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What are our Saviour's words in the 19–21st verse ?
What is meant by our heart being where our treasure is ?
What are the 22nd and 23rd verses ?
What is there in these words ?
What does our Lord in them compare

If a man's eyes are in a healthy state, what can he do?
What is here meant by a man's eyes being evil ?
What happens when a man's eyes are in this bad state ?
What is a sadder case ?
What has God given to every one of us ?
What does religion give?
What must we believe ?
About what need there be no mistake ?

What do we see in God's word, if the eyes of our mind be in a
right state ?
But if the eyes of our mind be dark ?
To show this truth, what does our Lord say in verse 24 ?
How do those words of Christ's shew this truth?
What can we not serve together ?

When shall we find that mammon is taking the place of God in our hearts ?

Prove the truth of the 22nd, 23rd, 24th verses, from 2 Cor. iv. 3, 4.

To prevent this danger, what did our Lord say to His disciples, and to us ? What did the people see

What did Jesus tell them to behold ?
What did He ask them ?
Why is this care folly ?

How does He shew us that we need not to be careful about our clothes ?

Why is there no need to add to this beautiful lesson ?
What should the sight of birds and flowers make us do ?
What does Christ say to us in the 31—34th verses ?
What might we save ourselves ?
What has often happened to us ?
What should we do if we are wise ?

XLVIII.- page 211.
What did the Lord Jesus know?
What did He therefore say in 1st verse of Matt. vii ?

What is so common ?
What do we seem to do?
What is the truth ?
By what shall we be judged ?
By whom besides shall we be judged by our own rule ?
Prove this from the 14th chap. of Romans, 10th verse.
What is our case if we die hard judgers of others ?
How should we shew that we hate sin ?
What Jewish proverb did the Lord Jesus now bring to their minds?
Of what did this proverb shew them the sin and folly?
If a man is full of sin himself, what will he surely be?
What is a good rule for judging ourselves ?
What prayer

should we use ?
What will the Lord Jesus nevertheless have us know?
What are some people ?
What therefore does our Lord say on the 6th verse ?
What are we to do then ?
What may you perhaps show them?
What change has the Spirit of God often wrought ?

XLIX.-page 215.
What is this long discourse of our Lord's called ?
What does He shew in it ?
How are sinful creatures like ourselves to follow his rules of life?
How does our Lord teach us to gain his help?
What sort of promise is this?
Is it sure ?
Are there


conditions ?
Has this promise been really kept ?
Who were among the crowds round the Lord Jesus ?
What did Jesus know?
What did He say?
What could no father there deny ?
What did they know ?

What must they then have felt when He spoke the words of the 11th verse ?

What saying of their own did He remind them of ?
Into what words did Christ put this proverb ?
Why did Christ say it was the law and the prophets ?
What had the Lord Jesus now done ?
What did He know of the door to heaven?

when you

Therefore what did He say ?
What do these 13th and 14th verses give ?
What is the difference between the two ways ?
What does the way of the world seem like ?

look more near ?
What is the wide road really ?
What is the narrow way?
What mistake must you take care not to make ?
How do


on the broad road ?
What is their case ?
Is a bustling life always a sign of having chosen the wrong way?
Have all the choice between the two ways ?
What will one choice shew to each who makes it ?
What will the other choice show?

Who will be the friends of him who chooses the service of God for his way through life?

Will he prosper on his way?
What must you ask ?

L.- page 222.
What did the Lord Jesus know?
Who did He tell them they need not fear ?
Who were they to fear ?
What were they to be ?
What would arise ?
What did He therefore say?
What is meant by sheep's clothing in the 15th verse ?

the true be known from the false ?
What warning has the Lord Jesus left ?
What are his sad and solemn words?
What is a fearful thought ?
How are we to guard against self-deceit ?
For whom is there no condemnation ?
What is it “to walk after the Spirit ? '
What is very possible ?

How do we know that there are now those who call Christ Lord, who are not his ?

What does Christ tell us that is still more wonderful ?
Why should we not be surprized at verse twenty-two ?
What was true of the prophet Balaam ?
And of the Apostle, Judas Iscariot ?
What is also true ?

What should we here stop to think of?
What are those like who know Christ, and are known of him ?

What is to be learnt by the way the Lord Jesus speaks of himself on the judgment-day?

What shall we do well to remember?

LI.--page 226.
With what does our Lord end this discourse ?
What is it? 24, 5, 6, 7.
What is the house that did not fall ?
Why is this a solemn and awful warning to us ?
How shall we know if our hope is firm as on a Rock?
Is our obedience then perfect?
What has Christ taught us because He knows it cannot be perfect ?
What does He also know?
When is our house founded on a Rock ?
Are we then safe ?
But who are not safe ?
What are verses 28, 29 ?
Why were the people astonished ?
What was his word ?
What must we do?
What has the word of God more than other words?
What is all that can be said to your thoughts to it like ?
What is our only hope ?
When only is there peace in death?
How do some die ?
What is sometimes heard ?

what had they built ? What has been seen in every age ? Why did these die in peace ?





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