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er for about twenty yeers, and an occasional onc a great deal longer.

The true reason of my not doing it then is this: He burnt a good many of them himself at Paris, and, by a writing found among what were left, fignified, that these were the only ones fit to be printed ; so that, without acting contrary to the bishop's opinion of his own performances, of which he was ceftainly the best judge, no more could, and therefore no more õught to be published : and it being from thence resolved that no more should, the only effectual way of preventing it, was, to commit the reft to the flames. Which was accordingly done, in my prefence, by Wil. liam Morice, Esq; his dutiful and worthy fon-indaw and executor. To whom I take this opporá tunity of acknowledging myself much obliged for feveral confiderable acts of friendship, but partin cularly forthe benefit of publishing thefe pious remains of my dear friend and patron, whomi great:ly admired, loved and reverenced, and to whose memory I therefore dedicate them, with a heart -full of gratitude and respect.

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