. S. Top. Eng., for the Year 1858, on the Improvement of the Harbors of Lake Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, Ontario, and Champlain. Svo vol. Washington. 1859. VOL. VII.

Prof. Joseph Winlock, U. S. N.

Tables of Mercury, for the Use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac. By Joseph Winlock, Prof. Math. U. S. Navy. 4to pamph. Washington. 1864.

Tables of Melpomene, by Schubert. Computed for the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac under the Superintendence of Comm. Charles Henry Davis, U. S. N. .... 4to vol. Washington. 1860.

Almanac Catalogue of Zodiacal Stars. Printed for the Use of the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac. 4to pamph Washington. 1864.

American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac for the Year 1866. Royal 8vo vol. Washington. 1864.

Supplement to the American Ephemeris for 1866 — Asteroids for the Year 1865. Royal 8vo pamph. Hon. Charles Sumner.

Population of the United States in 1860: Compiled from the Original Returns of the Eighth Census, under the Direction of the Secretary of the Interior. By Joseph C. G. Kennedy, Supt. of Census. 4to vol. Washington. 1864.

Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Year 1861 - Arts and Manufactures. Vol. I., II. 8vo. Washington. 1863.

Report of the Superintendent of the Coast Survey, showing the Progress of the Survey during the Year 1862. 4to vol. Washington. 1864.

Statistics of the Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the United States. .... Communicated by the Secretary of the Treasury, in Answer to a Resolution of the Senate of the United States, March

12, 1863. 8vo vol. Washington. 1864. Alexander Agassiz.

Embryology of the Starfish. [From Vol. V. of L. Agassiz's Contributions to the Natural History of the United States.] to pamph.

Cambridge. 1864.
William S. Sullivant, LL. D., etc.

Icones Muscorum, or Figures and Descriptions of most of those Mosses peculiar to Eastern North America which have not been heretofore figured. .. .. With one Hundred and Twenty-nine Copperplates. Royal 8vo vol. Cambridge. 1864. .

F. W. Putnam and A. Ş. Packard, Jr.

Notes on the Habits of some Species of Humble Bees, and on the Leaf-Cutting Bee. By F. W. Putnam.

The Humble Bees of New England and their Parasites : with Notices of a New Species of Anthophorabia and a New Genus of Proctotrupidæ : by A. S. Packard, Jr. (From the Proc. of the Essex

Inst. Vol. IV.] 8vo pamph. Salem. Rev. George F. Haskins.

Report Historical, Statistical, and Financial of the House of the Angel Guardian. · From the Beginning in 1851 to October, 1864.

8vo pamph. Boston. 1864. E. B. Eliott.

On the Military Statistics of the United States of America. [International Statistical Congress at Berlin, V. Session, from the 6th

to the 12th September, 1863.] 4to pamph. Berlin. 1863. Hon. Alexander H. Rice.

Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture for the Year 1863. 8vo vol. Washington. 1863.

Report of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue on the Opera- . tions of the Internal Revenue System for the Year ending June 30, 1864. 8vo vol. Washington. 1865.

Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the Commerce and Navigation of the United States, for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 1862. 8vo vol. Washington. 1864.

Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the Statistics of the Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the United States. 8vo vol. Washington. 1864.

Letter of the Secretary of State transmitting a Report on the Commercial Relations of the United States with Foreign Countries, for the Year ended September 30, 1863. 8vo vol. Washington. 1865.

Acts and Resolutions of the First Session of the Thirty-Eighth Congress, begun on Monday, December 7, 1863, and ended on Monday, July 4, 1864. Svo vol. Washington. 1864. William J. Rhees.

Manual of Public Libraries, Institutions, and Societies in the United States, and British Provinces of North America. 8vo vol.

Boston. 1859.
George C. Rand and A. Avery.

Specimen Book. 8vo vol. Boston. 1865.

J. H. Shedd and William Edson.

Suggestions on Ventilation. 8vo vol. Boston. 1865. Prof. J. J. Haldemann.

Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Philadelphia. Vol. I. - III. No. 2. · 8vo. Philadelphia. 1861 – 1864. George H. Thurston.

Directory of Pittsburg and Allegheny Cities, etc., for 1864, 1865. 8vo vol. Pittsburg, Pa. 1864. Sir W. E. Logan.

Geological Survey of Canada — Figures and Descriptions of Canadian Organic Remains. Decade II. Graptolites of the Quebec Group. By James Hall. 8vo vol. Montreal. T. Sterry Hunt.

On the History of Eozoon Canadense. 8vo pamph. Montreal. 1865. Admiral W. H. Smyth, K. S. F., etc., and Dr. Lee.

Sidereal Chromatics : being a Reprint, with Additions, from the “ Bedford Cycle of Celestial Objects,” and its “ Hartwell Continuation," on the Colors of Multiple Stars. By Admiral W. H. Smyth,

K. S. F., etc. 8vo vol. London. 1864.
Sir J. F. W. Herschel, Bart., K. H., F. R. S., etc.

General Catalogue of Nebulæ and Clusters of Stars, arranged in order of Right Ascension and reduced to the common Epoch, 1860.0 (with Precessions computed from the Epoch 1860.0). [From the Philos. Trans. Part I. 1864.] 4to pamph. London.

1864. Prof. A. C. Ramsay, F. R. S., &c.

Address delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London, on the 19th of February, 1864. By Prof. A. C. Ramsay .... the President. 8vo pamph. London.

1864. Rev. Samuel Haughton, M. A., F. R. S., &c.

On the Reflexion of Polarized Light from Polished Surfaces, Transparent and Metallic. [From Philos. Trans. 1863, p. 81.) 4to pamph. London.

On the Tides of the Arctic Seas. - Part I. On the Diurnal Tides of Port Leopold, North Somerset. [From Philos. Trans. 1863, p. 243.] 4to pamph. London.

Dublin Quarterly Journal of Science. . . . . Edited by Rev. Sam

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