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CHE differences between the Ruff. stances arise, and by that means con.

an court and the King of Den- ceal his designs till the moment of mark, which, all advices agree, had their execution. On the 6th instant been on the point of being amicably the Prussian army assembled in the determined, begin again to operate in neighbourhood of Breslau, and about an hostile manner. The court of Coper. the same time the grand Außrian army hagen continues its military prepara. encamped at a little dittance from tions with greater assiduity and vigour

Schweidnitz; the troops under Gen, than ever ; while, on the other hand, Lasey took post oppofite to Neiss; and

the Ruffians are advancing towards the those under Gen, Beck occupied the · territories of Holfein in great numbers,

bills near Buntzlau. It is generally The new Czar, however, continues believed, that the Marshal will open stedfast in his resolutions to support the campaign with the fiege of Neifs the interests of the King of Prullia ; or of Glogau, the former, the most conand, it is even affirmed, that the two. siderable fortress in Silefie, the latter monarchs are employed in concerting of importance to cut off the King's a plan, that will render the troops of communication with the Marche of Great Britain unnecessary for the de. Brandenbourgb. fence of the Proteftant interest in Every thing indicates a bloody cam 'Germany,

paign in Silefia. New fortifications are Letters from Conftantinople advise that adding at Brepau, and redoubt upon the son of the Grand Seignior has been redoubt is building round the town. poisoned. It has been notify'd, say

The Prince of Bevern is to command the French writers, to the ministers of under the King; and Gen. Werner a Rufia, England, and Pruha, that the separate body to harrass the enemy air of Confantinople, is bad for their as occafion all require. healths, intimating thereby that the On the side of wApbalia the camFreneb party having gained the ascen- paign was opened on the gth instant dant, the others were forbidden the by the hereditary Prince of Brunswick, court.

who being determined to raise con, It is confirmed from all quarters, tributions on the Dutchy of Berg, that the armies of the Belligerent marched with a body of 7000 troops, powers, have every where taken the a hundred miles in two days, and field. That of Prince Henry has opened appeared before Elberfeldt when he was the campaign in Saxony, by crosling the leait expected. The corps of Conflans Mulda, Surprizing the left wing of the and the other French troops that were Auftrians, and making Gen. Zetwitz, there, retreated with precipitation, tho' with 12 other officers, and 1500 men not without loss. From Elberfeldt his prisoners. His Royal Highness is pur- serene Highness advanced to Sclinguen, luing his march to Freybourg, from and from thence, having fulfilled the whence the army of the Empire is re- .object he had in view, by taking hof. tiring with precipitation. This ar- tages for the payment of the contri, my, from the change that has lately. butions, he instantly retired. Duffelhappened in the political system of dorp is the capital of this Dutchy, by Germany, is on the brink of diffolution; which the reader may judge of its the circles who have supported it, the situation. ing nothing to fear from the court of On this movement the Prince of Vienna, give themselves little concern Cande affem bled such troops as were about levying the Roman months that nearest at hand, and marched to Med. are lo necessary for its subsiitance; and man; but on advice of the hereditary heing in no capacity to command con- Prince's retreat, he fent back the tributions from the enemy, the want of troops to their respective garrisons, money will necessarily produce a gene- Since this exploit, orders have been ral defection, and that defection an sent to the French Generals to begin entire separation.

their operations with the utmost viIn Silepa the whole Auftrian force gour. The army in Hesse is to endea, seems to be employed. The court of your to get poffeffion of the Dutchies Vienna, intent upon recovering that of Brunssuick and Wolfenbuttel, whilft territory, has given M. Dann full the army on the lower Rhine makes Powers to act againft the King of the utmost efforts to dislodge the allies Prulia without reftraint, that he may from Westphalia. On the other hand, be more upon an equality with his aps of the allies are every majefty, who being liable to no con,

tion a bloody engagetroul, can vary his plan as circum.

ted, that in all proba



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FOREIGN HISTORY. bility will determine the fate of the cam- the last tile fall from his palace, and spill the paign. The Marshals d'Etrees aud Soubize, laft drop of his subjects blood in its defence. command in Helle, and the Prince of Conde on After this declaration, To resolute on both the Lower Rbine. The Count d'Affrey, late fides, the ministers of France and Spain at the ambaffader at the Hague, who is to command court of Lisbon; demanded the neceffary passunder the latter, is already set out for that ports for quitting the kingdors, and retiring Prince's army.

home, which were immediately granted. No War between Spainand Portugal is no longer hoftilities, however, have as yet been comdoubted, after the declarations of their Catho. mitted, but the English troops are already emlic and most Chriftian majesties, that they will barked from Belleijl, for the pro:ection of the attempt the entry of Spanish troops into Por- Portuguese, whole army is confessedly in a very sugal, with as much intlexibility as his most feeble condition. It confits of about 45,000 Faithful majesty discovered, when he beroical- men, who, when joined by the Englijb, will ly declares, that rather than abandon his domi- be more than a match for the troops of nions to the metty of his enemies, he will see Spain.

Historical Chronicle, May 1762.


FRIDAY, April 9.

OUNT Brubl's two fons arrived at Petersburgh with the K. of Poland's

complements of congraC

tulation to the new Emperor.- Count Bruhl is the minifter whose intrieguis embroiled Germany in the

present war. (See Vol. Ixvi, p. 517.)

The anrient electoral palace of Bavaria, in which Duke Clement of Bavaria, and his cont have resided for some time past, was burnt to the ground, with a great magazine, and most of the valuable furniture,

MONDAY 26. A court-martial having been held at Read. ing on Lieut. Col. Dodil, of the Berkshire militia, on the complaint of Wm Mackwortb Prad, Esq; Capt. in the same corps, for unfodierlike bebaviour, and endeavouring io impede bim in bis fuceffion 10 ibe majority in ibe laid regimni, his majesty was this day pleased to confirm the fentence of the said Court-Martial, which was, “That the said Court-Mar

cial, upon due confideration of the whole " matter before them, is of opinion, that • Lieut. Col. Dodd is not guilty of the charge

exhibited against him, or any part thereof, • and therefore the court doth acquit him with honour.'

Some gentlemen and ladies at Bath going out on a party of pleasure, one of them, the daughter of Col. Pierce, in palling a little wooden bridge, feil into the water and was drowned, notwith ftanding all possible care was taken to save her life. It is supposed he died of the fright, for the was immediately taken up, and it could not be perceived that she had taken in any quantity of water to occasion her death.

The old podike, the defenlive bank to the country of Marfland, in Norfolk, against foreign waters, was cut thro' by persons unknown, whereby the country was exposed to inundation.

TUESDAY 27, Resolved, by the House of Commons in Ire. land, That the suggestions confidently propabared, that the beads of a bill for limiting ive

((Gent. Mag. May 1762.,'

duration of Parliaments, and ascertaining the qualifications of members to serve in parliament, if they had returned from England, would have been rejected by this House, tho' in no wife materially altered, are without foundation.

At the anniversary meeting of the gover. nors of the Middiesex-Hefpital, the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Norítumberland president, the collection amounted to 400 l. and the additional subscriptions to 70 l. a year.

WEDNESDAY 28. The port of London was opened for the free importation of foreign oats.

A perion who keeps an intelligence office was committed to prison for seducing Elizabeth Wibb, a young woman who applied to him for a place, and shipping her for America, with other aggravating circumstances.

THURSDAY 29 Mr Peyto”, dry-fishmonger, opposite the water-house, London Bridge, received by the Chefer stage-coach a parcel, carriage paid ; this, when opened, appeared to contain a gold watch, in a thagreen care, with a gold chain, and a red cornelian seal set in gold, which had been given to his wife, by her father, and had beon lot between 8 and 9 years ago from her bed-fde. Immediately after the losing it, Mr Peyton made use of all the common methods of endeavouring to recover it, (by advertisemerts, hand-bills, &c.) but to no purpose ; till at length, he had it in this manner most unexpectedly restored to him very fafe, and without seeming to have met with any injury during the whole time it was mifling.

FRIDAY 30. A report began to be current that the court of France was medicating a descent upon some part of the dominions of Great Britain, and the riots in Ireland gave colour to this report, which, however, was believed only by the dilaficēted.

SATURDAY May 1. The riots and disturbances lately rais'd in the southein parts of Ireland by a set of people called Levellers, are entirely put a ftop to by the vigilance and activity of the Earl of Halifax. It appears, that the authors of these disturbances have confifted, indiscriminately, of perfons of different persuasions, and that




238 The GENTLEMAN's MAGAZINE, Vol. XXXII. no marks of disaffection to his majesty's per- Isaac Tbomas was committed to prison for fon or government have been discovered, upon putting a child into the Dover waggon with this occafion in any class of people. Gaz. an intent to get rid of it. (See p. 192.) A female infant dropt in St James's palace,

THURSDAY 6. was ordered, by his majesty, to have a nurse Was held the anniversary meeting of the provided for it, and to be baptized by the names Sons of the clergy, when the colle&tion at St of Georgina Charlotta Sopbia, three ladies of Paul's amounted to 150l. 15. ed. and at the cout, and a lord of the bed-chamber A Mercbant Taylor's Hall to 490 1. i s. which, ftanding sponsors.- About 15 years ago a boy with the money collected at the Rehearsal, and a girl were dropt in the palace, the prin- make the sum iola! 801 l. 155. 9 d. Less by celles Amelia and Caroline took the girl, and 300 1. than the collection of last year. Samson the Duke of Cumberland the boy. The boy Gideon, Esq; added his donation of 1col.... soon died, but the girl is living, and the Prin- Lajmen bolding rytbes fiould contribute largely to cess Caroline left her a legacy.

Ibis charity; A farmer near Alcon, in Hampshire, is said Jane Sibson was committed to New Prison to have recovered a little boy from the gyphies B on a violent fufpicion of murdering her husthat he had lost two years; but this story is band by poison. Mr Sibjon married this wotold in fo romantic a manner, that we doult man in Amerira, from whence he was lately the truth of it, and Mould be glad of better arriv'd, and at the time of his duath lcdged information.

at the mother's, at Longford. Her excesive By an express from Maj. Gen. Monckton, concern on this occafion gave the first fufpicithe government received advice of the reduc- on. She would poifon terself, and be buried wirb tion of the island of Granada, with its depen- bim, the faid, or bave bis bears in keep ; on dencies, to his majesty's obedience; with o her searching her room fomne arsenic was found,

с ilands in the West Indies. See tbe originai let- and on opening the body there appeared all the ters; p. 207,

symptoms of ihe man's having been poison’d, SUNDAY 2.

Corrofive sublimate was found concealed in About four in the afternoon there fell a her band-box, as it afterwards appeared upon Thower of hail stones in and about Ealing in

her examination. Middlesex that measured upwards of an inch

SUNDAY 9. sound. It was accompanied with dreadful TheRt. Hon. Gen. Tesunshend, his lady thunder and lightning, and all the bloomeie las D for Portugal, where he is to command the

and family, set out for Portsmouth to embark beat off from many fruit trees by the weight of the hail- stones.

British forces. At Amerjham, and many miles round it,

MONDAY 10. 'there fell the greatest ferm of thunder, light- Jibn Smith and Robert Mayne, lately conning, and rain ever known there. It began demned for running away with the Kingabout twelve at noon, and lasted till half after George privateer, wounding Capt. Reid, and

five; the claps of thunder were fo loud, that confining the rest of the others, (lue p. 75.) the inhabitants expected their houses in be were executed at Execution-Dock. They were thiver'd. Mr Ware, a plumber of that town,


both and catholics. took shelter under a large tree on Amersham A monument erected to the memory of common, where he and his horse were both James Thomson, author of the Seasons, &c. struck dead by the lightening; the top of the was this day open'd in Westminster-Abbey. tree was tent in two. The danger of taking It is situated between Shakespeare's and Rowe's. shelter order trees has been demonstrated in There is a figure of Mr Tbomfen sitting, who this Magazine on the principles of electricity. leans his left arm upon a pedeítal, and holds ( See Vol. xxii, p. 237.) it is remarkable, a book with the cap of Liberty in his other that westward, about 20 miles, the thunder F hand. Upon the pedestal is carved a bas-rewas not heard, nor the lightening seen on that lief of the Seafons, to which a boy points, day, though it rained incessantly, so as to offering himn a laurel crown as the reward of Taile the waters in the suon, and other rivers. his genius. At the feet of the figure is a traMONDAY 3:

gic inask and antient harp. The whole is Was held at Vintner's-Ilall the anniversary lupported by a projecting pedestal; and in feast of the ancient and honourable society of a pannel is the following infcription : free and accepted masons, when the Rt. Hon.

JAMES THOMSON, E. Ferrers was chosen grand maker for the G

Æiatis 48, Obiit 27 Aug. 1748. year ensuing. The Aol's and Brilli: arrived at Plymouth

Tutor'd by thee, sweet Poetry exalts from a gruize, having brought in ihe Mignion

Her voice to ages; and informs the page privateer belonging to Bayonne, of 8 guns, and

With music, image, sentinent, & thoughts,

Never to die ! 63 men. They also retook a cogger from Carolina, bound to Pool; taken by the said pri

This monument was erected 1762.

A stocking-maker near Nottingham having TUESDAY 4.

brought home a Join of veal, delired his wife The collation at the rehearfal of the mu- H to drets it by twelve o'clock; but not coming fic perforincd before the sons of the clergy, a. home at the time, the wife, being ill, mat it mounted to 611. 135

by. When he came home about four, he His Excellency the E. of Hailifax, Lord brought some beef-stakes for his own dinner, Luitenant of Irelard, arrived at his house in and desired they might be fried; on caring Dalring-triet, that kingdom.

ibcm, he was luddenly taken ill, and lgin,



239 told, that the fakes were fried in the drip- A number of these French prisoners who ping of the veal, Tben, said he, I'm a dead had broke out of the prisons, boarded a loop, man; and after confessing that he had rubb'd cut her cables, and hoisted her fails ; but it a large quantity of artenic into the veal to being a bar-harbour, and they not acquainted poison his wite, he intantly expir'd. The with it, run her ashore upon a flat, by which veal was examined by a surgeon, who pro- the Noop was saved. What became of the nounced, ihat it would have poison d an hun- Frenchmen is not known. dred persons it so many persons had eat of it.



Being her majefty's birth day, who then The transports, with the troops on board eniered into the 19th year of her age, there for Per:ugal, failed through the Needles under was a grand court to complement their ma. convoy of four men of war.

jeities on that occafion. One of the sherift 's officers serving a war

MONDAY 17. rant upon a man who kept a house of ill fame The transports with troops, provisions, and in F.ect-lane, was allaulted by the fellow, who, ftores for Germany, failed for Bremen with a with a knife, cut his nose off close to his B fair wind. The Marquis of Granby and Gen. face, and then made his escape. The same Waldgrave took their leave of his majesty. fellow wounded the City-Marihal last Baribo

WEDNESDAY 19. tumew-fair.

Came on at Guildball a tryal, in which a Capt. Knigbt, of the Liverpool, brought to captain of a trading ship was plaintiff, and a Cok the Grand Aimrai, a trenib privateer

lieutenant of a man of war detendant. Th: fnow, of 10 guns, and 8; men, which he act.on was laid for 500l. by the plaintiff, for took the 14th of last month off Mizenbead: impressing him out of his own thip, knowing The privateer had been out from Bayonne 43 c him to be the captain, and confining him 48 days, and taken no:hing.

hours on board a tender. The iryal lastia Capt. Gribam, on the A'dbrough, tonk the near an hour, when the jury gave a verdici fur Neuftra Senora de la Piedad, alias Gcordrira, the paintiit, with 200 1. damages. a Spaniji privateer scharner of 8 guns, wnd 65 T. e fociety <faits and sciences have granmen: And re-cook the Braynion, of Wbicebas ted a further aid of 15601. to Capt. Ploks, 10 ven, from Carolina, which had been taken by enabiu him to carry on the schoose tor fupthe above-mention'd privateer.

piying this metropolis with fish by land cusThe Pbænix arrived in Bujque Road, with nage. the Duke de Fronsac armed ihuj, taken by the D At the fucie y of ar's, were fr duced fore Mermaid on the grh. There was on board her specimens of a new invention for Ue ladi s, a company of the regiment of Bigore's grena- viz. painted gavuse. It is done with such ex. diers, and one of Angoumois, bound for Loni- actnets, az to imitate all the various kitches fiana : This thip, with about fix others, (ene of which Dresden work is composed ; and at of which of 250 tons was taken at the lame the fame time, with such ingenuity, as fir to time, and is ince arrived) lailed froin Bour- surpais to the eye, the fine.t performance wih deux on the 7th. The Pbærix leit the Mer- the needle. The specimens confified of a cap, maid in close pursuit of a third.

E made up of a red lik caul, one piece 1:39 d The Royal William has also taken and car- and glazed, and a piece for a long 17:01. The ried into Bajque Road a Spanish pacquet-boat ingenious invenucis values the ap'on at two of 180 tons, 14 gans, and 59 men, bound guineas, which was declared, by lume judges from St Sebaftiun with irun and Hower; and there, to be worth, is of rigtit Drejiei, fitiy two French privateers belonging to Rocbelle, pounds. one called le Baillen, of 14 guns and 160 men,

FRIDAY 21. and the other la Mirx, of 10 guns and oS inen. At a meeting of the fociety of polite Arts Gaz.

F the premium vt 50 guineas vias given to Mr The son of Mr Lyrch, an eminent linnen- Joseph Nellekens, pupil of Mr Sokcemaker, for draper in 1, Dublin, was found bar- a marble bass-rchet, the subject Tioclea, baroudly murdered near Ormond Bridge. The conducted before silexando. coroner's inquest sat on the body, and brougho At the same time, a discovery was proviin their verdict Wiiful Murder,

dentially made, that the great team which FRIDAY 14.

Supports the society's room, was broken in About a league from Schevening in Holland, two, and the walls of ihe room and ihe cupola a hih, resembling a while, about il feet long, G considerably damaged, occationed, as supposed, ani thick in proportion, with SS ivory teeth, by the foundation giving way. If the room and three fins, two ndarbe head, and one in had been tuil, the company would probably the middle of the back. It weished about bave been buried in the ruins. 60 wt. It had the cowur and neri me tatte Capt. Harrio», of the l'emais, sent into Ply. of faimon, Wnen taken, it was rociow d by moaib The Mazuci, a Frenib priv. belonging one of its young ones. On pressing its lides, 10 Bayonne, mounting 14 fix and tour pounders, there iflued a kind of milk in great plenty. ar:d 136 men, which he took the ilt inst. oft' It was brought on thyre alive, but died in a


the Lizarit. Gaz. few hours.

A mort dreadul lorm of ihurder and lightA militia-man being on duty over the French ning, struck ett a pari oi ide man post which pril ners at Plymouth, one or them asked him supoor's the wlain unech in the Town Hal

buy his battle of imall beer; he boughe it, accusiford, enitieu the council chamberib: drants it directly, and (weiled as big as three the wa.dows, indt:uck out tever i panza pen. He is a terrible spectacle, and ihought Q: Wainicoti. li catcred a houle on the is coverable.

240 The GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, Vol. XXXII. ride of the hall, and scorched a child; but direct the necesary passports to be furnished, its greater eft it was at the Sun, on the east that cach may immediately retire to bis refide of the hall, where it fpit an caken post spective court. nine inches and a half thick, boke thro' a To which it was answered, that his Most brick wall, greatly shattered the windows, and Faithful Majcity having seen by the first meftruck down a woman, who remained intenti- morial of the 16th of March lait, that it had ble till four in the afternoon, when there been determined between the courts of Paris were some hopes of her recovery.

A and Madrid, without any previous notice to At Riebiord, the loudest clap of thunder his majetty, to make the neutral kingdom of was heard, that the oldeft inhabitant there e- Portugal the theatre of war, had given the never remembered, which threw all the town in ceffury orders in his secretary's office, chat Don the greatest confternation.--At a house be- Josepb Torrero, and M. James 0 Dunne, be hind the Red Lion inn, the ligh:ning Split the furnithed with the usual patsports as soon as chimney from top to bottom"; paned thro' a they please to send for them, and that, in such row of pewter places which food on a thelf, cale, expresies be sent to his ambassador Don and made a hole the bigness of a crown piece B Folejos da Sylva Pecanera, and to his minister in each ; from thence it darted thro' a win- Pedro da Cifta de simceda, with orders to leave dow and thutter into the church-yard, divided the courts of Madrid and Paris, in the same a grave, and then dispersed. One woman was manner as the said ambasador of his Catholic Nightly scorched in the arm.

majesty and minifer plenipotentiary of his The same storm was to violent at Hounslow, Mon Christian najelty do here. Accordingly that the lower paris of the houses were all they took


their patiports the 26th paft, and overflowed by the rain ; and the waters rose the barges being ready for them they set out so high, that the Windfir caravan coming to C the next day.. town, was detained two hours before it could

WEDNESDAY 26. país thro'the town,

The Duke of Nequiftie religned his office Nineteen Frinib prisoners a'tempted to of tirit commifiioner of The treasury, force the windows and gates of Wincbefter

THURSDAY 27, Cufile, but the two reginenis in the burracks, The general atl'embly of the church of Score instantly surrounded the prisoners, wounded land, met al Edir:burgb, when his majesty's thrce, and secured the reft. The whole city high commiftioner, the Ld Caitcart, made a was in an up oar on this occalion.

D grand appearance; and Dr Robert Irail, civi. SATURDAY 22.

niy protefior in the univerlily of Cinsgrow, Their maje: ins lay for the first time at was chofen modera:or. His Grace opened the Buckingh, 10:ė. The court is kepe at Sc allembly with a speech from the throne ; to James's as usual.

which the moderator made a suitable return. From Hamburg, it is written, that fevers His majeliy's moił gracious letter to the arprevailed in such a degree in that city, that sembiy was received and read with all due hs. near 1600 perlins had died within the space of nour and respect. 10 or 1 days; that the laine dilorder had ap- At a general court at Cbrif's Hofpital, the peared at kina : and thai at Siraljurd, so or E treasurer reported his receipt of a legacy of 60 perfons were carried off' by it in a day. 300 l. and of another contingent one of 500

A plan is drawn up for a better provision pagodas, both given out of a fortune of 12011. for all the poor in the several parishes of Great only, by Jekn l'arur, in gratetut return for Britain, by rendtriug luch of ihem, az are able his education in that house, whence he was to work,' ferviseable to the publick, which sent to the Eajt Indies in 1745. wil greatly reduce the present parih rates, Was held a chapter of the garter, when his MONDAY 24,

majesty inverted his R. H. Pri Hillum, with Gen. Cortevaliis set out to: Porifin utb, to F his lace majeily's blue ribbon, and the E, of embark for his government of Gibrar. bue with ihe ribbon of the late Duke of A large quantity of bay and odles

Portiant. shipped at the Terver, for the use of the cavalry

FRIDAY 28, in Germany.

The feflions ended at the Old Bailey, which TUESDAY 25.

proved a maiden one ; nine received sentence A third memorial, presented to the secre- of transportation, thiee to le whipped, and tary of ftate Don Lewis da Cribaby Donym one branded. At this feflions, jane Singin Seph Torrira, his Catholic majesty's ambaila- Gwas tried for the fuppolcd murder of her buio dor, and M. Janues 0 Dunne, tuis inox Chris band, (lee p. 190.) and after a trial of 9 hours, tian riajesty s plen: potentiary on the 231 of honcutably acquitted. The principal eria April was publish'd in the Lord'ın Gazitie, dence against her was committed for perjury, with his Portuguese majeliy's aniver: In this but on giving bail was released. memorial the luid abuliador and under

MONDAY 31. plenipcientiary, declare, thet having lost ail Od Count wrich has not only been rehopes of attaining their ends, einer because efiabiifted in his former dignities by the Czar, the Portugwifi monarch and his moters d, Hrul has also been declared by him Field not perceive ibeir true intereit, or beaute the

Ivarthal of liis troops. common oncos has gained a dejtic muer The news of the advantage gained by Ps. over their understandings, their continue Honey is cuu Tu C, with his being taken the near his Mont Faithtul rusjesty's perion is born froug post wi Freyberg, about tea miles from unnecessary and unbecoming thereutetuey Dreju te beregsh lum, stw kape bu sill be pealed id



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