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Holy and Ever Blessed TRINITY,

The Son of God.


By the Brief NOTES on the Creed of
St. Athanasius, and the Brief HISTORY

of the Unitarians, or Socinians, and
· containing an Answer to both.


Jun.9.1690. 7. Ifoam , R. P. D. Henrico

Episc. Lond. à Sacris.

Printed for W. Rogers at the Sun over-against St. Dun.

ftan's Church in Fleet-street. I 69 0.

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T Will make no Apology for publishing this Vindi

cation of the Great and Fundamental Mysteries . of our Religion , for if ever it were neceffary, it

is now, when Atheists and Hereticks, fome openly, ñ fome under a disguife, conspire together to ridicule the Trinity, and the Incarnation.

I confeß, the Book is too big, could I have made it a teß, as at first I intended; but when I was once enga

ged, I saw a necesity of going farther; and I hope no

man will have reason to complain, that I have said too O much, but those, who will find a great deal too much said, for them to answer.

My Original Dehgn was to vindicate the Doctrines Ar. Se he pia of the Trinity and Incarnation, from those pretended Absurdities and Contradictions which were so confidently charged on them : and this I'm sure I have done ; for Í have given a very easie and intelligible Notion of a Trinity in Unity, and if it be possible to explain this Doctrine intelligibly, the charge of Contradictions vanishes; and whether men will believe this Account or not, they can't deny, but that it is very possible and intelligible, and if we could go no farther, that is enough in Matters of Revelation. But I hope, I have done a great deal more than this,

. A 2 ' and

and proved, That it is the true Scripture Account of it, and agreeable to the Doctrine of the Ancient Fathers ; and have vindicated the Scripture Proofs of a Trinity and Incarnation from the pitiful Sophistries of the late Socinian Historian.

I bave not indeed answered particularly the whole Book in Order and Method, as it lies, which was too tedious a Work, and not necessary; but I have confider. ed whatever was most material in it, and have avoided nothing, because it was hard to Answer, but because it needed no Anfwer, as I am ready to satisfie the World, whenever a just Occahon calls for it : for having dipt.

my Pen in the Vindication of so glorious a Cause, by the Anghhe.p 362

Grace of God, I will never defert it, while I can hold á Pen in my Hand. .

I must thankfully own, that the writing of this Book has given me clearer and more distinct Notions of this Great Mystery, then I had before, which is the Reasons why the Reader will find some things explained towards the end, which I spoke doubtfully of at first, as particularly the difference between ibe Eternal Generation of

the Son, and the Procession of the Holy Ghost, and I ..... hope this is a pardonable Fault. ::

The writing this Book has cost me many Thoughts and those who have a mind throughly to understand it must not think much if it cost them fome, and if they cannot be contented to bestow some serious. Thoughts on it, it will be lost labour to read it. I pray God give succeß to it, and open the Eyes of those Men, before it . too late, who are so industrious to write or disperse fuch. Brief Notes and Brief Histories, as are valuable for nothing but Blasphemy and Nansenfe ; for I will be bold to Jay,That

Socinianísın (after all its pretences to Reafon) is one of Teith p. 303.

the most stupid fenfleß Heresies, that ever iniested the Christian Church.


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SEGT. 1. Oncerning the Nature of a Contradiction, and boro

U to know it,

: Page 1

Many Contradictions pretended, wbere there are none; as in the No.

'tion of a Spirit, and of God.
How to discover when a pretended Contradi&tion is not real,

our imperfe&t Conception of things.
It is abfurd'so difperte againt the Being of any thing from the diffi-

calty of conceiving ito !! !

Wbat the natural-Boundaries of Human Knowledge are. : 9

SECT. II. The Athanasian Creed contains nothing but what is

necesüry to the true Belief of the Trinity and Incarnation. 10

Tbé Dispute between the Greek and Lat.Church, about the filioque. 17-

SECT. III. Concerning the necessity of the Catholick Faith to Sal.

ivation, and a Brief History of Achanasius. : F 211

That the Catholick Faith is necesary to Salvation.. . 25.

What is meant by keeping the Catholick Faith whole and undefiled.

.. 28

The Scriptures being a compleat Rule of Faith, do not make Athana.

fius's Creed an unnecesary.Rule.

Dr. Rute La ::': : 29

The great usefulness of ancient Creeds.

:,,7.. 31

Pope Leo 11.would not deny Salvation to those who disowned ibe

fitoque.. "

it! 33

What is meant big the Catholick Faith." .... il ......354

Tibe History of Arhanafius. ....!! .


· SIECT. IV. The Catholick Doctrine of a Trinity in Unity, and

Unity in Trinity, explxined, and vindicated from all pretendes Abe.

fundities and Contradictions.

i ? 45

wbat it is that makes ang Substance numerically One... 48

The Union of a Spirit 'nbibing else bur Self-conscioufnefs. 2. ibid.

And therefore mutual consciousness makes Three Perfonis essentially and

di munerisaly One. 1 on niisiis ;


Ibé unity of a Mind or Spirit reaches as far as its Self.consciousness

· does the word

imme 50

That this is the true Scripture Norion of the Unity of rbr Fuhin Son,

- and Haly Ghoft. iTi... SvDY Tübid.


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