Medical Times, Volumen2

J. Angerstein Carfrae, 1851

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Página 77 - His spring course of experimental physiology commenced in the beginning of April. I seldom fail of 'assisting' at his murders. At his first lecture, a basket full of live rabbits, a glass receiver full of frogs, two pigeons, an owl, several tortoises, and a pup were the victims ready to lay down their lives for the good of science! His discourse was to explain the function« of the fifth pair of nerves. The facility was very striking with which the Professor could cut the nerve atits origin, by introducing...
Página 107 - Physick's custom, throughout the winter months, to rise at four o'clock in the morning. This hour being too early to disturb a servant, he was obliged to arrange his own fire. He would then sit down to his desk and prepare his lecture for the day ; after which he...
Página 205 - ... of the working classes, or about a fifth of the whole population, three streets have sewers; twelve have them partly ; thirty-eight have none ; and the state of forty is unknown. The miseries of Glasgow,* as described by Dr. Cowan, are almost incredible in a country which is sending its gold and its missionaries to the millions who need them less than the amalgam of 30,000 Irish and Highlanders that wallow in filth, crime, and wretchedness in the cellars and wynds of this great commercial city.
Página 85 - An anecdote frequently related to me by Dr. Physick, connected with his early appointment to St. George's Hospital, I trust I may be pardoned for mentioning here, notwithstanding it has already been promulgated from another source. His success in obtaining this situation caused some slight degree of dissatisfaction on the part of some of the disappointed applicants, who conceived that their claims for the situation were stronger than his.
Página 85 - Previously to the separation of the United States from Great Britain, he held the office of Keeper of the Great Seal of the Colony of Pennsylvania; and subsequently to the Revolution he took charge of the estates belonging to the Penn family, and served as their confidential agent.
Página 75 - Journal states that during the past year he has used in several cases of chronic eczema, with much satisfaction to his patients and himself, a solution of the hydrate of chloral as a topical remedy, in the proportion of one or two drachms to a pint of water, applied two or three times a day.
Página 107 - Dr. Physick was an advocate for animal ligatures, which he always employed. He adopted an ingenious contrivance for facilitating the discharge of ligatures which remained fixed in the cavity of wounds, either in consequence of being penetrated by new granulations, or from other causes. In such cases he twisted the ligature very firmly, and then secured it to the adjacent skin, by means of a small strip of adhesive plaster. The effect of this twisting is to tighten the noose at the extremity of the...
Página 185 - Majesty, then in every such case such certificate of the appointment of an assignee or assignees as is described in an act passed in the first and second year of the reign of his late majesty King William the Fourth, intituled " An Act to establish a Court in Bankruptcy...
Página 46 - SKETCHES OF FRENCH SURGERY AND SURGEONS BY AN AMERICAN. To those who are in love with Continental Schools of Practical Surgery, the following sketches by an American Physician, Dr. Harían, published in the Medical Examiner, of Philadelphia, may not be devoid of profit. We would earnestly direct attention to his observations. There is a growing disposition in this country, a disposition, unfortunately fostered by some, to look with...
Página 184 - Wales, and they are hereby directed, to contract with the Medical officers of their several unions or parishes respectively, or with any legally qualified Medical practitioner or practitioners, for the vaccination of all persons resident in such unions or parishes respectively...

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