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ABSALOM AND ACHITOPHEL, From (Dry- Botanic Garden, From the (Darwin), 335 den), 245

Bride of Abydos, From (Byron), 457 Adonis, The Garden of (Spenser), 67 Bride, The (Sigourney), 583. Adam and Eve's Morning Ilymn (Milton), Bozzaris, Marco, From (Halleck), 586

Britannia's Pastoral, From (Browne), 169 Address to a Mummy, 561

Britain, Sonnet to (Aytoun), 534 Addresses, From Rejected, 559

Buckingham, Complaint of Duke of Ae fond Kiss and then we sever (Burns), (Sackville), 53 366

Burial of Sir John Moore (Wolfe), 554 Age, Old (Waller), 174

Burke, Edmund, Epitaph on (Goldsmith), Alexander's Feast Dryden), 250

All for Love, From Dryden), 253 Byron, The genius of (Pollock), 489
Alliteration (Churchill), 351
Alma, From (Prior), 277

Cadyow CASTLE (Scott), 392
Alonzo and Imogene (Lewis), 549 Cesar's lamentation over Pompey's head,
Althea, from prison, To (Lovelace), 231

15G America, The Land and Ocean Scenery Cameleon, The (Merrick), 543 of (Southey), 425,

Campaign, From the (Addison), 287 Amien's Song (Shakespeare), 132

Canterbury Tales, Extracts from the Pro Angels, The ministry of (Spencer), 64 logue to the (Chaucer), 3 Angels, The fallen, in the burning lake Catiline's Address to his Army, From (Ben (Milton), 196

Jonson, 141 Antioch, From the Martyr of (Milman), Cato's soliloquy on the Immortality of the

Soul (Addison), 288 492 Antony roused by Ventidius (Dryden), Caius Gracchus, From (Knowles), 494

Celia, To Ben Jonson), 143 253 Approach of Macbeth's fate, The, 106 Charm of early associations (Rogers), Arcita to Palamon in prison, 160

370 Arcita's Dying Address (Chaucer), 13

Child's First Grief, The (Hemans), 478 Ariel's Song (Shakespeare), 129

Child, The blind (Bloomfield), 387 Army, From Catiline's Address to his, 141 Chivalry, Lament for the decline of Artevelde, Philip Van, From (Taylor), (Hood), 484 566

Childe Harolde, From, 458 Arthur, Prince (Spenser), 60

Chloe to Thenot (Beaumont and Fletche. ), Athens (Milton), 217

159 Athenian Captive, From the (Talfourd), Chloe, From Answer to (Prior), 270 512

Christ, Hymn to (Donne), 138 Autumn, From Ode to (Keats), 482 Christ's Victory and Triumph, From, 149 A wet sheet and a flowing sea (Cunning. Christiad, From the (White), 449 ham), 447

Christian Resignation under human re

proach (Dryden), 249 Baby's DEBUT, The (J. Smith), 559 Christian Patriotism (Cowper), 345 Banks o' Doon (Burns), 307

Churchyard, Lines written in a (H Banquet, The, from Macbeth, 101

Knowles), 555 Bard, The memory of the (Scott), 397 Cid, The Excommunication of the (LockBard's Wish, The (Delta), 518

hart), 499 Battle of the Baltic (Campbell), 437 Clarence's Dream (From Richard III.), Belphabe (Spenser), 62 Belshazzar, From (Milman), 490

Cleopatra on the Cydnus (Dryden), 260 Bernardo and Alphonso (Lockhart), 497 Cleopatra do. (Shakespeare), 34 Bible, a father reading the (Hemans), 477 Cloud, The (Shelley), 471 Bible, To a family (Hemans), 478 Columbus, From (Rogers), 371 Biglow Papers, From the (Lowell), 588 Conscience, A Good (Shakespeare), 133 Blossoms, To (Herrick), 171

Coronach (Scott), 409 Boadicea (Cowper), 346

Cottar's Saturday Night, From the Bothwell a prisoner (Aytoun), 533

(Burns), 362


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Countess of Cumberland, From the Epistle | Estate, No age content with his own
to the (Daniel), 74

(Howard, Earl of Surrey), 49
Course of Time, From (Pollok), 488 Eulogy of King James (Drummond), 155
Cowper's Grave (Browning, 521

Eve, The Silent (Delta), 518
Criticism, From Essay on (Pope), 304 Eve's Conjugal Love (Milton), 210
Crows, The Three Black Byrom), 540 Eve's recollections (Milton), 210
Cuckoo, The (Logan), 546

Evening, Ode to (Collins), 325
Cynthia's Revels, From (Ben Jonson), Evening in Paradise (Milton), 210

Evening Cloud, The (Wilson), 466

Excels Longfellow), 580
DAFFODILS, To (Herrick), 170

Execution, The Doge's speech before his
'Danger of a first trangression (Crabbe), (Byron), 463

Expulsion of Adam and Eve (Milton), 217
Davideis, From the (Cowley), 237 Extinction of the Venetian Republic
Deadly Sins, Dance of the Seven (Dun- (Wordsworth), 377
bar), 32

Eye, Take the beam out of thine own
Death of Lear, 127

(Shakespeare), 132
Death, Hamlet's soliloquy on, 121
Death, The Court of (Gay), 299

FAME, The House of (Chaucer), 17
Death of Robert Levet (Johnson), 542 Family Bible, To a (Hemans), 478
Death, A night piece on (Parnell), 291 Farewell to the World (Ben Jonson), 142
Death, The Preciousness of (Young), 295 Faustus' Vision of Helen of Greece (Mar-
Death's Final Conquest (Shirley), 539 lowe), 76
Delight in God only (Quarles), 172 Faustus, The death of (Marlowe), 77
Delights of the Muses, From (Crashaw, Festus, From (J. Bailey), 565

Fire Worshippers, From the (Moore), 443
Deserter, The (Landon), 517

Flodden, The battle of (Scott), 402
Despair, Richard's (From King Richard Flower and the Leaf (Chaucer), 15
II.), 108

Forest Hymn, From a (Bryant), 573
Despotism, the haughtiness of (Dryden), Fortune, Wheel of (James I.), 29

Four Fronts of the Temple (Pope), 306
Despotism, Constitutional limitation of France, The Sun rises brighi in (Cunning.
(Lord Brooke), 72

ham), 447
Destruction of the First born in Egyp: Freedom (Barbour), ar
(Cowley), 236

Friends, On the death of (Vaughan), 229
Dirge of Fidele (Shakespeare), 130 Friendship, Female (Shakespeare), 131
Dirge, From a (Wither), 166

Friendship, Severed (Coleridge), 417
Domestic Bliss (Thomson), 314

Funeral, The Alderman's (Southey), 424
Don Sebastian, Tragedy of Dryden), 261
Donne, Detached passages from, 139 GANGES, The source of the (Southey),
Douglas, Character of Sir James of (Bar- 427
bour), 22

Geneva, The Lake of (Byron), 461
Drink to me only with thine eyes, 143 Genius, Dawnings of (Clare), 486
Duchess de la Valliere, From the (Bulwer), Gertrude of Wyoming (Campbell), 439

Geyser, The (Montgomery), 384
Duke of Buckingham, Epitaph on the, 167 Ghost, Horatio announces the appearance
Dundee, The Burial March of (Aytoun, of the (From Hamlet), 118

Giaour, From the (Byron), 455
Dying, the Voices of the (Shakespeare), Gladness, No treasure without (Dunbar),


God, The Glory of (Young), 296
EARLY DAYS, The play places of (Cow God's Providence (Lydgate), 23
per!, 346

Golden Age, The (Lydgate), 23
Easter (Drummond), 154

Golden Targe, From the (Dunbar), 33
Edinburgh (Scott), 401

Go, Youth beloved (Opie), 547
Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace Girdle, On a (Waller), 174
(Burns), 361

Grave. From the (Blair), 312
Egyptian Scenery- The Plague (Moore), Greece (Byron), 455
Elf, Thou happy, happy (Hood), 484 Hamlet's SOLILOQUY ON DEATH, 121
Endymion, From (Keats), 480

Hamlet's Speech to the Players, 122
Encid, Prologue to the twelfth book Hark! hark! the Lark at Heaven's gate
(Douglas), 39

sings (Shakespeare), 130
Epilogue, Every man out of his humour Heavy Reviewer, The (Lowell), 589
(Ben Jonson), 142

Hell, Allegorical Personages in, described
Equatorial Calm, An (Coleridge), 418 (Sackville), 51
Epistle to Davie (Burns). 364

Hellenics, From the (Landor), 563
Epithalamion, From the (Špenser), 67 Henry and Emma (Prior), 271
Essay on Man, From the (Pope), 309 Hermit, The (Beattie), 349
Estates, The Three (Lindsay), 43

Hester (Lamb), 432






ning), 557

side), 330

Hind and the Panther, From the (Dryden), Liberty (Pollok), 488

Lickpenny, The London (Lydgate), 24
Hinda, Dirge of (Moore), 444

Life (Barbauld), 547
Hinda's Despair ( do. ), 443

Life (Montgomery), 385
History of a Life, The (Procter), 467 Life Drama, From the (Smith), 535
Hogarth, Character of (Churchill), 351 Life, A Psalm of (Longfellow), 579
Holy Trinity. To the (Ben Jonson), 144 Light, Address to (Milton), 205
Home Delights of a Winter Evening Lombardy, The Plain of (Shelley), 474
(Cowper, 343

London, The Re-edification of (Dryden),
Home, ihe Voices of (Hemans), 476
Honest Fame (Pope), 308

London at Sunrise (Wordsworth), 377
Honour, From the Palace of (Douglas), 37 Love, A Mother's (Rogers), 371
Hope, From Pleasures of (Campbell), 434 Love, a Sonnet (Browning), 521
Horatius, From (Macaulay , 504

Love, She never told her (Shakespeare),
How to pay Old Debts (Massinger), 152 132
How-D'ye Do, Good bye Spenser), 556

Love (Southey), 427
Hudibras, From (Butler), 224

Love and Death (Tennyson), 524
Human Life (Dryden), 262

Lycidas, From (Milton), 192
Human Love, Synthesis of (Pope), 319
Human Uls (Milton), 216

MACBETH, Lady, after reading her
Humanity and the Knife-grinder (Can- husband's letter, 96

Macbeth's Mental Struggle, 98
Humour, Every man out of his, 142 Macbeth's Castle, 97
Hymn before Sunrise in Chamouni (Cole- Macduff receives the tidings of the
ridge), 419

slaughter of his family, 105
Hymn (Addison), 286

Man, From the Essay on (Pope), 309
Hymn to Light, From the (Cowley), 234 Man, The First (Coleridge), 568

Mankind (Dryden), 260
IANTHE, To Leyden), 429

Marco Bozzaris, From (Halleck), 581
Il Penseroso (Milton), 189

Mark Antony's Oration over the body of
Imagination (Lord Brooke), 71

Cæsar, 112
Imagination (Wordsworth), 376

Marmion, The Scottish Heralds receive
Imagination, From the Pleasures of (Aken- (Scott), 399

Marmion, Death of (Scott), 403
Inn, The Village (Goldsmith), 333 Mars, Temple of (Chaucer), 8
Invocation to Love (Bulwer), 510

Massacre Peidmont, On the late
Ion, From (Talfourd), 515,

(Milton), 221
Italian Scene,-Ravenna (Hunt), 446 Measure for Measure, From (Shakes-
Italy, From the Letter from (Addison), 285

peare), 89
Ivry: a song of the Huguenots(Macaulay), Melancholy (Beaumont and Fletcher), 161

Melancholy, Hamlet's (Shakespeare), 134

Melrose Abbey (Scott), 376
James bewails the hardship of his lot Memory, Chamber of, in the Castle of
(James I, of Scotland), 27

Alma (Spenser), 64
Jane, James first beholds the Lady Mercy, From the Merchant of Venice, 90
(James I., of Scotland), 27.

Mercy (Chaucer), 18
Judgment Day, The (Young), 296
Justice, The Demand of, 149

Mercury's reply to Hedoné (Carew), 168

Messiah, The (Milton), 213
KILLIGREW, Ode to the Memory of Mrs. Messiah, From (Pope), 310
Anne (Dryden), 245

Michael shews to Adam the future king-
Kilmeny's return from Fairy Land (Hogs), Midnight, Stanzas written at (Delta), 519

doms of the earth (Milton), 215,
Kilmeny's Visions in Fairy Land (Hogg), Midnight Ocean, The (Wilson), 465

Missionary Hymn (Heber), 553
King Arthur, From (Bulwer), 510

Modern Lady, From the Journal of a

(Swift), 276
LADY OF Lyons, From (Bulwer) 510 Moonlight (Keats), 482
Ladies, Rosiphele's Vision of (Gower), 19 Moore, Burial of Sir John, 554
Lady of the Lake (Scott), 408

Mother's Heart, The (Norton), 530
Lalláh Rookh, From (Moore), 441 Motto, The (Cowley), 233
L'Allegro (Milton), 186

Movement and Action the Life of Nature
Lambs at Play (Bloomfield), 386

(Cowper), 342
Landing of the Moorish Army in Spain Mountains, From Greenland's Icy, 553
(Southey), 428

Mummy, Address to a (H. Smith), 561
Lay of the Last Minstrel, From (Scott), Murder, The (from Macbeth), 99

Muse's Consolation, The (Withers), 164
Lear, Death of, 127

Music, From the Merchant of Venice, ço
Lear in the Storm, 125

Musicians, The Rival (Ford), 162
Learning. Patronage of (Daniel), 75 Muster of the Tuscan Army (Macaulay),
Leven Water, Ode to (Smollett), 545





NAME, Good (Shakespeare), 135

Primrose, to an early (White), 449
Nancy of the Vale (Shenstone), 318 Procrastination (Young), 294
Nativity, From the (Milton), 181

Procrastination (Mackay), 529
Nature worshipped by the Greeks (Words. Psalm of Life, From a (Longfellow), 579
worth), 382

Puck, the Fairy to (Shakespeare), 129
Nest, The Thrush's (Clare), 487

Puir Folk (Burns), 360
Newcastle Apothecary, The (Colman), 547 Purple Island, From the (P. and G.
Night, Prince Arthur's Address to (Spen- Fletcher), 147

ser), 65
Night (Young), 297

Night in the Desert (Southey), 426

Night piece to Julia (Herrick), 171 Queen Victoria (Bulwer), 511
Nightingale, To a (Drummond), 153
November Chill blaws loud wi'angry sugh RAINBOW, From the (Vaughan), 229
(Burns), 362

Rape of the Lock, From the (Pope), 306

Raven, The (Poe), 575
OBERON'S VISION (Shakespeare), 88 Reflections, An Old Man's (Wordsworth),
Ode (Wordsworth), 377

Ode to my Sow (Hood), 484

Religio Laici, From (Dryden), 247
Of a'the airts the Wind can blaw (Burns), Religion, reality of a true (Lord Brooke),

Of Nelson and the North (Campbell), 437 Religious consolations amidst earthly
Old Familiar Faces (Lamb), 431

change (Wordsworth), 381
Old Memories (Smith), 535

Resignation, The (Chatterton), 353
Omens of evil (Dryden), 253

Rhapsody, A (Swift), 283
Othello's account of his Courtship of Des Riches, The house of (Spenser), 63
demona, 123

Riches, True (Watt), 290
Othello's soliloquy before he murders his River Severn, Personification of the
Wife, 124

(Drayton), 8
Overthrow of the rebel angels (Milton), River Forth Fcasting, From the (Drum-

mond), 155

Rural Sounds (Cowper), 341
PAIN, Earthly Joy returns in (Dunbar), 36
Papyrus, The Darwin), 336

SABBATH OF WAR, The (Grahame), 369
Paradise (Milton), 209

Sailor, The Dying (Crabbe), 356
Paradise Lost, From, 194

Samson Agonistes, Chorus from (Milton),
Paradise and the Peri (Moore), 441

Passionate Shepherd, The, to his Love Satan's Soliloquy on Mount Niphates in
(Marlowe), 79

sight of Paradise (Milton), 207
Passions, The (Collins), 326

Satan presiding in the Infernal Counci:
Paternal Affection (Scott), 409

(Milton), 197
Peculiar seat of God's glory, The (Cowley), Satan meets Sin and Death (Milton), 201

Saturn and Thea (Keats),
Pembroke, Epitaph on the Countess of, Savage, Freedom of the (Dryden), 262

Schoolmistress, The (Shenstone), 319
Perigot Amoret (Beaumont and Sea, The, in Calm and in Storm (Crabbe),
Fletcher), 158

Persian, the Sun, and the Cloud, The Self-Contemplation (Southwell), 55
(Gay), 300

Self-Reproach (Churchill), 351
Philosophy, Free Watts), 289

Screnade, Cloten's (Shakespeare), 130
Pigwiggen's Equipment (Drayton), 83 Scotland (Leyden, 430
Pindaric Odes, From the (Cowley), 236 Scottish Sabbath Evening Picture
Pirate's Island, The (Dana), 585

(Grahame), 370
Pitt and Fox (Scott), 398

Scottish Sabbath Service, The (Grahame)
Plague Scenes (Wilson), 466
Players, Hamlet's speech to the, 122 Shakespeare's Lyrics, Selections from,
Pleasures of Memory, From the (Samuel 129
Rogers), 370

Shakespeare's Sonnets, 131
Pocahontas, From(Sigourney), 584 Shepherd Boy, The Sabbath Service of
Poesy, The Progress of (Gray), 320

the (Grahamre), 369
Poet, The (Tennyson), 525

Shepherd's Hunting, From the (Wither),
Poet's Path, The (Brown), 537

Polonius counsels his son on his departure Shepherdess, From the Faithful (Flet-
for travel (From Hamlet), 120

cher), 158
Position of Man in the scheme of redemp- Shipwreck, From the (Falconer), 348
tion (Dryden), 247

Shirt, Song of the (Hood), 485
Poverty, Against a rich man despising, Simile, A (Prior), 270
(Fletcher), 148

Simile, A (Wordsworth), 383
Priests (Milman), 491

Sleep (Young), 294



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Sky Lark, The (Hogg), 411

Toilet, The (Pope), 306
Sky Lark, To a (Shelley), 473

To L. H. during a Sickness (Hunt), 445
Soliloquy on Sleep (Shakespeare), 109 Tree, the Holly

(Southey), 423
Soliloquy on Death (Shakespeare), 121 Trosachs, The (Scott), 408
Solomon, From (Prior), 271

Troubadour, The (Landon), 516
Song (Carew), 168

True Gaiety (Cowper), 343
Song, Go fetch to me a pint of Wine Tubal Cain (Mackay), 527
(Burns), 362

Twa Dogs, From the (Burns), 360
Song of Hesperus (Ben Jonson), 141
Song of the Priests (Milman), 490 UNA AND THE LION, From the Faerie
Song of the Suppliants (Milman), 491 Queen (Spenser), 58
Sonnets, From Milton's, 220

Universality of God in Nature (Pope),
Soul's Errand, The (Raleigh), 81

Speech of Belial in the Debate (Milton),

VENI CREATOR (Dryden), 262
Spring (W. Drummond), 153

Venice Preserved, From (Otway), 264
Spring Holmes), 5go

Vices, Foreign, deprecated (Daniel), 73
Spring (Howard, Earl of Surrey), 50 Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, delineated
Spring James I. of Scotland), 26

as Zimri, 246
Spring Longfellow), 582

Virginia, From (Macaulay), 506
Siag Hunt, The (Drayton), 85

Virginian Colonists (Sigourney), 584
Stanzas written in dejection near Naples Virtue, Herbert, 174
(Shelley), 472

Voyage on the Mississippi (Longfellow),
Stanzas for Music (Byron), 454

Stars, The (Darwin), 336
Storm, Lear in the, 125

WATERLOO, The Eve of (Byron), 459
Stomach, The, the seat of the Soul (Prior), Wealth, The Armour of Sin (Shakespeare),

Stormy Petrel, The (Procter), 468 Wedding, From a Ballad upon a (Suck-
Struggle, Macbeth's Mental, 98

ling), 222
Subjects, Great (Cowper), 341

Westminster Abbey (Tickell), 298
Sunrise (Thomson), 315

William III. and Louis XIV. contrasted
Suppliants, The (Milman), 491

(Prior), 268
Surrey's reflections on his imprisonment in William and Margaret (Mallet), 541

Windsor Castle (Howard, Earl of Winter Lightning (Montgomery), 385
Surrey), 48

Winter Storm (Thomson), 316
Sward, The gowans glitter on the (Baillie), Witches, Interview with the (Macbeth),

Swift, From the death of Dr., 277 Woods in Winter (Longfellow), 581
Swiss, Life (Goldsmith), 332

Wordsworth, William, To (Coleridge),

TALENTS, Proper Use of (Shakespeare), Work, work, work (Hood), 485

Wolsey to Cromwell (Shakespeare), 133
Tell me not in Mournful Numbers, 579 Women, Praise of (Chaucer), 14
Temperance (Milton), 216

Worship, The Angelic (Milton), 206
Temple of Fame, From the (Pope), 306 Worth of Warlike Fame (Byron), 458
Thames, The (Denham), 230
Thanatopsis (Bryant), 572

Year, The Golden (Tennyson), 524
The World a Stage (Shakespeare), 93 York's Contrast of Bolingbroke and
Thrissle and the Rose, From the(Dunbar),

Richard, 109

Youth and Age (Coleridge), 418
Thrush's Nest (Clare), 487
Times go by Turns (Southwell), 55 ZARA'S EARRINGS (Lockhart), 500
Time, Ruins of (Spenser), 69

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