Authentic Records of the Guild Merchant of Preston, in the County Palatine of Lancaster, in the Year 1822: With an Introduction, Containing an Historical Dissertation on the Origin of Guilds; and a Relation of All the Different Celebrations of the Guilda Mercatoria, of Preston, of which Any Records Remain

I. Wilcockson, 1822 - 128 páginas

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Página 23 - Church, their drums beating, musick of al sorts playing, they from the Church style divid to the right hand, and left Mr. Mayor, the Nobility and Gentry, passing through them, and so into the Church, where after prayers performed by the Vicar of the Parish, and a learn'd Sermon preacht by the Gild Mayor's Chaplin, comonly a man of noted knowledge and eloquence, chosen upon that occasion, where, after Sermon ended, the Mayor with his great attendance is received in the streets by his guards of Souldiers...
Página 12 - The guilds or social, corporations of the Anglo-Saxons seem on the whole to have been friendly associations made for mutual aid and contribution, to meet the pecuniary exigencies which were perpetually arising from burials, legal exactions, penal mulcts, and other payments or compensations.
Página 53 - Whither the tribes go up, the tribes of the LORD, unto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks unto the name of tho LORD.
Página 53 - ... profession would have been disputed. The only privilege they wish — the only right they require — is, to be allowed to move in that situation which has always been assigned to them from the creation of the world to the present time (the last Guild excepted); and they are resolved never to be disgraced by tamely accepting of any other.
Página 38 - ... they carried white staves in their hands, with gilt heads. The farriers followed, with new blue jackets and trowsers, the jackets had red collars, they wore red caps with...
Página 104 - O GOD, whose never failing providence ordereth all things both in heaven and earth ; we humbly beseech thee to put away from us all hurtful things, and to give us those things which are profitable for us, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord.
Página 103 - Blackstone. Knight, one of the justices of His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas, with notes selected...
Página 35 - Twas glorious to see how the men of all trades, With faces clean wash'd, wore their flaming cockades; With a strut of true consequence every profession Did honour to Preston throughout the procession; The gentlemen, coupled in pair after pair, Cock'd their hats and look'd fierce when review'd by the fair.
Página 22 - Partezans, and those after with halberts, after which followeth signly the Black Sarjeant with his halberd, and then the two Sarjeants with their Maces, then the 2 Balives with their white Rods, and the Aldermen in their Robes, and after them the Guild Mayor with his great Staff of Authority, and attended on each side with the Nobility and Gentry of the country, as wel as with the Gentry of the Town. "The...

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