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vert it, to make it fall in with our

corrupt opinions and prejudices. 169 2. That the paffages so perverted, were

such as were hard to be understood, and therefore not necessary to be understood.

170 And farther, were such as did not treat

of points indifferent, but of the greatest moment.

170 3. That this forced interpretation of ob

scure passages, was in opposition to

other plain evident ones. Those that wrest fcripture, with all these

aggravating circumstances, may juttly be said to wrelt them to their deftruction.

172 From the scriptures being turned to ill

purposes in the apostles days, we learn, not to wonder if they were so in aftertimes.

173 And if such unexceptionable interpreters

of their own writings could not secure thein from misrepresentation, the great expediency of an infallible judge is not so clear as is pretended.

174 From St. Peter's assertion we learn, that

we ought to bring with us a right intention of mind, when we read the holy fcriptures.



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Preached at


November 2, 1718.
The Gospel openly published.

ACTS Xxvi. 26.
This Thing was not done in a Corner.

T might be hoped, that in a country, wherë

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profeffed, but interwoven into the civil frame, and eftablished by a law, the truth of Christianity might, at all times, be taken for granted; and that the ministers of Christ might have nothing to do, but to build on that foundation, and be ever employed in exciting men to a practice suitable to their profeffion, and to "adorn the doctrine of

öf our God and Saviour in all things," Tit. ii. 110 But, alas! the frequent and daring attempts of infidelity, that interrupt us in our course, make it necessary for us to " lay again the foundation" VOL. III.



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