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Of what does Jesus here solemnly warn them?
What does He go on to shew them saying?
What does our Lord here forbid ?
From what does the need of oaths in a court of justice come?
What is plainly forbidden ?
What may we be sure of ?
What are we doing if we lightly use such words?
What is fearful to think of?
What do other parts of Scripture shew ?
Prove this ?
What is a solemn and religious act ?
Why do men kiss the Bible when they swear in court?
What is shocking to see ?
What are the words of the oath full of ?
Where shall this, and all we do, be written ?

XLIII.- page 185.
How had the Jews been treated, before the law was given ?
What was their great fear of ?
What did the laws God gave them teach ?
In what way were they taught to be just and kind ?
Into what was this law of God turned by men ?
How did the Lord Jesus teach the people ?
What is our Lord's meaning in these verses ?
What is sometimes our duty ?
When this is so, what must we remember?
What can Satan do ?
What is, in every case, a safe rule?

What could the Lord Jesus, and the people round him, see, from the place where they stood ?

What did Jesus teach from the things thus seen?
What did He say?
Whose children were they to try to be ?
On what sort of people did the morning sun shine bright ?
When we look round, what lesson may we learn ?
What is a proof of God's forbearing goodness?
Is it safe to trifle with His patience ?

What is the state of Galilee now ? though, in the time of our Lord, it was so full of people.

Where are now the crowds who climbed the hill to hear Jesus? What yet lasts for us ?

What does He still tell us ?
To whom will God give holiness?
Why do we love God ?
How shall we show if we are Christ's ?
What does Christ say to us?

XLIV.- page 189.
What did the Lord Jesus know?
What had he just been teaching the people ?
What did he now go on to show them?
What has there always been ?
But what does Jesus say?
What is the meaning of the words, about the right and left hand ?
What is it well sometimes to do?
Why must we be most on our guard at such times?
What does the Lord Jesus say of prayer ?
Why did our Lord say this to the Jews ?
What did He here tell them ?
Who does He speak to besides the Jews ?
What does he tell us to do?
How will the Father reward the secret prayer ?
What is prayer?
What is the power to pray?
What will send the spirit of prayer quite away ?
What may those, who never can be any where by themselves,
still be ?

What place did the religious sailor make his closet for prayer ?
How did he shut to the door?
How did God reward him openly ?
What do we know from other parts of scripture ?
What has Christ promised ?
What must we always remember Satan is on the watch to do?
What is one of his greatest snares?
What is our only safe-guard against it?
What are we not to do in prayer?

XLV.- page 193.
What pattern of prayer does our Lord give us ?
Why should we hold this prayer dear and solemn ?
How have we, most of us, been taught this prayer ?
Though it is so simple and clear, why is it well to think over it?


What two words does the Lord make the beginning of his prayer?
Why is it a blessing that we may say “Our.”
Why may we call God “ Father?'
How did we feel when little children ?
What do we need now?
Why does Jesus teach us to say,

“ Our Father which art in heaven?”

Why does He teach us to say, “hallowed be thy name ?”
What does “hallowed” mean?
What are we allowed to see in some parts of the Bible?
What has man been allowed to do?

Who has been permitted to hear and to write down, one of the hymns of the spirits in glory?

What did he see them do? For what did he hear them rejoice ? Who did he see? What did he hear them do ? What do these hymns of the spirits in heaven, teach us, who are still on earth?

Christ taught the people to say “ Thy kingdom come;" did the Jews use this prayer before ?

What sort of kingdom did they expect ?
But what did Jesus teach?
How ?
What do we know was once ?
What do we also know?
What can we not understand ?

may have been one reason why God allowed Satan to tempt man to his fall ?

Of what have we a sure promise ? For what must each child of God wish and pray ? What must we remember? What must we be ever ready to say ? What must we do? Is it possible that we can help God's work ? Why, if this is done, shall the songs of praise in heaven be more joyful still? Can any of us do much ? Is there a difference in what people may do ? What comfort is there for those who can do but little ? What must all pray for ?

XLVI.- page 199. What does our Father in heaven know ? What does the Lord Jesus therefore teach us? How must we come ? What does He teach us to ask for ? Has He taught this prayer to all ? What only does He give to rich as well as poor? How is this? Whatever way our food seems to come, from whom does it come? How does He send it ? What can He do ? In what shape does He send it every day ? What does He give to all ? What are we to do? Why does our Lord tell us to ask only for daily bread ? What is there in this short verse ? To what does the Lord Jesus pass on ?

What feelings must these things, if solemnly asked for, raise up in our hearts ?

Therefore what does our Lord next teach us to ask ?
Why must we every day pray this prayer ?
What is the debt we owe to God which we cannot pay ?
Who has paid it for us ?
What does He therefore teach us to ask ?
What is the end of the twelfth verse ?
Of what does it caution us?
What is it awful to think of ?
What is too often done ?
What would justly cause fear ?
What does a real feeling of our need of pardon bring?
Therefore what does our Lord in the 14th verse teach us to say ?
What is our whole life?
What is our best wisdom ?
What is all we have to do?
But what are we to remember?
What is the Christian like as he travels on?
What is he therefore brought to say and to do?
Of what are we sure ?
What are some trials ?
What did our Lord say to his disciples after his agony?

God see fit to do?

What must they still

What are we taught in the glorious end of this prayer?
Since God is King, what may we well wish ?
The power is God's, what does He give us ?
How does He show to us that his is the glory?

XLVII.-page 204.
What have we thought over in the last numbers of this book ?
How long is it since the Lord Jesus gave this prayer to the people ?
Has it been used since ?
Why is it like the dew ?
How is it too often used ?
What draws up the dew from earth ?
What alone can draw true prayer from the heart ?
What must we do?
When are words few?
If the spirit of prayer is given us, how shall we pray?
What did our Lord now go on to do?
What is said in the 14th and 15th verses ?
What does Christ show us by them ?
If we wish to be Christ's, what must we be ?
Of what had He already warned the people ?
What did He now say to them?
What were the two great parties among the Jews ?
What difference was there between them ?
How did the Pharisees fast?
What was all they were to expect ?
What does God know?
Of what must His servants take heed ?
Of what is there great danger ?
What is the only safeguard against such dangers ?

from our Lord's words?
What does He here speak of?
What is the use of fasting ?
What does God promise to do ?
What may be brought down by fasting?
What sort of fasting ?
What have many found ?
Who may take comfort from this?
What are blessed ?

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