The History of New-Hampshire: Comprehending the Events of of Seventy Five Years, from MDCCXV to MDCCXC. Illustrated by a Map. Volume II.

For the author, by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews, Faust's Statue, no. 45, Newbury-Street., 1791 - 476 páginas

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Página 65 - Pigwacket, distant about a mile and a half from this pond. Having fallen on his track, they followed it till they came to the packs, which they removed ; and counting them, found the number of his men to be less than their own : they, therefore, placed themselves in ambush, to attack them on their return. The Indian who...
Página 66 - ... hoping to be sheltered by a point of rocks which ran into the pond, and a few large pine trees standing on a sandy beach. In this forlorn place, they took their station. On their right was the mouth of a brook, at that time unfordable ; on their left was the rocky point ; their front was partly covered by a deep bog and partly uncovered, and the pond was in their rear. The enemy galled them in front and flank, and had them so completely in their power, that had they made a prudent use of their...
Página 484 - States now confederated to do ample justice to a body of people sufficiently respectable by their numbers, and entitled by other claims to be admitted into that confederation, it becomes them also to attend to the interests of their constituents, and see, that, under the appearance of justice to one, they do not materially injure the rights of others. I am apt to think this is the prevailing opinion of Congress...
Página 213 - This piece of triumphant vanity alarmed the city, and immediately a hundred men were despatched in boats to retake the battery. But Vaughan, with his small party, on the naked beach, and in the face of a smart fire from the city and the boats, kept them from landing, till the reinforcement arrived. In every duty of fatigue or sanguine adventure, he was always ready; and the New Hampshire troops, animated by the same enthusiastic ardor, partook of all the labors and dangers of the siege.
Página 63 - ... march of the frontiers. The pond where this exploit was performed is at the head of a branch of Salmonfall river, in the township of •Wakefield, and has ever since borne the name of Lovewell's Pond.
Página 408 - Colonel Nichols, with two hundred and fifty men, to the rear of the enemy's left wing ; and Colonel Hendrick, with three hundred, to the rear of their right. He placed three hundred to oppofe their front and draw their attention.
Página 484 - If you are sincere in your professions, these will be additional motives for accepting the terms, which have been offered, and which appear to me equitable, and thereby convincing the common enemy, that all their expectations of disunion are vain, and that they have been worsted in the use of their own weapon, — deception.
Página 285 - ... and afterward put her on horfeback. On their march, they were diftreffed for provifion ; and killed the horfe for food; the infant was nourifhed, by fucking pieces of its flefh. When they arrived at Montreal, Johnfon obtained a parole, of two months, to return and folicit the means of redemption. He applied to the Aflembly of New-Hampfhire, and after fome delay obtained one hundred and D fifty pounds fterling.
Página 274 - They were to erect stockades, with lodgements for two hundred men, in each township, enclosing a space of fifteen acres ; in the centre of which was to be a citadel, containing the public buildings and granaries, which were to be large enough to receive all the inhabitants and their movable effects, in case of necessity.
Página 285 - ... the means of redemption. He applied to the assembly of New Hampshire, and after some delay obtained one hundred and fifty pounds sterling. But the season was so far advanced, and the winter proved so severe, that he did not reach Canada till the spring.

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