Report of the Governor of New Mexico to the Secretary of the Interior

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1887

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Página 67 - Those rivers must be regarded as public navigable rivers in law which are navigable in fact. And they are navigable in fact when they are used, or are susceptible of being used, in their ordinary condition, as highways for commerce, over which trade and travel are or may be conducted in the customary modes of trade and travel on water.
Página 69 - That the creation of any obstruction, not affirmatively authorized by law, to the navigable capacity of any waters in respect of which the United States has jurisdiction, is hereby prohibited.
Página 70 - The very considerations which judges most rarely mention, and always with an apology, are the secret root from which the law draws all the juices of life. I mean, of course, considerations of what is expedient for the community concerned.
Página 64 - If, for the purpose of making the said rivers navigable, or for maintaining them in such state, it should be necessary or advantageous to establish any tax or contribution, this shall not be done without the consent of both governments. The stipulations contained in the present article shall not impair the territorial rights of either republic within its established limits.
Página 70 - Every important principle which is developed by litigation is in fact and at bottom the result of more or less definitely understood views of public policy; most generally, to be sure, under our practice and traditions, the unconscious result of instinctive preferences and inarticulate convictions but none the less traceable to views of public policy in the last analysis.
Página 120 - The owner or agent of every coal mine shall make or cause to be made an accurate map or plan of the workings of such coal mine, on a scale of one hundred feet to the inch.
Página 19 - As a conclusion of law the court found that the statute of limitations did not begin to run until the...
Página 121 - ... charge of the agent of such mine, and in all mines the doors used in assisting or directing the ventilation of the mine shall be so hung and adjusted that they will close themselves or be supplied with springs or pulleys so that they...
Página 1 - ... its erection, not as a cold rock or monument, with no claim upon the interest of humanity except the bare fact of its continued existence, but as the living center of everything of historic importance in the Southwest. Through all that long period, whether under Spanish, Pueblo, Mexican, or American control, it has been the seat of power and authority. Whether the ruler was called viceroy, captain-general, political chief, department commander, or governor, and whether he presided over a kingdom,...
Página 69 - ... all surplus water over and above such actual appropriation and use, together with the water of all lakes, rivers, and other sources of water supply upon the public lands, and not navigable, shall remain and be held free for the appropriation and use of the. public for irrigation, mining, and manufacturing purposes subject to existing rights.

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