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We should receive one another, as he hath received us ; 181 Sciptures might have the Scriptures, that is, by the strenuous Exercise Sect. 32. Hope.

of that Patience, which the Consolations admi-
nistered in Scripture, so powerfully support, might Rom. XV.4.
have an assured and joyful Hope in the midst of

of all our Tribulation. 5 Now the God of Pa Now


the GOD of Patience and Consolation, tience and Consolation grant from whom all this gracious and seasonable Pro: towards another, according visions proceed, give you more of this blessed to Jesus Chrift.

Temper; that ye may have the same mutual Af

fection, according to the Example of Jesus
6 That ye may with one Christ (6); That with one Mind [and jone Month, 6
Mind and one Mouth glori- with united Hearts and Voices, ye may glorify the
fy God, even the Father GOD and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

hath sent his beloved Son into the World, to unite
our Hearts in Love to each other, and to tune

them to those devout Praises which we address 7 Wherefore receive ye to his blessed Self thro' him.

Therefore, whe

one another, as Christ also ther ye were before your Conversion to Christi-
received us, to the Glory of

anity Jews or Gentiles, considering it now as an
endearing Bond, which causes every Difference
to be forgot, receive ye one another, and embrace
one another, with mutual Love; as Christ hath.
without any Distinction received us all, to the
Glory of GOD. And greatly will that sublime
End, at which he aimed in all, even the Glory
of his Heavenly Father, be promoted, by such
endeared Affection in his people towards each

8 Now I say, that Jesus Now I say this, with peculiar Regard to those 8
Chrift was a Minister of the Differences in Jndgment, which, I know, are so

ready to prevail among Christians of different
Educations, as to the Obligations of the Mosaick
Law. And I would remind you Gentiles, that
you ought not to suffer your Hearts to be alienat-
ed from your Jewish Brethren, for their Attach-
ment: to it; because Jesus Christ was (made] a
Minister of the Circumcision; as he was a Jew by
Birth, he received Circumcision himself, in Tok-
en of his Obligation to observe the Law; and


(6) The same mutual Affection, according to the Example of Jesus Chrif.] Raphelius has evidently shewn, that avlo opoveiv, signifies to agree in an harmonicus and affectionate Manner, and that the Preposition rele, may be rendered according to the Example of. Compare Gah iv. 28. 1 Pet. 1. 15. Eph

. iv. 24. See Raphel. Annot. ex Herod. in Loc.

(I will

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9 tion.

182 And Jews and Gentiles should glorify GOD together. Sect. 32: confined his personal Ministry, according to what Circumcifion, for the Truth he himself declared concerning the Limitation of of God, to confirm the

Promises made unto the FaRom..XV.8. his Embassy (Mat. xv. 24.) to the loft Sheep of thers :

the House of Israel. And this was for the Il-
lustration of the Truth and Fidelity of GOD,
«confirm and verify the Promises so long lince (made]
to Abraham, and the other Fathers of that Na-

And I would remind Jewish Believers, 9 And that the Gentiles
that he also came that he might gather together might glorify God for his
all the Children of God scattered abroad among For this Cause I will confess
the Gentiles, that they might glorify GOD for to thee among the Gentiles,
[his) Mercy, in granting them a Participation of and fing unto thy Name, .
the same Priviledges; and gave it in Charge to
his Apostles, that they should raise Disciples to
him among all Nations, (Mat. xxviii. 19.) So
that it is a Failure of Love and Duty to Christ,
not to receive them. And accordingly the Gen-
tiles are often spoken of in the Old Testament, as
called to join with the Jews, in worshipping the
God of Israel : As it is written, (Psal. xviii. 49.)
For this Cause will I confess to thee

Gentiles, and fing Praises unto thy_Name (c).” 10 And again be, that is, Moses faith, (Deut. xxxii. 10 And again he faith,

Rejoice ye Gentiles with his people;" Rejoice, ye Gen-iles, with which


intimrte their being called to particiII pate the Blessings once peculiar to Israel. And

II And again, Praise the again, David faith, (Psal. cxvii. 1.) Praise the Lord, all ye Gentiles, and Lord, all ye distant Nations, and repeat his Praise, laud him, áll ye People. all ye People.Now surely this glorious Priviledge of an Admitsion into the Church, may jusly engage the Gentile Nations to praise God, in fublimer Strains, than any other Occasion, .to which we can suppose either Moses or


among the


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his people.

(c) I will confess to thee, &c.] Diodati, and many others, suppose this to be only an Aliusion to the Words of David in the Place referred to Mr. Pierce has taken great Pains to prove, that the whole xviiith Psalm is a direct Prophecy of Christ, who is, according to his Interpretation, to be considered as speaking throughout the whole of it. In which View he would render the Title, “ The Song which David fang when God delivered him “ from the Hand of Sheol, (instead of Saul,) that is, the Grave." But I cannot think his Reasoning conclusive, and the 23d Verse of that Pfalm seems an invincible Objection against this Solution. I have taken a middle Way, which I hope the attentive Reader will see Reason to approve. Compare Chap. ii. 24. where the fame Method of quoting seems evidently to be taken.

(d) San&tified



Gentiles trust.

The Apostle prays, that the Romans' might abound in Hope.

12. And again Esaias refer. And again Isaiah Jays, expressly in Sect. 23. faith, There Thall be

a this View, (Isai. xi. 10.) Ibere fali be a Rot Root of Yee, and he that shall rise to reign over the

from the

Stock of Jelle," and one arising to rule Rom. XV. Gentiles ; in him shall the cver the Gentiles, [and] in bim shall the Gentiles

hope and trust; not dreading Destruction, but

chearfully expecting Protection and Salvation " from thence. It is evident therefore, how unreasonable it would be to despise thein, and how fit it is affectionately to receive, esteem, and

embrace them. 13 Now theGov of Hope

I am willing therefore, to persuade myself, 13 fill you with all Joy and Peace in believing, that ye

that this mutually candid Temper will prevail may abound in Hope thro' among you, and in the Confidence of it, I comthe Power of the Holy mend you all, without any Distinction, to the Ghost.

Divine Grace and Blessing. And accordingly,
may the GOD of Hope, from whose Mercy all
the Hopes both of Jews and Gentiles are derived,
fill you with all sacred Joy and Peace in Believing.
May he give you a well-grounded Complacency
and Comfort, in Consequence of the growing
Strength of your Faith, that you may abound in a
more chearful and lively Hope of eternal Glory,
thro the Power of the Holy Spirit, confirming all
those Habits of Grace which you experience, as

planted and rooted in your Souls by his Agency.
14. And I myself And chearfully do I expect this, when I reflect on 14
persuaded of you, my Bre- what he has already done; for I am indeed my-
Goodness, filled with all self persuaded concerning you, ny. Brethren, that
Knowledge, able also to ye are already full of Goodness, and of unfeigned
admonish one another.

Benevolence to each other, being filled, through
these illuminating Influences which you have re-
ceived with all spiritual Knowledge, and to well -
acquainted with the whole Nature and Genius of
the Christian Religion, as to be both able and in-
clined to admonish and encourage one another, as
to this meek and peaceful Disposition, which
I have been recommending, and every other

Part of an amiable and valuable Character.
15 NeverthelessBre. Nevertheless, Brethren, I have written the more 15

thren, I have written the boldly to you, and enlarged with the greater Free-
more boldly unto you, in dom, in this Part of my Epistle, on the Privi-
fome Sort; as putting you

in ledge to which God hath called Gentile. Believ-
ers, in some Measure as stirring up your grate-



184 Reflections on Christian Forbearance, and Self-denial." Sect. 32. ful and pious Remembrance of them, because of in Mind, because of the

Grace that is given to me that great Grace and Favour which is given to

of God, Rom. XV.

me of GOD; Even that I should be the mi 16 That I should be the nistring Servant of Jesus Chrif unto the Gentiles, Minister of Jesus Christ to administring to them in his Name, and by bís the Gentiles, miniftring the Authority, the infinitely valuable Gospel of GOD: Offering up of the Gentiles That the Offering the Gentiles to him, as a holy might be acceptable, being Sacrifice, by my Hands, may be acceptable to sanctified by the Holy Gholt. GOD, being fanétified and set apart by the Holy

Spirit, so plentifully communicated to them in a :17 rich Variety of Gifts and of Graces (d). I have 17 I have therefore therefore, in this Respect, considerable Matter of Jefus Christ, in those Things

glory boasting in Christ Jesus, with Respect to the Things which

pertain to God. of GOD (e), and the Office which I bear in his Church; which I esteem far more honourable than any Services of the Jewish State or Priesthood.



Ver. 1.

Ver. 2.


AY the abundant Communication of the Spirit, that is in Jesus

Chrift, form us more to the amiable Temper here recommended! That we may prove the distinguished Strength of our Minds, by the superior Fòrtitude with which we bear the Infirmities of our weaker Brea thren, and seek the noble Pleasure of pleasing our Neighbours for their Good, and to their Edification. Let the generous Self-denial of our great Lord be in this View ever before our Eyes; and let us endeavour to feel the Reproaches which are cast upon GOD, much more sensibly, than those which immediately fall upon ourselves.

Happy are we in the Scriptures, which thro’ Divine Providence and Grace have been written for our Instruction. May they inspire us with Patience and Consolation, and establish our Souls in humble Hope ! May

Ver. 3.



(d) Sanctified by the Holy Spirit, &c.] To explain this of the miraculous Descent of the Holy Spirit, supposed to have happened at Antioch in Pisidia, on Converts, who might be called the Firsi-fruits of the idolatrous Gentiles, Aets xiii. 52. which is the Interpretation advanced by the Author of Miscell

. Sacra (Vol. i. pag. 112.) and his Followers, is not only a needless Limitation of the more noble and natural Sense here given, but in my Judgment, for Reasons in Part given in my Notes on the Aets, an Explication which goes upon various Principles, precarious, or rather utterly incredible.

(e) With Respect to the Things of GOD, &C. 1e epos lov tor] Rapheliųs very justly observes, that this Phrase has a peculiar Propriety, when applied to sacerdotal Affairs, and elpecially Victims presented to GOD; of which the Apostle is here speaking. Other Texts are illustrated by this Remark, and particularly, Heb. ii. 17. See Raphel. Not. ex Xen. in Loca.



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The Apostle would not boast of what Christbad

not wrought by bim; our Hearts be cemented in the Bond of mutual Love, that with one Mind Sect. 32. and one Mouth we may glorify GOD, and receive each other, with an En-m dearment like that, with which, if we are true Believers, notwithstand- Ver.5,6,7. ing our smaller Differences, we are received by him.

Mercy is communicated by Christ to Jews and Gentiles, who there- Ver. 8,-12. fore are justly required to unite their Praises to the Root of Jesse. Let us all trust under the Shadow of this pleasant Plant, and may we be filled with all Joy and Peace in believing. What can furnish out fo calm a Peace, Ver. 13. so sublime a Joy, as the Christian Hope? May we all abound in it by the Power of the Holy Ghoft. And surely, if we are filled with such Joy and Hope, we must be filled with all Goodness too, with a truly benevo- Ver. 14. lent Temper towards others, which a Sense of our own Happiness tends most powerfully to promote. We Gentiles have been presented to GOD Ver. 16. as a holy Offering : May we be sanctified more and more by his Spirit ; and established in a firm Confidence in Christ, that he will transact all our Concerns with God, under the Character of the great Mediator : Esteeming that the most happy and glorious Circumstance in the Station, Ver. 17. which Providence may have assigned to us, which gives us the greatest Opportunity of spreading the Honour of fo dear a Name, and of presenting Praises and Services to God through him.

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The Apostle takes Occasion from what he had been saying, to

mention the Extent of his own Labours, and bis Purposes of further Journies, in which he hoped to visit the Romans; in the mean Time, earnestly recommending himself to their Prayers. Rom. XV. 18, to the End.


ROMANS XV. 18. OR I will not dare to

HAVE hinted above at the Cause I have to Sect. 33. speak of any of those Things, which Christ hath rejoice and boast in Christ, as to what relates

Rom. XV. the Gentiles obedient by For I will not dare to boast falsely, nor even speak not wrought by me, to make to God, and the Office of my Christian Ministry.

18. Word and Deed,

any Thing, of what Christ bath not indeed wrought
by me, to bring the Gentiles into Obedience. No;
Ġod forbid ! that I should either exceed the

Bounds of Truth, in making the Report, or ar-



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