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599 offered to the public to prevent such acudents, but ed. The Chevalier de Madene loft his right nobody pays any regard to it. :

arm, three of his officers are wounded, and all The agents for the Hermione prize met at the rest killed, the Ship tavern behind the Royal Exchange,

SATURDAY 25, to make a second payment, when each com- Being a high festival, their majesties, prou mon man received 450%.

'ceded by the Heralds. & c. went to the Cbapel FRIDAY 17.

Royal, and with others tbe of the royal fami. A fox was taken up alive in Hanover-square A ly, received the sacrament from the bands of having been pursued for near 20 miles, and the By of London, and afterwards made their fairly hunted down.

offerings at the altar, for the benefit of the Marrba, the wife of Jobn Walker, food on poor, in several purses. The king's is a bye a scaffold erected for that purpose at the High zant, or wedge of gold, value 30l. Cross in Cbeser, with a paper affixed on her

MONDAY 27: breast with these words in large characters. A letter received this day from Portsmouth, This woman is convicted for an attempt to poison says, that many of the French prisoners exprels ber busband.


great dissatisfaction at being ordered home,and MONDAZ 20.

that some who were destined to embark, have A legacy of 800 l. was paid by the execu- actually made their escape. trixes of Mrs Isabella Smitbjon, for the use of

THURSDAY 30. the county hospital at York.

A mail arrived from New York, by which Books of congratulatory verses on the birth there is advice, that Comm. Keppel, by the afof a Prince of Wales, were presented to their fiftance of some privateers, has taken foue majesties by Dr Goddard, vice chancellor of Frenib frigates, and 18 sail of merchantmen, the university of Cambridge, and were most bound from St Dominga for Old France, and all graciously received.


very richly laden. TUESDAY 21, His majesty came with the usual state to In the course of the war we have taken the House of Peers, and gave the royal affent from the French 18 ships of the lines and 36 to the land tax (45. in the pound) and mait- frigates, and destroyed 14 ships and 13 frigates. bills, and to several private bills; after which, and they have loß by accidents, 5 this and 6 both houses adjourned to the 20th of January. frigates ; so that on the whole their navy has

A man was found strangled on a gate of a been deprived of 37 capital ships, and 55 friHeld at Milcbam in Surry. He had stolen a D gates. From the Spaniards we have taken 12 theep, tied its hind legs together, and put ships and 4 irigates. Our loss has been only them over his forehead to carry it away ; 2 frigates taken, and 3 destroyed, and 13 ships but in getting over the gate, the theep it is and 14 frigates lost by accident. thought struggled, and by a sudden spring, The prize question for the year 1764, prohad Mipt its feet down to his throat ; for posed to the Literati of all nations, by the they were found in that posture, the sheep Berlin academy of sciences and Belles Lettres, hanging on one side of the gate, and the man is, ' When the lovereignty of the Graciun dead on the other.

E. Emperors at Rome coually ceased ? What WEDNESDAY 22.

was then the government of the Romans? Peter Arnet, already mentioned, food a re. * And at what iime was the Papal sovereignty cond time on the pillory at the Royal Ex- 6 established?'.-_The prize is a gold medal of ibange, pursuant to his sentence,

fixty ducats weight. The academy's judgTHURSDAY 23.

ment will be declared the 3rnt of May 1764. Orders were received at the War-Office, to One Rice, a broker, lately torged a letter of continue the light troops in full pay till the attorney for 30,00cd, in stock, in the name 23d of next montb.

of a lady in the Norih, which he fold and A scheme was laid before the publick in F transferred, and has fince made his escape; the Londen Chronicle for eitabli bing an office he was seen on Sunday last on the Portsmouib at the government's expence, for the loan of road, in consequence of which, several exmoney at a moderate interest to the poor. It presses have been dispatched after him, which seems to be upon much the same plan with it is hoped will soon bring him bick. the charitable corporation some years ago ; Letters from Spain take notice, that the and, perhaps, will be the worse received on king had settled a penfion of 3000 crowns on that account.

the widow of Don Velufio, who fo bravely der FRIDAY 24.

G fended Fot Moro ; and created his fon a Peer The Re Hon. the Lord Mayor and the two of Caftile, by the litle of Marquis de Fermecta ; Theritfs of London, according to an annual cul- and kad ordered that one ship of the Spirith tom, went to all the markets, and collected navy hould always bear the name of t'einen provisions and money for the poor

debtors The governor of the Havannah, and the are . within the several goals of this city.

miral who commanded the feet atebat plate, A letter from vice-admiral Saunders was have been ordered to repair to Mudrid, and an this day received at the Almiralty-Ofice, by enquiry into their conduct is already begui!.' wnich iheir lordships are iniormed, inat bis H PLANTATION NEWS. majesty's ship the Brune, Capt. Tonyn, hod A very fine Dutcb ship, 300 t ng luribes, brought into Gibraltar ibe Oif us a French has been carried into New Work, laden with frigate of 26 guns and 240 men, which he took white sugar and indigo, and allo a lihoamer 0.750kr 23. arter an obtinale engagement, in loaded with the like commodities. The Prowirich ia. L'rune had six men killed, and 14 vincials from the Lavannab are inkowie ara wounded, asidibe (feay 49 killed and wou..d


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600 Lifts of Birtbs, Marriages, and Deatbs.
rived there; and, it is said, that each private
man's Phare of the effects found there amount

Lif of DEATHS for the Year 1762. to 30 dollars ; about 71. 1os.

Bet i Tregiment, Hizmetleri Cavendit's Two Frencb frigates have likewise been

regiment, at the Havannah. carried into Pbiladelpbia, valued at 400,000 l. Hon. Col. Ulrick de Burgh, uncle to the each.

Earl of Clanrickard. Several vessels from the Havannab sucoef- 027. 31. Sir Harry Innes, Bart. in Scotland. fively arrive at South Carolina, by whom it is 08. ^ Paul Fither, Efq; at Clifton. confirmed, that 800 chefs of money have

Lt Gen. James St Clair, Col. of the first been lately discovered, hid under the terras in reg. of foot, gov, of Cork, and member for the governor's caftle; that the price of pro

Fife, Scotland. vifion was much fallen there, and that the

Dr Martin, alderman of Tavistock, Soldiers lived upon much better terms with 23. Lady Annandale at Bath. the Spaniards than at their first taking por

Wife of Dr Giffard of Bloomsbury. Seffion of the place.

25. Andrew Searle of Epping, Elq; IR of Births for tbe Year 1762.

27. John South, Esq; late a bank dire&or.

28. Hon. Rob. Marham, Esq; eldest son to TOuntess of Dundonald,- of a son.

Lord Romney.
Lady of Col. Faucit, -of a son.

29. H. Ray, Esq; at Bovingdon, Hertfordsh. of Tho. Grosvenor, Esq;--of a son. 36. Sir John Packington of Westwood, 19. Lady of Griffith Philips, Esq;—of a fon


Peregrine Palmer, Efq; mehber for Oxford Lif of MARRIAGES in tbe Year 1962.

university Nou. Hilip Crespigny of Doctors Com- Dec. i. Sir Tho. Langley, Bart in Weft

minster, aged 98 ; he was grandion co Sir Ro Thetford:

ger Largley, foreman of the grand jury that Wrn Daw, Esq; of the Somersetthire mili. acquitted the seven bishops in King James II's tia,to Miss Nelson of Gatcomb, 6oool, time, in 1688.

Due. 1. Wm Dare, zd lieut, of the Active, Rev. Mr Eyre of New College, Oxford. at the taking of the Hermione, to Miss Sir Wilfrid Lawson Bart, member for Read of Sandwich,

Cumberland. 7. John Smith, Esq; lately from the East 2. Col Bodens in St James's Place, à re. Indies,to Miss Coates.

markably large man. 8. Charles Boone, Esq; member for Cafle- Reliet of late Sir Wm Temple, Bart. vigog,--to Miss Cowley, oftet to the Counters Mrs Nevil, filter to Sir L. Pilkington, Bt. of Athburnham.

3. Rev. Mr John Eyre, M. A. at Oxford. 9. James Pennyman, Erg; at Whetburn, Edw. Brice, Esq; in Old Bond-ftreet. to Miss Grey, fiter to Sir Henry Grey, mem- Countess Dowager, of Wigtowne, at Bath. ber for Northumberland.

Sir Robert Clifton, Bart. in Nottinghamsh. 11, Mr Bartord of St Clement's Church- 8. Mr Justice

Noel of the Common Pleas. yard, - o Miss Wheatley of Salisbury. 10000l. Cha.Frewen, Esq; deputy clerk of the crown

13. Gerrard Howard of Hampttead, Esq; Lady Elizabeth Warren, lifter to the Earl of to Mifs Mawhood.

Cholmondeley. Dr Butland of Wootton Underedge, - to Rev. Mr Masterman, R. of Down St Mary Miss Stiff of Durley.

Neyon. Lord Carbery of Ireland, -to Miss Haugh- 9. Rt Hon. John Hay, Marquis of Tweeton of Cotton, Staffordshire.

dale, Lord Juitice General of Scotland, and 16. Samuel Dath, of Cavendish-ir. Efq; one of the 16 Peers; he is fucceeded by his to Miss Fagg of Shepherd's-hill.

son, a minor. Rev. Mi Lloyd, -to Miss Bolton, neice to James Norman, E!9; a gunpowder mercht. the Dean of Carlisle.

Ic. Francis Lainbourne, Esq; a justice for Robert Daiziel of Swallowfield, Esq; to Surry. Miss Dodd, daughter of Lieutenant Col. Dojd, 10. Mrs Baffet at Haldane-house, near Exmember for Reading.

cter; it is said she has left to the hospitals of James Buller, jun. of Cornwall, Esq; - to Bath and Exeter 500l. each, and 400l, to the the relict of Nicholas Gould of Minterre, Dor- poor of four parishes in Cornwall and Devonik. setshire, Elg;

11. Humphry Batham, Elg; at Mile End. 20. Noel Fory, Efq; fon and heir of the late Cha, Delafaye, Elg; one of the chief clerks Peregrine,-to Mits Greenly of Kingston. in the Signet-Office, and F.R.S.

23. Peter Slater of Clifford-street, Esq; Rev. Mr Morrison, R. of Eastwood and to Miss Bransby of Park-ftreet.

Sution, Effex. 25. Hon. Cha. Yorkc, Esq; attorney-gene- 13. Hon. Mrs Smith, sister to the Earl of ral, -- to Miss Aenes Jolinson of Hanover.fg. Sandwich. 27. Richard Bouchirr, Esq;

-to Miss Co- 13. Edward Horney Widdrington or Felton tesford of Litude Chelica.

Hail, Northumberland, Eigi By his death Thr. Nott oi Aldenham, Etex, Esp;- to 100,cocl. cerokies to Tomas Riddle, £tq; of Miss Ellex of the lime pisce.

Swi: burn castle, who married his daughici. Lieue Slaw of Leighton's Fort,-10 Miss 34 Riton. Loro Vifc, Fiston, a Richmond Thcopen ni E: 1:0rgh.

Herry Road, Eig; ccsiprater or the Tax. 25. Rrv. Már Burroing of Southapron, 04.10 to ibina snica u Planley.

16. John


fhire ;

50 years there.


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List of Preferment's, Bankrupis, Go. 15. Benj. Hyet of Panswick, Gloucester

Place Appointed

Ine ream of faire, Esg; 16. John Crawford, Esq; messenger to the

Pop-Office Rob. Charles, Compte. Sam. Potts Great Seal.

Cuftom-House, Henry Banks, a commiffioner Rev.Dr Barton.R. of Hutton, Esex, aged 8o

Si7.Park, E. of Orford, Ranger, E, Ashburnham 17. James Morgan, Esq; near Salisbury. Dof Lancal. La Strange, Cbancelbr, E. Kinnoul18. John Grove, Esg; at Staines, Middíx.

King's bed- J. Wright, a groom, 25. Oftley

chamber, Mr Mordaunt, ditto. C.Fitzroy Jn Salusbury, Esq; brother to Sir Thomas. Rev. Dr Cranston, archdeacon of Clogher,

- Privy? H. Sherbrook, one of the gentlemci

Chamber John Darril, Ditto.
Mary Prescott in Salibury-court, aged 99.

Heushold, H. Morice, Compe.La G. Cavendish 22. 'Mr Woodward in Ratcliff-highway,

Excise-Office, H. Vernon, é comm. Henry Poole with 14,00cl.

Board of Trade, LdOrwell

, a comm. In Roberts Gen. Pole, aged 80, at Park-hall, Derby- Tax-Ofice, Daniel Bull, a comm. Ld Burgharsh. he served under the Duke of Marlbo

Admiralty- 3 LdCarysfort, a comm. 7 LdVilliers rough at the battle of Blenheim.

Office, S James Harris, Do. ŠT.Pelham 25, Ja Dyerson, Efq; of Hackney, aged 79.

Gr. Clorb, Fred. Thyane, a comm. T. Townshend M: Merrick, a common-council man of Ordnance, SirEd. Winington, keeper A Wilkinson this city.

Jewel-Off.e.Darlington, master, Sirr.Lyttleton Relié of Sam. Child, Esq; at Ofterley-park,

Wer-Office, Wellborc Ellis, fecretary, Charles Middlesex.

Townsend Eady Haddum, in St Christopher's Work.

ECCLESIASTICAL PRETIRMENTS. house, near the Bank, aged 114 ; she had been

EV. Robert Huggett, Vicar of Windsor

Free Chapel,--to Hartley Waspull, R. Lif of PROMOTIONS for ebe Year 1762. Hants.

Mr Paul --Cheddington, R. Dorsetshire. R Noel Thomas, F.R.S.-extra phyfs- Rev, Mr Brook, -Pirton, R. Worcesterin. cian to his majesty.

Mr Hampton, -- More Muncton, R. York. Mr Baron Gould, -one of the justices of Ahire, the Common Pleas.

Mr Creeve,-Willey, R. Warwickshire. George Perrot, Esg;-a Baron of the Ex- MrMichell, - Compton, R. near Winchest. chequer.

Dr Parkcr,-Leigh, R. Effex. Li Col. Nesbitt of the 69th reg.-Lt Col. Mr Townsend,- Landford, R. Wilts. of the 4th.

Mr Backhouse,-Meldreth, R. Cambridgella Capt Somerville, -Major of the ad reg. of Mr Forster, -Hedenham, R, Norfolk. dragoon guards.

MrTrebeck,-Hutton, L. near Breatwood, Lt Col. Troughear, of the 72d reg.-Licut Eflex. Gov. of the Ife of Wight. (Holmes, dec.) Wm Aldrich, --Thurston, V. Suffolk.

Charles Deaves, Esq; by the Master of the Mr Berkeley, -prebend of Lellanbißer, Rolls, -clerk of the petty bag.

Sir Richard Lyttleton--governor, and Col. Mr Bertie,-a prebend of Exeter,
Barre, -Lieut. Gov. of Minorca.

Mr Barnard, R. of New-market and Wi-
Mr Trovor, -deputy secretary in the Lord thersfield, -one of his majesty's chaplains.
John Morton, Esq; member for Abingo

Rob. Uvedale Swinthead Peverell, k. contra

Dispensations to bold revo Livings. don,-Chief Justice for Chefter. (Noel,dec.) Mr Serjeant Davy,-King's serjeant. (Ser

S Langton, R. jeant Poole deceased.

Dr de Seyer 2 Keddington, R. Lorg Charles Spencer,-deputy ranger of

Great Wratting, R.

Suffolk Windfor Foreft, and surveyor of Kensington Temple 7 Beddingham, R. Gardens.

Chevalier § Cransford, V.

} Suffolk. Harry Harmood, Efq;-purse-bearer to the LordChancellor,-messenger to the Great Seal. Alterations in tbe List of Parliament. Mr S. Paul Julliot,-secretary to the Earl

Place. EleEled.

In room of. of Lincoln in the Exchequer.

Eaft Grinted, Col. Irwin, Sir T. Hales, dec. Earl of Pomfret,-keeper of the two Lower Parks and Howle at Windsor.

Eye } Col. Burton, } cal

. Townshend, k. George Barnard Kennedy, Efq;

ferjeant Corfe Castle, John Campbell, John Banks,pr. at arms to his majetty.

Grimsby, Lord Luxborough, his son, dec.. Mr Gataker, surgeon to the Queen's hous

MelcombeRegis, Jackson, Lord Waltham,d. hould, -lurgeon extraordinary to the king. Oxford, U. Sir Walter Bagot, P. Palmer. &. Mr Bennec of Pall Mall, -mace bearer to

Warwick, Paul Methuen, E. of Orrery. his majesty. Henry Hill, Esq; deputy serjeant of the H.

B-KT--S. of Commons, -Gent. Usher of the Scariet

Robert Todd of St John'Wapping, maft-mak.. robe to the Order of the Bath.

John M'Gibbon of Sheffield, linnen-draper. Promotions and Rehgnations.

Lewis Owen of Holbourn, coffee-man,

Thomas Hallam of Southwarit, dyer.
In room of

Pirman Scandset Field of Bristol, merchant, Poft Ojci, Ant. Todd, jesreary, Hen, Polts


2 Lin




Lift of new Books, just published. John Prentice of Ipswich, ship-builder.

An enquiry into the merits of the fuppofed Benjamin Hirft of Aylesbury, Thop-keeper. preliminaries. 6d Bird. Wm Wright and Thomas Graham of St Ma. A letter from the Cocoa Tree to the cona‘ry le Grand, merchants.

trị gentlemen. 64 Nicol. John Peters of Icklethamn, Suttex, grocer. One more letter to the people of England. John Urquhart and Cha. Hay of Rotherkithe, Is 6d Pridden brewers,

Review of Mr Pitt's adminiftration. 25 64 Diana Ward of Croydon, Surry, dealer. Kearsley, Joseph Weston of St Clement's Danes, taylor.. A letter from Arthur's to the Cocoa-tree. Peter Blenkinsop, jun. of Durham, upholsterer i's Morgan. Gabriel le Royer of London, merchant.

The comparitive importance of our acquifAndrew Bradley of Horshey, Salop; Joseph tions from France in America. 1 Hinxman. -Taylor of Donnington wood; and $. W. A discussion of the preliminaries. Willienu. P.Padmore of Merioneththire, iron-masters An address to the Cocoa-trte from a Whig. WmThackray of St John Westmin .chapm.. is. Kearsley.

A letter to the Whigs. 6d Nicol.
Lift of BOOKS pullified.

Reflections on the peace. is Kearßey.

:A Derbyshire genileman's answer to the

letter to the Cocoa tree. 60 More. Prophecy of Merlin. 64 Nicol.

A letter from a member of P. on peace, Mr Heathcote's letter to the Rt Hon.

párties, and relignaticos. Is Burnet, the Lord Mayor, &c. 1 6d Nick'.

The true Whigs display'di containing reThe British acamedician, No. 1, by Samuel marks on the address to the Cocoa Tree. is Duna. Harves.

Nil. The Britih grammar; or an estay towards

LAW. speaking and writing the English language A digeft of the laws of England, Vol. 1; grammatically. 35 Millar.

by late Lord Chief Baron Comyns. Longman. The polite lady: or a course of female e- Vol I. of the statutes at large, in octavo. duration. 35 Navberry,

Barlur. Tlve trial of the Roman Catholicks; by Vol. I. of the facutes al färge, in quarto, Henry Brooke, Esq;. 55 Daries.

Worrall. The reverie ; or flight to the paradice of Law tracts; by Wm Blackstone, Esg; gs fools. 55 Becker.

Worral, Chronological tables of universal hiftory; The law of executions; to which are adfrom the French of the Abbe Fre!noy ; re- ded, the history of the practice of the King's. commended by Mr Sim. Johnson. 12s Millar Bench, touching wills of lands and goods; by

A letrer to a friend, on his having thoughis the late Chief Baron Gilbert. 6s Owes, of marrying a Roman Catholic lady. od Noon.

An experimental history of the Materia The royal favourite. 68 Pridder.
Medica ; by Wm Lewis, É.R.S." Baldwin.

Love in a village ; a new opera. Nici. The analytis of inoculation ; comprising Elegies; by Wm Malon, M. A. Horsfield. the hiftory and theory of it; by Dr Kirkpa- Woman, An cpifle to C. Churchill. is trick. Buckland.

Williams. Critical remarks on the Monthly Review

DIVINITY. of Auguft; by Di Gardner. Sareby.

A rational and Chriftian catechilm upon a , Mathematics ; by the late Mr Wéit of Ex

new plan. ad Baldwin eter; published for the benefit of his widow,

The doctrine of grace, or the office and c-, 35 Richardfon.

perations of the Holy Spirit viridicated from A letter to a merchant concerning the ex

the infults of Infidelitv, &c. By the Bp of clulve trade to the river Senegal. is Kearsley

Gloucester, 38 6d Miller Punch's politics, in several dialogues. Nicola,

Reflections on the unacceptableness of a Letters, speeches, charges, &c. of Lord.

death.bed repentance.

19 Waugb. Chancellor Bacon; published by T. Birch,

Evangelical principles and practice ; being D.D.F.R.S. 58 Millar.

fourteen sermons preached at Oxford, by the Letters from Sophia to Mira. 33 61 Miilar

Rev. Ms Tho. Haweis. Oliver. 'The Palladium of Great Britain and Ite.

Observations on the divine mittion and ad. land, or hiftorical frictures of liberty. Becket

miniftration of Molcs. By the Rev. Mr Observations on the present itate of mufick

Knowles, is 64 Dediya and musicians. is 60 Banderfon,

Remarks on Dr Chandler's original and res: Miscellaneous preces relating to the Chias fon of the institution of the Sabbath. 6 d. Defe. 45 Torlon.


Three volumes of sermons, by the late Rev. Reflections on domeftic policy, st 6d Miller

Tho, Bradbury, chiefly on the Revolution by Political confiderations ; being a few

King William. 12 s Bucklanda thoughts on the present crins. 136. Hinirman

A letter to the E. of H-, on a parliamenwry peace. is. Henderson.

The Stock Page and Cills of Mortality A lpeech without doors, by a Lobby mem. will be inserted in our Supplement, ber. 60 Williams.,

The Stocks that are open are as follow : S. Some cool chongats on the present ftate of Sea Oid 4-7.90 Bank red. çoš India Am. attairs. as Cooke.

891. India Bords 678 pr, Soript. 103.

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Gentleman's Magazine:

For the YEAR 1762.

CONTAINING, (Besides proper Indexes to the Volume, General Title, and Preface; an accua

rate Map of the British Empire in Nortb America, as settled by the Prelimina.

ries; and a Chart of the Entrance of the River Milippi) Observations on the preliminaries ; with a A letter from the Cocoa Tree

620 map of the ceffions on the continent of An address to the Cocoa Tree, by a Whig 622 Nortb America

603-4 Addresses of the Lords and Commons,&c. 625 An antient Britor's sentiments on the peace of the Archbishops, Bishops, &c. 628 605 -of the Proteftant Diflenters, &c,

629 A recipe for the yellow jaundice 606 -of the Lord Lieutenant, High Sheriff, Gen. Hardships of the statute-work for the high- try, &c. of the county of Norfolk ib ways

ib Cure for worms & all cutaneous disorders 630 Love in a Village, a comic opera 6o7 Successful process in the recovery of a drown, Dr Lebb on fevers in adult persons 609 ed person

ib Account of MSS attributed to Zoroafter 611 Laudanum, extraordinary effects of 631 Remedy againft Aatulency in the stomach 614 Extra, effects of a fall in the curę of an epiEfficacy of the bark in ulcerated fore throats lepfy and idiotism

615 A caucion against a high tide Natural history of Bromberougb parila 616 New method of preserving birds in their pluThe story of Irene, and the facking of Conflan- mage, when dead

632 tinople

617-18 An order of council relating to the Genoefe il Specimen of a new profc translation of the Bills of mortality Psalms

619 Price of Atocks

633 634

General Observations on the Preliminaries

South America to a vast amount, taken of Peace, so far as tbey relate to the the Havannah, and opened an easy Continent of North America ; with way to the conquest of whatever they References to a Map, exbibiting the possess in that part of the world, we Ceffations made to us by the French in

have compelled them into a peace, that Country.

with advantages that wc/ have beea

long seeking, but could never obtain, Tis remarkable, that and a ceffion of a large tract of coun since the commence- try, which may not only be rendered ment of the year 1762, useful itself, but will tend greatly we proclaimed war a- to the convenience and security of the gainst Spain, after ha- vaft territory which we now possess in

ving sustained a war a. North America, without rival or comgainit France and her allies, in every petitor. There are, perhaps, very quarter of the globe for near feven few instances in history, of an expeyears; and that, before the end of dition equally distant and important, it, having repressed the attempts of planned, undertaken, and executed, the Spaniards, againft Portugal, seized within the same fpace of time, with the treasure they were bringing from ou$ remitting apy other effort, or


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