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his fufferings, and to inform them of the fpiritual nature of his kingdom. To prepare them for his departure. And we may venture to add, to give a further proof of his concern for the good of fouls, by thus delaying for fome time to enter upon that glory which his humiliation had purchased. Why the time of his ftay, was for forty




H. Reasons why our Saviour appeared only to his followers, and not to the Sanhedrim, or body of the Jews affembled at the paffover.

1. So far was he from being obliged to afford those who crucified him fuch an extraordinary proof of his refurrection, that he might with great juftice have denied them any evidence at all of it.

108 2. Thofe that had rejected the evidence already offered them, would not have been convinced by ocular affurance.

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3. Should we fuppofe fuch glaring evidence could not have been refifted by them, yet it ought not to have been indulged to them for this very reason, because

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world, and is more likely, if it errs, to
be pardoned by God in another.




The difficult Paffages of Scripture
vindicated from fuch Objections as
are ufually made to them, and
proper Directions given how we
are to use them.

2 PET. iii. 6.

In which are fome things hard to be under
ftood, which they that are unlearned and un-
Stable wrest, as they do alfo the other

The defign of St. Peter in this Epiftle,
and the connection of the text cleared.
I. Several particulars in St. Paul's writings,
and in the other fcriptures also, hard
to be understood.


II. To account for thefe obfcurities even
in the apoftles time, it is to be observed,
that the writers of them, tho' under the
immediate infpiration of the Holy Ghoft,


because it was irresistible.


The true queftion in relation to our Savi-
our's relurrection is, Whether the proof
of it is not abundantly tull to all the
purposes of conviction.
Many things we in our wisdom may poffi-
bly think fit to have been done, which
God has not thought fit to do for us.



III. The manner of our Saviour's spending his time with the apoftles after his refurrection, was,


1. By giving them many infallible proofs of his being returned to life. 2. By inftructing them in Things pertain ing to the Gospel difpenfation, of which they were to be the minifters. 113 Our faith entitled to a greater reward, than

that of the apostles themselves. 118 An exhortation to the exercife of it in the participation of the bleffed facrament.


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