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EACH DAY's Price of STOCKS in OCTOBER 1762 UBANK; E, India South Sea S. Sea An. 5.Sea An. 3 per Cent. 3perCent.gpercent. 3 4 Bank 3} per C., 4perCent, Olt Long Excbequer Nav.Bills Script. In, Bond: Wind at

Stock, Stock. Stock, old. nicw Consolida India An. Ag.1751. An, 1756. 1758. 1760 Annuities. B. 1762 discount, 1762 præm. DzAL 29

82 aa

93a2 a31) 26

4 5. difc.

7 941a5a4538 254 SW 83a1 go

85a84a3 83 96a94274a261 314



93 * 136 54 a 5$ Shut.

82 282a3

874 193%a93a 26

45 4 5 7


Do S by W 811 8.ja!a81

92a i 25$a



864a86 93a9rast 25 48 a 5

94a3a 558 NNW
79ļa a 79-a804 79! a73

91290 236 Do

924a3a2 Do Do 140 801a oa

85 91;aga 25% a25 Do

93 a92 54 a $2

De 1391 80 80 a 14

791 82 9142924 644 35 a 2

93-4 24 52 a 53


80-81 791
851af 1914a já 92

193aa94 Do NW 140

80 9 180/a/a


Do Eaft 10 Sunday

ENE 801a; 79

55{a} 24%

934a8a 54 a 55


92 agraat 25 Do

94a93 54 55

81280 791 793 821

92 202
Do 8 94af

55 & 54

80 604a;

924a92 25
Do 8 94 293 154 a 55

80a79 771a1

24 af Do 8 94a931a4 55 & 54

88123 791278)


90 ago 24 ad



938a92a|55 a 53 27 Sunday

Do 38

782 78afat

801 24a;

8a84 glag. 50 a 49 Do 77

Par Sat 90a891 49 a. 45

26427423 733274

8021 854a84a7 2425

8$ 884a86a941238 44 SE 78 774794

773 801 88%a901 2413

84 90%a92 144 a 45 SW 107

1791a3a79 7721

831 goa ago 246

924aa91 51 a 52

79 794a81

90 1921

92 a 244 54 a 55






934a2 a 3 $5253a54 WSW 26 103/2109 140 Polaza

9221 25}a 38 a 4 8%

94a4 2941 54 a 55 S S Eat 108 37 140 796-783

5802798 774 881285 101. aa 251

8 Do

93agas 53a55414. BSEaft 79 afa

901aa 2 52243 Do


93a92) 534 51 S Wby W 792781 794a80 771

852844 190 91} 25

38 92-95 sca4453 Norch Bear Key, Balingitoke.


Farnham, Henley. Guildford, Warmintter Devizes. Gloucefter, Crediton. London, Wheat 278 to 37s qu 71 159 load 71 123 load rol oos load 81 os load rol is load 343 to 4% qu 30s to 40 qu1 48 8d. bush. 48 4d buila WI. Pec Loaf 23€ Barley 15 to 18 149 to 16 gr 140 to 179 278 to 199 175 to 19 188 to 20 148 to 17

165 to 19
28 ogd
23 gd

Hop& gl. 45.
Oats 198 6d to azs 168 to 19 od 170 to 19 181 to 203 165 to 18 198 to 16 od 19 to 24

159 to 16 28 to 28 4 18 6d Hay per load, 57. Beana 221 to 238 6d 248 to 25 od ] 243 to 26

365 to 40 24 8 to 26 2.48 TO 30 345 to 40 238 to 30

Coale per cha, 39.

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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S. A




Uthentic narrative of the death

of Mark Anthony Calas; and the execution of his father for his fuppoled murder

509-10-11.12 Dr Lobb's remedy for fevers, coughs, &c. in adult persons

513 Descript. of the King's new coach 514 The Psalmist's remark, in favour of

the righteous and their seed, juftified

515 Vefy, Bishop of Exeter, vindicated ib. -His charities, tho' the church's re

venues, commendable Natural history of Hanmer parish ib. Remark of an eminent Divine on a · verse of Milton

517 -The Messiahship of Jesus sufficiently declared

518 Pleasure arraigned at the bar of Ďbi. losophy

519.20 Dr Nicholls's account of the circum

stances attending the death of his late Majesty

ib. -Appearances on opening the body ib The Doctor's reasoning on it 521

The distension of the aorta, and the buriting of the ventricle of the heart, accounted for

522 A letter to M. Rousseau, author of a new System of Education

523 -His senie of physic and physicians considered

ib. -His inconsistencies exposed

524 Directions for the choice of a phycian

525 The small.pox, when mistaken for an

inflammatory fever, cured by the antiphlogiftic method

ib. Case of a young woman under inocu: lation so cured

ib. -Folly of adding to popular preju. dices

526 Further account of the MSS atiri.

buted to moroosier

The natural division of those MSS ib. -ji, Zend works attributed to Zoroafer himself

ib. a, Pelvic works, being translations of Zend originals

$27 diy, Indian and Perfic versions of Zend originals, with fome later MS comments

ib. Sumınary of these works

ib. ~!!, Vendidad Saite, a folio of sóc

piges, treating of the creation of cities, of Paradise, of the origin of the world, 8c

ib. -Of works agreeable to the govern

ing angel, of moral duties, of dead bodies, of impurities occafioned by death, of the impurities of women, of physic and physicians, of burying the dead, of purification $28

-Of incantation, of prayers for chil

dren or kindred, of the use of dogs in driving away devils, of damnable fins, of the cock the guardian of the

world, of eternal duration &c. 529 -of the mission of Zoroafter, and his preternatural power

530 Account of the periodical papers ib, -Defects in the measures of the late minifter

ib. -Falle reasoning of the Monitor ib. Dialogue by way of illustration -The continent of America and the

Wef India islands commercially compared

i5. -Sources of the present war with France and Spain

532 -Importance of parliaments; parti. cularly the present

533 -Value of the Sugar Inands and Nortb America estimated

ib. -Ballance sent to England from North

America two millions-Ballance remitted to the Ilands froin England, one million

534 -The subject farther illustrated 535 -Strictures on the ministerial con

duct of Mr Pitt The Prince of Wales's motto other. wise explained

ib. State of the land-carriage fishery 337 Monthly account of the charge and

produce of fish Life of Richard Naso continued

539 -Remarkable singularity of his dress and equipage

ib, --His generolity at play

540 -Najb's account of the E O game, and its profits

ib. -Story of Miss Fanny Braddock

541 - Najb's manner of telling a story 5+* -His decline of life, death, and bu. rial

$43 Address to the public, in behalf of

middle aged housholders ib, POETRY. Translation from MONS CATHERINE

544 Stanzas on reading Dr-Stongbouse's

advice to a patient : Delia to Lucio; Verses for a watch

545 -An Epistle to a Friend ; Epitaph;

On the reduction of the Havanna 546 Foreign History. Coronation of the

Czarina ; defeat of the Aufrians 547 - Surrender of Capel.

548 Hiforical Chronicle. Inundation at Nor. wich; Letter to the Lord Mayor of london ; King's Speech; Lords Ad.

dress; Ratifications of Peace 549-50 Lifts of births, Deaths, &c. 551.2 3

Dr Linden's Letter, and fevral obar Pirces, emitted ibis Monik, fhall be inferud is Our next



тн Е

Gentleman's Magazine:

For NOVEMBER 1762.


An autbentic Narrative of the Death of

turn of mind; he therefore became Mark Anthony Calas, and of the

discontented and melancholy, and en. Trial and Execution of his Fatber,

deavoured to diffipate the gloom of John Calas, for the fupposed Murder

his mind by playing at billiards, and of his Son. From the French.

other expenlive pleasures, of which

his father often expressed his disap: OHN CALAS was A probation with some warmth, and a merchant of the once threatened, that if he did not city of Tboulouse ; alter his conduct, he would turn him

where he had been J

out of doors ;' or expressed himself in settled, and lived in words to that effect. The young good repute, forty man's discontent and melancholy stiil years : He married

increased, and he seems to have enan Englisbwoman of B tertained thoughts of putting an end French extraction, her grand-mother to his life, as he was continually le. being of the fainily of Garde-Montef. lecting and reading passages from Pluquieu, and related to the chief noblette tarch, Seneca, Montaigne, and many of Languedoc.

other authors on suicide, and could Calas and his wife were Protestants, say by heart a French trantlation of and bad five sons, whom they edu- the celebrated soliloquy in Hamlet, cated in the same religion : But Lewis, which he frequentiy repeated, with

с one of the sons, some time since be- Some passages from a French Tragycame a Roman Catholic; his father's Comedy, called Sidney, to the same maid-servant, a religious Catholic,

effect. who had lived thirty years in the fa- On the 13th of O&tober 1761, M. mily, having greatly contributed to Gober la Vailé, a young gentleman 2his conversion; but the father was so bout nineteen years of age, the son of far from exprefliog any resentment or La Vaije, a celebrated advocate of ill- will on the occasion, that he settled D Toulouse, having been some time at an annuity upon Lewis, and still kept Bourdeaux, came back to Toulouse to the maid in his family.

see his father ; but finding that his In Oftober 1761, the family seems father was gone to his country: house, to have confitted of the faiher John at fome diitance from the city, he Colas and his wife, one wonan ter- went to several places, endeavouring vant, Mark Anthony Calas the eldelt te hire a horse to carry him thither. fon, and Peter Calas, the second fon. E No horse, however, was to be hired; Marc Anthony had been educated as a and about five o'clock in the evening scholar, with a view to his becoming he was met by John Colas, the father an advocate or counsellor at law; and the eldest son Mark Anthony, who but be was not able to get himself was his friend. Calas, the father, admitted as a licentiate, because he invited him to supper, as he could not mult either have performed fome acts, set out for his father's that night, and which, as a Proteftant, he could not F La Vaisse consented. All three there. have performed; or have purchased tore proceeded to Calas's louse togecertificates, which he either thought ther, and when they came thither, unlawful, or found too expensive : finding that Mrs Calas was still in her He could not follow the businels of a own room, which she bad not quitted merchant, because he was not quali. that day, La Vaille went up to see her. fied for it by his education, nor his After the fisit compliments, he told


510 Narrative of the Death of Mark Anthony Calas. . her, he was to sup with her by her On the ground floor of Calai's husband's invitation ; the expressed house was a thop and a warehouse ; her satisfaction, and a tew minutes the warehouse was divided from the afterwards left him, to give some or- Nop by a pair of folding doors : When ders to her maid: When that was Peter Calas and La Vaile came down done, the went to look for her son An- stairs into the shop, they were exthony, whom she found sitting alone A tremely Shocked to fee Antbony hangin the shop, very penfive; the gave ing in his thirt, from a bar which he him some money, and desired him to had laid acrols the top of the two go and buy some Roquefort cheese, folding doors, having half opened he being always the market. man for them for that purpose. Upon discocheese, as he knew how to buy it good very of this horrid spectacle, they better than any other of the family. shrieked out, and the cry brought She then returned to her guest La down Calas the father, the mother be

B Vaisse, who very soon after went again ing seized with such a terror as kept to the livery-Itable, to see if any horse her trembling in the passage above. was come in, that he might secure it for The unhappy old man rushed forward, the next morning.

and taking the body in his arms, the In a Mort time Anthony returned, bar to which the rope that suspended having bought the cheese, and La him was fattened, flipped off from the Vaille also coming back about the folding doors of the warehouse, and Jame time, the family and their guest c fell down : Having (placed the body fat down to supper in a room up one on the ground, he loosed and took off pair of stairs, the whole company con- the cord, in an agony of grief and an. lifting of Calas the father and luis wife, guith not to be expressed, weeping, Anthony and Peter Calas, the fons, and trembling, and deploring bimself and La Vaile the guest, no other person his child." The two young men, bis being in the house except the maid- second son and La Vaife, who had not fervant, who has been already men- had presence of mind enough to at. tioned.


tempt taking down the body, were It was now about seven o'clock; the standing by, stupid with amazement Supper was not long ; but before it and horror ; in the mean time the was over, or, according to the French mother, hearing the confused cries expression, when they came to the desert, and complaints of her husband, and Anibony left the table, and went into finding 11o-body come to her, found the kitchen, which was on the fame imeans to get down stairs. At the for, as be used to do; the maid E bottom the found La Vaisse, and haftily asked him it he was a cold; he an. and eagerly demanded what was the swered, Quite the contrary; I burn; and matter; this queltion rouzed him in then left her: In the mean time his a moment, and instead of answering friend and the family letc the room her, he urged her to go again up they had fupped in, and went into a Itairs, iv wlich, with much reluctance, bed-chamber: the father and M. La the consented ; but the conflict of her l'eifse sat down together on a sofa ; mind being such as could not be long the younger fon Peter in an elbow. F borne, the sent down the maid, Fan chair, and the mother in another net, to see what was the matter; when chair; and without making any en

the maid discovered what had hap. quiry after Anthony, continued in con- pened, the continued below, either versation together tili between nine because the feared to carry an account and ten o'clock, when La l'aille took of it to her iniftreis, or' because the his leave, and Peter, who had fallen busied herself in doing some good ofadeep, was awaked to atter.d him with fice to her master, who was Itill em

G a light*.

bracing the body of his son, and bath

ing it in bis tears. The mother there. This little narrative contains a picture of domestic life, which must be altogether son, the particular friend of the guest, leaves rew to an English Teader : A merchant who the table, and goes into the kitchen; no enhad bied his eldest son a scholar, in order to quiry was made about him, though the comhave bim called to the bar, sends this son out H pany continued together above two hours af. to buy cheese, having only one servant in the

terwards; they spent their evening in a bedfamily, who, after preparing the supper, secs chamber, having left the eating room with it upon the table at iiven o'clock, and leaves the table ftill covered, as soon as they had fupe the company to wait upon themselves : This

ped : fon Peter goes to sleep, and is not disfuper, however, had what they call à de. turbed till he is wanted to wait upon the gueit let, but before it is over, Anibony, the elder with a light.


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