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Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. On the 24th of June, 1734, upon the petition of several brethren residing in Philadelphia, a warrant of constitution was granted by the grand lodge of Boston, for hold. ing a lodge in that place; appointing the Rt. Worshipful Benjamin Franklin their first master; which is the begin. ning of masonry in Pennsylvania.

The grand lodge of England granted a grand warranty bearing date the 20th June, A. D. 1761, to the M. W. William Bell and others, authorizing them to form and hold a grand lodge for the State of Pennsylvania.

The grand officers, together with the officers and representatives of a number

of regular lodges under their jurisdiction, at a communication holden in the grand lodge room in the city of Philadelphia, on the 25th day of September, 1786, after mature and serious deliberation, unan. imously resolved, “That it is improper that the grand lodge of Pennsylvania should remain any longer under the authority of any foreign grand lodge. And the said grand lodge did then close, sine die.

The grand convention thus assembled did then and there unanimously resolve, that the lodges under the jurisdiction of the grand lodge of Pennsylvania, aforesaid, lately holden as a provincial grand lodge, under the authority of the grand lodge of England, should, and they did form themselves into a grand lodge, to be called " The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and masonic jurisdiction thereunto belonging," to be held in the said eity of Philadelphia.

Subordinate Lodges. No. 2 Philadelphia.

11 London Grove. do.

12 Winchester. do.

14 Wilmington, D. 5 Cantwell's Bridge.

17 Chester Mills. my Chestertown.

16 Dover. 8 Norristown.

18 British 7th Regt. 9 Philadelphia.

19 Philadelphia.


24 Lancaster
23 Sunbury.
24 Reading
25 Bristol.
26 Carlisle.
33 Newcastle, D
85 Joppa.
43 Laneaster.
44 Duck Creek.
45 Pittsburgh.
46 Church Town.
47 Port au Prince:
48 Bedford.
30 Chester County.
01 Philadelphia.

54 Washington.
65 Huntingdon County.
56 Carlisle.
39 Newton.
58 Army U.S.
59 Philadelphia.
60 Fort Burd.
61 Wilkesbarre.
82 Reading
64 Greensburg.
65 Sasquehannalr.
86 Robinson.
67 Philadelphia.
68 Mifflin.
69 Chester.
70 Tyoga Point.
71 Philadelphia
72 do.

74 Franklin County.
75 Pughtown.
76 Neuville.
7 Trinidad.
78 Old Mingo.
79 Chambersburghi


80 Salisbury.
81 Germantown.
82 Mitford.
83 Upper Smithfield,
84 Somerset.
85 Alexandria.
86 do.
87 St. Domingo.
88 St. Marque.
89 Aux Cayes.
90 New Orleaus.
91 Union township.
92 Philadelphia.
93 New-Orleans.
95 St. Domingo.
96 Neweastle, D.
97 St. Domingo
99 do.
100 Bloomsbury.
101 Palms Town, Dau:

phin County.
102 Jerusalem,

103 Le temple des Vertus

Theologales, Havanna.
104 Philanthropic, Leacock

105 Lodge of Amity, Zane-

106 Williamsport, Lycom-

ing County.
107-Western Star, Kaskas-,

108 Union, Wysox and Or-

109 Louisiana, St. Genea.

110 Youghrogania,

111 St. Louis, Louisiapa.
112 The Desired Reunion,

New Orleans.



No. 114 Philadelphia. 126 Rising Star, Philadel. 115 St. John's, Philadel- phia. phia.

127 Philanthropy, do. 116 Amicitia, Elizabeth- 128 Temple,

do. town, Lancaster Co. 129 L'Etoile, Polaire, New117 Lodge la Concorde, Orleans.

New-Orleans. 130 Phænix, Philadelphia. 118 Lodge la Perseverance, 131 Industry, do. do.

132 Brandywine, Brandy119 Town of Clifford, Lu- wine township.

zerne County. 138 St. James, Beaver. 120 Liberty Lodge, Tioga 184 Franklin, Philadelphia. township:

135 Roxborough, Roxbor121 Union, Philadelphia. . ough. 122 Harmony,New-Orleans. 136 Friendship, Abington, 123 St. John's, Borough of 137 Bedford Bath, Bedford. York.

138 Schuylkill, Orwigs124 Borough of Erie, Erie burgh. County.

139 Rising Sun, Philadels, 125 Herman's, (a German phia.

Lodge) Philadelphia.


Grand Lodge of Delaware. At a grand communication of a majority of the lodges, established in the State of Delaware, at the Town Hall, in the borough of Wilmington, on Friday, June 6, A. D. 1806, A. L. 5806, it was

Resolved unanimously, “That the several lodges of ancient masons in tbe State of Delaware, here represented by deputies properly authorized, consider it as a matter of right, and for the general benefit of masonry, that they ought to form a grand lodge within the said State ; and do pow proceed to form and organize themselves into a grand lodge accordingly, to be known and distinguished by the name of The Grand Lodge of Delaware.

Subordinate Lodges.

: No.

No. 1 Washington, Wilmington. 6 Hiram, Buek Tavern, 2 St. John's, Newcastle.

Newcastle County. 3 Hiram, Newark.

van Union, Dovēr.. 4 Hope, Laureltown.

8 Union, Port Penn. 5 Cantwell's Bridge, New- 9 Temple, Milford.

castle County


Grand Lodge of Maryland. The Grand Lodge of Maryland was constituted an the 17th day of April, A. D. 1787, and is holden in the city of Baltimore.

Subordinate Lodges. Amanda, Annapolis. Hiram, Leonard's town. Amieable, Baltimore. Hiram, Fredericktown. Bellair, Hartford. Union,

Elkton. Benevolent, Baltimore. Orange,

Vienna. Columbia, Port Tobacco. Mount Moriah, Hagerstown. Concordia,

Baltimore. Hope, Sussex Delaware. Columbia, Georgetown. No. 2, Chestertown. Federal, Washington City, No. 6,

Easton. vacated.

Somerset, Princess Ann. Federal, Baltimore. No. 14, Mount Ararat, Slate Harmony, Salisbury. Ridge, Hartford county. St. John's, Cambridge. Philadelphos, Taney-town. St. John's, Baltimore. Cassia.

Baltimore. Spiritual,

do. Door to Virtue, Pipe Creek. Veritas St. Johannis, do. Philanthropic, Newmarket. vacated.


Baltimore. Zion, Havre de Grace. Harmony, W. Nottingham. Washington, Fell's Point, Corinthian, Baltimore. Baltimore.


Worcester co. Temple, Rayster's town. Phoenix, Baltimore.


Grand Lodge of Virginia. The Grand Lodge of Virginia began its operations October 30, A. D. 1778. It meets annually, at the city of Richmond, on the second Monday in December. The mode of address is, “ The Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Virginia, Richmond."

Subordinate Lodges. 1 Norfolk, Norfolk Boro'. 26 Washington, dormant. 2 Killwiping Cross, Port- 27 Rockingham, dormant. Royal.

28 Suspended. 3 Blandford, Blandford. *** No Lodge,

No. 29. 4 Fredericksburg, Freder. 30 Solomon's Nansemond. icksburg.

31 Columbia, dormant. 5 Dormant.

32 George, Warminster. 8 Williamsburg, Willia.' 33 Warren, Albemarle. 7 Botetourt, Gloucester. 34 Benevolent, dormant. 8 Suspended.

35 Now under the G. L. K. 9 Dorman.

36 St. John's, Richmond. 10 Richmond, Richmond. 37 Hicks’Ford, Greenville. 11 Northampton, dormant. 38 Buckingham Union, dor. 12 Kempsville, Princess mant. Apne.

39 Marshall, Lynchburg. 13 Staunton, Augusta.

40 Stevensburg, Culpepper. 14 Manchester, Chester. 41 Lebanon, dormant. field.

42 Bath Union, Bath. 15 Petersburg, dormant. 43 Fairfax, Culpepper. 16 La Sagesse, Norfolk. 44 Door to Virtue, dormant. 17 Charlotte, dormant. 45 Aberdeen, dormant. 18 Smithfield Union, Isle of 46 Now under the G. L. K.

47 Brooke, Alexandria. 19 Richmond Randolph, 48 Abingdon, Washington. Richmond.

49 Greenbrier, Greenbrier. 20 Extinct.

50 Dumfries, Prince Wm. 21 Hiram, Winchester. 51 Painville, dormant. 22 Alexandria, Alexandria. 52 Brunswick, Brunswick. 23 Dinwiddie, Dinwiddie. 53 Chuckatuek, Nansemodd. 24 Pittsylvania, dormant. 54 Jerusalem, Richmond. 25 Now under the G. L. of 55 Fraternal, Wythe.



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