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Výhe Gospel then is to be preached to the Gentiles ;



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The Apostle pursues the View, given in the last Section, and

shews that the Gospel had been diffused widely thro' the World ; tho

' according to "other Prophecies, which he here mentions, from Moses, and Ifaiah, the Jews had rejected it, while the Gentiles embraced it." Rom. X. 14, to the End.


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OW then shall they call him in whom

ROM the Promise of Salvation to them Sect. 23. they have not believed ? And that shall call on the Name of the Lord, how fall they believe in I have just been inferring, (Ver.12,13.) that there Rom. X. 14. him of whom they have not is no Difference between Jews and Gentiles, as heard ? And how shall they hear without a Preacher ? to the Possibility of obtaining Salvation from God.

And from hence we may farther infer, what is
very sufficient to justify me, and my Brethren,
in preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles, tho' we
are the Objects of so much Reproach and Perse-
cution on that Account. Let us therefore attend
to the Inference. For how mall they call on him,
on whom they have not believed, as worthy to be in-
voked with Divine Honours and Adoration ?
And how fall they believe on him, of whom they
bave not heard? And how shall they hear of him,
without a Preacher, to carry these important Ti-

dings, which the Light of Nature could never 15 And how shall they be able to discover. And, as for the Ministers preach, except they be of the Gospel, how should they preach, except they fent? As it is written, be sent expressly for that Purpose? For, as we

were originally Jews, our own Prejudices on this
Head were so strong, that we should never have
thought of carrying the Gospel to the Gentiles,
if God had not particularly charged us to do it.
But blessed be God, that the Charge has been
given, and the Embafly fent; and most welcome
should it be to all that receive it, as it is writ-
ten and described in that lively Prophecy (a),


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(a) In that lively Prophecy.) Most Commentators think, that the 520 Chapter of Isaiah is to


Sect. 23.




For Faith is by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word. (Ifai. lii. 7, 8.) Ob bow beautiful are the Feet, beautiful are the. Feet of

" the very Footsteps, of those who bring the good them that preach the Gospel Rom. X. 15. " Tidings of Peace, wobo bring the good. Tidings Tidings of good Things


! of those various good Things, which God hath

now been pleased to bestow on his Church. “ 'Tis pleafant to see and hear the Mesfengers,

pleasant to view the very Tract of Ground,
“ over which they have passed, on the Moun-

“ tains which surround Jerusalem (6)."
16 But alas, all have not obeyed the Gospel, glori-

16 But they have not all ous as its Tidings are, nor given it that cordial - obeyed the Gospel. For

Efaias faith, Lord who hath Reception, which its happy Contents might well believed our Report? have demanded.. And they, who are well acquainted with the Oracles of the Old Testament, and study them impartially, will not be surprized at it. Por Isaiah faith, in that very Context, which contains so many illustrious Testimonies to the Cause, in which we are engaged; (Isai. liii. 1.) Who hath believed our Report, and to whom

" is the Arm of the Lord revealed; and made 17

" bare.” Faith indeed (cometh] by Hearing, and 17 So then, Faith cometh
Hearing in the Case now before us by the Word, by Hearing, and Hearing by

the Word of God.
the express Command of GCD, to make the De-
claration (c). 'Tis therefore our Duty to deliver
the Message, wherefoever we come, whether to
Jews or Gentiles, in humble Hope, that some
will believe; tho' we, have so much Reason tó
fear, that many will reject it.



be explained, as a Prophecy of the Return of the Jews from Babylon, and that the Text here quoted refers to the joyful Welcome, that should be given to the. Messengers, who brought the first Tidings of Cyrus's Decree for their Dismision. And if it were fo, the Apošile might very justly infer from thence the superior Joy, with which the Meflengers of the Gospel should be received. But, I think, a great deal may be said to fhew it probable, that the context in Question has in its original Senso a farther Reference. Compare Ifai. li. 43_-6. But not judging it necessary in the Paraphrase, to build upon it as an Argument, I Thall not by any Means discuss the Matter here.

(6) The very Footsteps.) L'Enfant thinks the feet are put for the Arrival. Compare Gen. xxv. 30. in the Original

. But, I think, the Turn, given in the Paraphrase, illustrates it much better. Bos observes, that in Sophocles, the Hands and. Feet of those, who come upon a kind Design, are represented as beautiful to those, who received Benefit by their Arrival

. (c) Faith indeed [cometh.] Mr. L'Enfant would transpose the 16th and 17th Verses; and it is certain, as any one may eafily perceive, that the Comection of all from the 15th to the 18th, would in that View be clearer ; but as no Copies warrant it, I think it is by Means to be presumed upon. I have therefore translated apz, which is often a Sort of an Expletive, by the Word indeed, which throws this Verse into some kind of Connection with the Next, and if referred to arra there, will I hope be thought agreeable enough to the Greek Idiom.




may take

Iker Jews might have known this from Moses, and Isaiah. 18 But I say, Have they This is our Duty; but a Duty, which we can- Sect. 23. Sound went into 11 the not perform without some Discouragement; yet Earth, and their Words un- I may confidently say, it hath in the Main been Rom. X. 18. to the Ends of the World. practised, and I may appeal to what you at Rome

knew of the Matter, in Consequence of your
Correspondence with all Parts of the Empire.
Have they not beard of the Gospel all Abroad, so
that I


the Words of David, (Pfal. xix. 4.) when describing the Course of the celestial Luminaries, and apply them to the Zeal, and in some Measure to the Success, with which the Missionaries of this holy Religion have exerted themselves, affisted by the blessed Spirit of God, and animated by the Hope of that glorious Immortality, to which they have taught others to aspire. Of them may I say, that " verily

their Voice is gone out thro' all the Earth, and their Words to the End of the World :Many distant Nations have already heard these glad Tidings, which God will at length render univer

fal. (Col. i. 6, 23.) 19 But I say, Did not But I may farther say, bath not Israel known, Ifrael know! First, Moses

19 faith, I will provoke you to

or had an Opportunity, not only of knowing that Jealousy by them that are no the Gospel should be preached, but that it should People, and by a foolifh Na- be carried to the Gentiles too ? For first, Moses

faith in that celebrated Song of his, which the
Children in all Generations were to learn. (Deut,
xxxii. 21.) “ I will raise their Jealousy by (those,
who were not a Nation, [and] their Anger with

a foolis People;” which may well be under-
stood as ultimately referring to this great

Scheme. 20 But Efaias is very And Isaiah hath the Boldness to say, in a Context, 20 bold, and faith, I was found of them that fought me

where so many Things evidently refer to the Gofnot; I was madle manifest pel, (Isai. lxv. 1, 2.) I was found of them, that unto them that asked not

fought me not; I was made manifest to them, that
inquired not for me, nor discovered


Concern s to be informed of my Nature, or my Will;" 2.1 But to Israel he faith, Whereas, inviduous as he knew it would be to a 21 ed forth my Hands unto a Nation so impatient of Rebuke, with Relation to disobedient and gainsaying Israel be faith, in the very next Verse, " All the

Day long have I stretched out mine Haads, in the “ most importunate and affectionate Addresses, to a disobedient and gainsaying Peoplewho are continually objecting and cavilling; whom no

« Persuasion

tion I will anges you.

after me.


Sect. 23.

134 Reflections on the Preaching, and Spread; of ebeGoppel.

“ Persuasion can win to regard their own Hap

piness, so as to be willing to admit the Evi.
Rom. X. 21. o dence of Truth, and the Counsels of Wif-

“ dom.” It appears then on the whole, that since
the Prophets so plainly foretold, that the Gentiles
should be called, and the Jews rejected, it is
no Way unbecoming my Character, as a Messen-
ger from God, and a Friend to the Jewish Na-
tion to assert the same, and to act upon


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I M P R O V E M E N T.

Ver. 14.

Ver. 15.

Ver. 18.


LESSED be God for the preaching of the Gospel, so absolutely

necessary to that Faith, without which we can have no well grounded Hope of Salvation. Blessed be God therefore for the Mision of his Ministers, and for his abundant Goodness, in sending them to us Sinners of the Gentiles. Let us give them a respectful and attentive Hearing, and say, bow beautiful upon the Mountains are the Feet of those, that preach Salvation, and puðlick Peace! And let us take great Care, that we do not only speak respectfully of their Doctrine, but that we comply with the Purposes of their Embassy.

It is Matter of continual Joy to reflect, not only that God hath afforded to all Men such Means of attaining Divine Knowledge, by the Intimations of it, which he hath given in the Constitutions of the Heavenly Bodies, and in the whole Frame of visible Nature; but also, that he hath sent the express Messages of Grace to so many Millions, in the extensive Publication of his Gospel. Let us rejoice in the Spread it hath already had, and let us earnestly and daily pray, that the Voice of those Divine Messengers, that proclaim it, may go forth unto all the Earth, and their Words reach in a literal Sense to the remotest Ends of our habitable World. Let us pray, that wherever the Word of God hath a free Course, it may

be more abundantly glorified; and that its Ministers may not have to Ver. 16, 21. much Reason to say, who hath believed our Report? and to complain of

stretching out their Hands all the Day long to a disobedient and gainsaying People. Exert, Oh Lord God, thine almighty Arm, make it bare in the sight of all the Nations. Shed abroad thy saving Influences on the

Hearts of Multitudes, that they may believe, and turn unto the Lord ! Ver. 20.

May the great Saviour of his Israel be found of those that seek bim not, and by the surprizing Condescensions of his Grace, may he manifest himself to those, that do not inquire after him. And may his ancient Penple not only be provoked to Anger, but awakened to Emulation too; and put in their Claim for those Blessings, which God has by his Son vouchsafed to offer to all the Gentiles.


Ver. 19.

3. Yet GOD bäth not utterly forsaken bis People Israel ;


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The Apostle Jews, that tho' the Reje&tion of Israel be for the

present general, according to their own Prophecies, and attended with astonishing Blindness and Obstinacy, yet it is not total; there being fill a Number of happy Believers among them. Rom. XI. 13---10.

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Say then, Hath God cast
away his People? God

E have seen, my Brethren, how the Per- Sect. 24. forbid. For I am also an

verseness of the Jews, and the Calling
Israelite, of the Seed of of the Gentiles, hath been foretold; but do į Rom. XI. 1.
Abraham, of the Tribe of say then, that GOD bath intirely rejected his whole

People, so as to have Mercy on none of them?
GOD forbid! I should then pronounce a Sen-
tence of Reprobation upon myself; for I also am
an Israelite, as it is well known; I am of the
Seed of Abraham, and can trace my Genealogy,

and Thew particularly, that I am [of] the Tribe
2 God hath not cast of Benjamin. No, blessed be his Name, GOD 2
away his people which he hath not reje&ted those of his people, whom he fore-
what the Scripture faith of knew; but hath still

, as in the most degenerate Elias ? How he maketh In- Ages, a Seed, whom he hath chosen to Faith terceffion to God against and Salvation. Know ye not what the Scripture

faith to this. Purpose, in the Story of Elijah?

(Compare i Kings xix. 14.) when he pleads 3 Lord, they have killed with GOD against Ifrael, saying,

Lord, 3 thy Prophets, and digged "r down thine Altars; and I

they have cruelly fläin all thy faithful Prophets, am left alone, and they seek

and they have digged up the very Foundations
“ of thine Altars (a), and. I am left alone, after
“ the Slaughter of all thine other Servants; and

they seek my Life too, and send Murtherers in
“ Pursuit of me from Place to Place, that there
may not be one Worshipper of Jehovah left

" in

Ifrael, saying,

my Life.

(a) Digged up thine Altars.] It seems from hence, that, tho' according to the Law there was only one Altar for Sacrifice, and that in the Place, where God had fixed his peculiar Residence ; yet by some special Dispensation, pious Persons in the

Ten Tribes built Altars elsewhere. 'Tis well known, at least, that Samuel, end Elijah, had done it, and perhaps, they were either kept up, or others raised on the same Spots of Ground.

(b) The


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