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S. Jacobs:
Absolutely an INCREDIBLE book.
I am an Architect of 29 years practice & this was always one of my favorite screen homes, which sadly was not ever built in real life but only as 2
fullsize PARTIAL stagesets of which sketches,drawings, backdrops & paintings were made.
BRAVO for your showing it and the almost 100% accurate plans you have provided to show the home. I do not know how you created the 2nd plan but for the most part, job well done.
I did see a few minor errors:
Number of trellis "openings" (9) to be exact, on each side of the living room veranda as decorative overhangs which Cary Grant climbs under & thru to get views of the living room. They are clearly & correctly drawn on the stageset plans but I didn't see them on your plans.
1st floor plan for the North By Northwest - Phillip Vandamm home however vs. the actual plan you post from the film - used as the stageset plan for setting up shots by Robert Boyle. If you note, the wall you show on airstrip side of the home (east) as a short wall in front of the front door is not there, only the short side wall beside the door. The column on the front entry, outside the doorway "porte cochere" is also not drawn the same as from the stage set.
1st floor: Under the staircase, shown in the kitchen is a bumpout toward the drivethru opening for car, this also wasn't drawn correctly as shown on the stageset plan. Under the same staircase to the 2nd floor is drawn the bench and back wall, however if you overlap it with the stageset drawing it is not exactly drawn correctly as the bench face is not touching the end of the left side wall next to stair as you draw it. Also the wall next to stair in kitchen area has "bump out/niches" shown on the stage set plan, however you are not showing that.
1st Floor: Also per the driveway elevation showing the rounded court area outside the kitchen area, there is shown on elevation by Boyle, and barely visible in the painted perspective view of it, a doorway that goes to the kitchen from the drive. It allows to get into the stairway area/hallway/kitchen. I realize it is not shown on the stage set plan, however if you are wanting to try to recreate an actual home based on the stage set plans, and the drawings & backdrop paintings of it, then I think it would be important.
For the 2nd floorplan you are drawing, there is not any way to get to the guest rooms from the plan you are drawing. I do not know if there was a 2nd floor plan drawn by Robert Boyle for building the stage set, however it would require a doorway from either next to the stairway @ the Top of the run of steps, to the driveway view wall of the guest rooms, or at least a doorway opposite Ms. Kendall's room entry.
I assume a doorway opposite Ms. Kendall's room would have been the typical way of doing it, however to reach the other 2 bedrooms is not clear unless they are all accessed via the driveway side outdoor veranda, which wouldn't in real life be too convenient in weather conditions, except as a 2nd entry to each of them. They had to have had a bathroom built on the "rock side" left of them as well if it were to be built in real life and possibly even a 2nd stairwell which is hinted at in the "painted" backdrop airplane shot of the house when the gun goes off inside the home & Cary Grant runs out of the house. The right side of the Car drive-thru under the home shows "glass" windows stacked vertically. It seems to also show a stairway inside as steps. Of course it is just a painted backdrop for it....but it shows Boyle's thoughts regarding that unbuilt stage set part of the home.
All in all, A really REALLY good job on the plans as they to my knowledge have never been drawn accurately thus far before your published "Wrong House" book.
Daniel Dominique Watts, Frank Lloyd Wright Specialist/ Preservation Architect
FLLW Assoc., FLLW Conservancy member
address: 19W665 Dystrup Rd., Lemont, IL 60439

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

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