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The chokosis are the Baules, because they speak the same language. The name Baule is a chokosi language which is written originally as "Ba ne awu" meaning the child is died.Every chokosi in Ghana knows that he or she comes from Ivory coast, that is why they called themselves Anufo,meaning the people of Ivory coast. Ano in chokosi means gate, they therefore refers to Ivory coast as gate, where they come from.Names of the days in chokosi and how it is given to a child as a name when it is born on that day.Sunday is called Monnien a girl child born on that day is called Amoin and aboy is called Kouame.Monday , Kouasi and Akissi, the day being kissie.Tuesday is Koudjo and Adjoua,the day being Djole ,Wednesday Konan and Amalan the day being Malan.Thursday , Kouakou and Awhou the day being Ouwe.Friday is Yao and Ayah the day being Yah and Saturday is Koffi and Affoue the day being foue.when a chokosi women gives birth to three consecutive boys or girl, the third is called Nguissan irrespective of the gender.Ndri is also fourth straight boy or girl. 

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