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Página 16 - too often quote the rugged insistence of Carlyle: " Produce ! Produce! Were it but the pitifullest infinitesimal fraction of a product, produce it in God's name! 'Tis the utmost thou hast in thee: out with it, then.
Página 17 - IMMEDIATELY on the receipt of a cable announcing the first successful descent of the Barton bathysphere I cabled to Director Beebe for a brief official report to be published in SCIENCE. This is the thirteenth expedition of the Department of Tropical Research of the New York Zoological Society under the direction of William Beebe. It is the fifth year of
Página 25 - We cannot see how the differentiation into species came about. Variations of many kinds, .often considerable, we daily witness, but no origin of species. . . . That particular and essential bit of the theory of evolution which is concerned with the origin and nature of species remains utterly mysterious.
Página 13 - by this that I am altogether on your side, an insurgent in education, altogether against most of my profession, altogether in sympathy with the over-fed student, and altogether against the prevailing system of overfeeding, which stuffs, crams, pours in, spoon-feeds, and as a sort of deathbed repentance institutes creative work after graduation. There is

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