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Justices of the Seventh District.








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Page Abbott v. Miller (Sup.)......

.1100 | Beck v. Catholic University of America Abeel, Anderson v. (Sup.) 234 (Sup.)

.1100 Abel, Hoffman y. (Sup.). . . 1107 Beetson v. Stoops (Sup.)

.1100 Acetylene Generator Mfg. Co., Crawford Belasco v. Klaw (Sup.)...

208 v. (Sup.)...

. 1102 Bell v. New York & Q. C. R. Co. (Sup.). 589 Idair, People v. (Co. Ct.).

376 Belt v. Henry Du Bois' Sons Co. (Sup.)...1072 dair, Town of Walton v. (Sup.) 230 Bender's state, In re (Sur.)..

731 Adamo v. Blohm (Sup.). 644 Benedict v. Kress (Sup.). .

607 Adams v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)..1100 Berg v. Third Ave. R. R. (City Ct. N. Y.) 433 Adler v. Goldstein (Sup.) .1100 Bergman v. Klein (Sup.).

624 Admission of Attorneys & Counselors at Bergman, Kant v. (Sup.)

593 Law, In re (Sup.) ..1100 Bermel v. Harnischfeger (Sup.).

.1029 4. Frederick & Sons Co., Thaney v. (Sup.) 787 Berry y. Parsons (Sup.)....

. 1100 Alfson v. Bush Co. (Sup.) 1100 Betz, Yuengling v. (Sup.)...

1119 American Audit Co. y. Industrial Federa- Bills, People v. (Co. Ct.).

.1091 tion of America (Sup.)

.1100 Binghamton & Lestershire Baseball Ass'n, American Bank, Young v. (Sup.). 913 Dunham v. (Sup.).

762 American Bank, Young v. (Sup.).

915 Bischoff v. Automobile Touring Co. (Sup.) 594 American Knit Goods Mfg. Co., Schoebel Bishopp. People v. (Sup.)..

709 1. (Sup.)... .1115 Blanchard v. Savarese (Sup.).

664 Imerican Locomotive Co., Koszlowski v. Blanck v. Preston (Sup.)

1100 (Sup.) 55 Blohm, Adamo v. (Sup.)

647 American Publishers' Ass'n, Straus

Bloom, Raynes v. (Co. Ct.) (Sup.) 172 Blumenfield v. Stine (Sup.).

S: American Telephone Telegraph Co., Lit- Blumenthal, Vail v. (City Ct. N. Y.)... 287 tle v. (Sup.)

136 Board of Education of City of New York, Anchor Line, Ganguzza v. (Sup.) 1049 Bogert v. (Sup.).

737 Anderson v. Abeel (Sup.).

254 Board of Education of City of New York, Anderson Co., Lowry v. (Sup.) 107 Gunnison V. (Sup.)..

.110.3 Andrews, In re (Sup.).

965 Board of Education of Union Free School, Anzolone v. Paskusz (Sup.).

203 Dist. No. 22 of Town of Hempstead, Armstrong, People v. (Sup.). 1112 Southold Sav. Bank v. (Sup.)...

714 Arsene, La Femina v. (Sup.).

.1109 Board of Railroad Com'rs, People v. (Sup.).1114 Ashley, King v. (Sup.). 482 | Bodine, In re (Sup.)

.1100 Atlantic Terra Cotta Co., Kube v., two cas- Bogardus' Estate, In re (Sur.).

478 es (Sup.). .1109 Bogendoerfer v. Jacobs (Sup.).

.1051 Justin v. Fisher Tanning Co. (Sup.).. 137 | Bogert v. Board of Education of City of Jutomobile Touring Co., Bischoff v. (Sup.) 594 New York (Sup.).

737 A. W. Gray's Sons, White v. (Sup.)....... 481 Boller v. Boller (Sup.).


Bolles Revolving Sash Co. Kohart Bache, Huntington v. (Sup.)..... . 1107 (Sup.)

. 1100 Bailey & Co., Schreyer v. (Sup.). 870 Bon v. Fenlon (Sup.).

961 Baird v. Van Vechten (Sup.). 879 | Bowers v. Barse (Sup.)

.1100 Baldwin v. Rice (Sup.).

738 Bowman Cycle Co., Rollins v. (Sup.) 289 Baldwin v. Rice (Sup.).

743 Boyer v. Fidelity Trust Co. (Sup.). 1101 Ball v. Ball (Sup.) .1046 Brearton, In re (Sup.).

893 Bandman v. Finn (Sup.). 50+ Breen, People v. (Sup.).

998 Barber, Smith v. (Sup.). 317 Breese v. Graves (Sup.)..

1101 Barkley y. Columbia Storage Warehouse Brehaney, Murray v. (Sup.).

.1111 Co. (Sup.) .1100 Brennan, Gutting v. (Sup.)

574 Barlow v. First Nat. Bank (Sup.) .1100 Breslin v. Sparks (Sup.). .

627 Barnum, McGowan y. (Sup.). . 1110 Bretney, Odell v. (Sup.).

.1111 Barse, Bowers v. (Sup.). .1100 Bristol, In re (Sup.).

. 1101 Barson v. Mulligan (Sup.). 704 Bristol v, Dunlap (Sup.).

.1101 Bauland Co., Graham v. (Sup.) 595 Britton v. Cederstrom (Sup.)

..1101 Bauland Co., Tyson v. (Sup.)..

.1118 | Brooklyn Bar Ass'n, In re (Sup.).. ...1101 Baumann v. 'Manhattan Consumers' Brew- Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Grogan v. (Sun.).1027 ing Co. (Sup.)

..1088 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Henry v. (Co. Ct.) 525 Beattie, People v. (Sup.)

193 | Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Henry v. (Sup.). . 1106 89 N.Y.S.


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and 123 New York State Reporter

Page Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Jones v., two cas- Chaffee v. State (Sup.).

1102 es (Sup.). .....1107 Chapman, Long v. (Sup.).

841 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Kane v. (Sup.)..1108 Charlier, Goff v. (Sup.).

722 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Kelly y. (Sup.). .1109 Cheyne 'v. Van Brunt St. & E. B. R. Co. Brooklyn Heights R. Có.. Lee v. (Sup.).. 652 (Sup.)

626 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Lofsten v. (Sup.).1042 Chicago & E. I. R. Co., Kissel v. (Sup.)... 796 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., Morehouse v. Church v. Phelan (Sup.)

..1102 (Sup.)

332 Citizens' Water Supply Co., In re (Sup.). .1102 Brooklyn Heights R. Co., O'Reilly v. (Sup.) 41 City of Mt. Vernon v. Kenlon (Sup.). 817 Brooklyn Homeopathic Hospital, Wilson v. City of New York, In re (Sup.).

6 (Sup.) 619 City of New York, In re (Sup.).

769 Brooklyn Labor Lyceum Ass'n, Haack v. City of New York v. Cody (Sup.).

886 (Sup.)..

888 City of New York v. Sexton (Sup.)...... 190 Brown v. Coleman (Sup.).

427 City of Rochester v. Farrar (Sup.).......1033 Brown, Congregation Dorshe, etc., v. City Trust Co. of New York, Tschetinian v. (Sup.)

1102 (Sup.) Brown, State Bank of Pike v. (Sup.). 381 Clark v. Nordone (Sup.).

.1102 Bruen v. Huber (Sup.). .1101 Clinch's Estate, In re (Sur.).

802 Buchman, Straus v. (Sup.) 226 Clyde S. S. Co., Earle v. (Sup.).

500 Buckler, In re (Sup.).

206 Cody, City of New York v. (Sup.). 880 Buckler, In re (Sup.) .1101 Coggeshall v. McGrath (Sup.).

334 Buckley v. Westchester Lighting Co. Colchester, Hulbert v. (Sup.).

.1107 (Sup.) . 1101 Colcord, Gilmour v. (Sup.).

689 Buffalo, Ege v. (Sup.).

1103 | Coleman v. Robert Graves Co., two cases Buffalo, Erie R. Co. v. (Sup.) 122 (Sup.)

.1040 Buffalo, Erie R. Co. v. (Sup.). .1101 Coleman, Brown v. (Sup.).

427 Buffalo R. Co., Solomon v. (Sup.) 99 Coleman, Nichols v. (Sup.)

23+ Buffalo & W. Electric R. Co., New York Collins v. Russell (Sup.)..

414 Cent. & H. R. R. Co. v. (Sup.). 418 Colonial Trust Co., Holt v. (Sup.).

955 Burgess, Carroll v. (Sup.).

1101 Columbia Storage Warehouse Co., Barkley Burhans, Kipp v. (Sup.)

v. (Sup.). .

1100 Burkart v. Johnson (Sup.).

479 Commonwealth Trust Co. of New York, Burke v. Frenkel (Sup.). 621 Gause v. (Sup.)..

723 Burnham v. Franklin (Sup.). 917 Condit v. Goodwin (Sup.). .

827 Burns v. New York & Q. C. R. Co. (Sup.)..1101 Congregation Dorshe, etc., v. Brown (Sup.)1102 Burns, Hale v. (Sup.).. 711 Conlon v. Minor (Sup.)..

860 Burtis' Will, In re (Sur.). 441 Connors v. Monahan (Sup.).

.1102 Bush Co., Alfson v. (Sup.). .1100 Conrow, Wheaton y. (Sup.).

.1119 Butler v. Michigan Mut. Life Ins. Co. Cook v. Straiton (Sup.)

.1102 (Sup.) .1101 Cookingham, Stever v. (Sup.).

. 1117 Butts, Maycumber v. (Sup.). .1110 Cooper, Peebles y. (Sup.).

.1112 Buyce, Racquette Falls Land Co. v. (Sup.) 359 Corbally v. Erie R. Co. (Sup.).

577 Corbin, In re (Sup.)...

.1102 Cadigan v. New York & P. Co. (Sup.)....1101 Corn v. Levy (Sup.).

658 Cahill v. Hogan (Sup.). .1022 Cornell v. Lawton (Sup.).

..1102 Cahill v. Rochester (Sup.)..

67 Corn Exch. Bank, Helene v. (Sup.). 310 Caldwell-Easton Co., Held v. (Sup.). 954 County Trust Co., In re (Sup.).

.1102 Camardella v. Holmes (Sup.).

616 Court of General Sessions of the Peace in Cameron, Gauntlett v. (Sup.).

385 and for New York County, People v. Cameron's Estate, In re (Sup.).


361 Cammeyer, Lawrence v. (Sup.) 220 Craig's Estate, In re (Sup.)

971 Campbell v. Moore (Sup.) .1101 Cramer. In re (Sur.).

409 Campbell's Estate, In re (Sup.). 569 Crandall, People v. (Sup.).

.1111 Cantine, People v. (Sup.). ... .1113 Crane, People v. (Sup.)

87 Carpenter v. Finney (Sup.).

. 1101 Crawford v. Acetylene Generator Mfg. Co. Carpenter v. New York Evening Journal (Sup.)

1102 Pub. Co. (Sup.)... 263 Creveling v. Saladino (Sup.).

834 Carroll, In_re (Sup.). .1101 Crowley v. Johnston (Sup.).

238 Carroll v. Burgess (Sup.) ..1101 Cullin v. Ryder (Sup.).

40.5 Carroll v. Pennsylvania Steel Co. (Sup.). . 199 Cullinan, In re (Sup.).

683 Carroll, Francis v. (Sup.). .1104 Cummings v. Kenny (Sup.).

579 Carruthers, Dubois v. (Sup.).

.1103 Cunningham, German-American Bank V. Carvalho v. Merrill (Sup.) .1101 (Sup.)

836 Cary v. Cary (Sup.)

. 1061 Cary v. Maryland Casualty Co. (Sup.). .1101 Dacks, Tannenbaum v. (Sup.).

.1118 Case, In re (Sup.). .. 582 Dailey's Estate, In re (Sur.).

538 Case, In re (Sup.).. .1112 Daly v. Reineldt (Sup.).

647 Catholic University of America, Beck v. Darbee, Stott v. (Sup.).

.1117 (Sup.) .1100 David's Estate, In re (Sur.).

927 Cayugá Lake Cement Co., Smith v. (Sup.).1116 Davidson v. New York Cent. & A. R. R. Cederstrom, Britton v. (Sup.)... . 1101 Co. (Sup.).....

.1102 587

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Page Damainville, Matthew y. (Sup.).

493 Electric Storage Battery Co., Hopedale Dassori v. New York (Sup.) 1102 Electric Co. v. (Sup.).

325 Davenport, In re (Sur.). 537 Elias, Platt v. (Sup.).

. 1015 David, In re (Co. Ct.)..

812 Elting v. Gillette Clipping Mach. Co. Davis v. Reflex Camera Co. (Sup.).


252 Davis, People v. (Sup.).. 334 Emes v. Fowler (City Ct. N. Y.).

685 Dayton, Morris v. (Sup.).

1111 Empire Life Ins. Co., Von Ohlen v. (Sup.).1118 De Forest Wireless Tel. Co., Ft. Wayne Empire State Surety Co., Mossein v. (Sup.) 843 Electric Works v. (Sup.). 1104 Enright, Lucia v. (Sup.)..

1109 Delaware, L. & W. R. Co., Naylor v. Epstein, Wilson v. (Sup.).

.1119 (Sup.) .1111 Erie R. Co. v. Buffalo (Sup.).

122 De Viracle Chemical Co., Gibson v. (Sup.). 1105 Erie R. Co. v. Bustalo (Sup.).

.1104 Denison v. Denison (Sup.). 126 Erie R. Co., Corbally v. (Sup.).

577 Deutscher Verein, Dooling v. (Sup.). 580. Erie R. Co., Thompson y. (Sup.)

92 Diamond v. Planet Mills Mfg. Co. (Sup.) 635 Erlanger, People v. (Sup.).

.1114 Diamond Soda Water Mfg. Co., Jacobus v. Euler v. Kappelmann (Sup.)

...1104 (Sup.)

.1107 Evans v. Utica & M. V. R. Co. (Co. Ct.). .1089 Dickinson v. Earle (Sup.)

1102 Dickinson v. Gerry (Sup.)

.1103 Fargo v. Supreme Tent of Knights of MacDickinson v. Oliver (Sup.). 52 cabees of the World (Sup.)..

65 Dieter v. Title Guarantee & Trust Co. Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Hoffman (Sup.) 110 House (Sup.)

281 Dillon v. Mandelbaum (Sup.).

646 Farrar, City of Rochester v. (Sup.).. 1035 District No. 1 of Independent Order Bnai Farrington v. Peck (Sup.).

.1104 Brith, Lery v. (Sup.). .1109 Faulhaber, People v. (Sup.).

...1112 Doeme y. Doeme (Sup.). 215 Fenlon, Bon v. (Sup.)..

961 Doll v. Pizer (Sup.).

277 Ferris v. Union R. Co. of New York City Doll v. Smith (Sup.). 331 (Sup.)

.1104 Donnelly, People v. (Sup.). .1112 Feuchtwanger, Press v. (Sup.).

1114 Donohue's Wili, In re (Sup.).

871 Fidelity Trust Co., Boyer v. (Sup.). 1101 Dooling v. Deutscher Verein (Sup.). 580 Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York, Dose v. Naughton (Sup.) .1103 Woolverton v. (Sup.)...

292 Dougherty's Estate, In re (Sur.).

549 Findley, Westminster Presbyterian Church Douglas, Rocket v. (Sup.).

.1114 of West Twenty-Third St. v. (Sup.)..... 801 Doulin, Horan v. (Sup.). .1107 Finn, Bandman 1. (Sup.).

504 Draper v. Pratt (Sup.). 356 Finney, Carpenter y. (Sup.).

. 1101 Drey v. Weil (Sup.) 1103 Fiorentino's Estate, In re (Sur.).

537 Dubois v. Carruthers (Sup.).

.1103 First Nat. Bank v. Jennings (Sup.). 995 Du Bois' Sons Co., Belt v. (Sup.). ..1072 First Nat. Bank, Barlow v. (Sup.)..... .1100 Du Frane . Metropolitan St. R. Co. First Nat. Bank, Tuttle v. (Sup.).

820 (Sup.)

..1103 Fisher Tanning Co., Austin v. (Sup.) 137 Dunham V. Binghamton & Lestershire Fisher's Estate, In re (Sup.).

102 Baseball Ass'n (Sup.).

762 Fitch v. Frank H. Fleer & Co. (Sup.). ...1104 Dunham v. Hastings Pavement Co. (Sup.).1103 Fitzgerald, People v. (Sup.)

268 Dunlap, Bristol v. (Sup.).

. 1101 Fitzpatrick v. Interurban St. R, Co. (Sup.).1104 Dunn, Smith v. (Sup.).. 881 Fleer & Co., Fitch v. (Sup.).

.1104 Duntz v. Pfaudler Co. (Sup.). ..1103 Flewwellin v. Lent (Sup.).

.1104 Durkin v. Paten (Sup.). 622 Flynn v. McDermott (Sup.).

506 Dutchess County v. Dyer (Sup.). .1103 Flynn, People v. (Sup.).

697 Dyer, In re (Sup.)...

.1103 Flynn, People's Trust Co. v. (Sup.). 706 Dyer, Dutchess County v. (Sup.)

.1103 | Ft. Wayne Electric Works v. De Forest Wireless Tel. Co. (Sup.).

..1104 Earl v. Tar) (Sup.)..

.1103 Forty-Ninth St. & M. Ave. Co. v. Tyson Earle v. Clyde S. S. Co. (Sup.). 500 (Sup.)

.1104 Earle, Dickinson v. (Sup.).

.1102 Foster v. International Paper Co. (Sup.). .1104 Early v. Korn (Sup.). 392 Fowler, Emes v. (City Ct. N. Y.).

685 Easterly, Hetzel v. (Sup.). 154 Francis v. Carroll (Šup.).

.1104 Easterly, Hetzel v. (Sup.)

.1106 Frank H. Fleer & Co., Fitch v. (Sup.)....1104 Eastern Brewing Co., Weinhandler V. Franklin, Burnham v. (Sup.).

917 (Sup.) 16 Fransioli, In re (Sup.).

.1104 Eaton v. Myers (Sup.).

1103 Frederick & Sons Co., Thaney v. (Sup.). 787 Ebbets' Estate, In re (Sur.). 544 | Freifeld v. Sire (Sup.)..

260 Eckerson, Gillies v. (Sup.). 609 Frenkel, Burke v. (Sup.).

621 Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New Froessel v. Strohbeck (Sup.).

.1104 York, Miller y. (Sup.).

.1059 Ege v. Buffalo (Sup.)..

..1103 Gadski-Tauscher v. Graff (Sup.)........1019 Eldredge v. Gutman (Sup.).

..1103 Gallagher, Interborough Rapid Transit Co. Electors of Town of Newburgh, Orange v. (Sup.)

152 County, In re (Sup.).. .1065 Galpin, Lantz v. (Co. Ct.).

1096 Electric Boat Co. v. Howey (Sup.). 210 Ganguzza v. Anchor Line (Sup.). .1049 .1107 Gruenstein, Gurley v. (Sup.).

V. De

and 123 New York State Reporter

Page Gauntlett v. Cameron (Sup.).. 385 Gurley v. Gruenstein (Sup.).

887 Gauntlett v. Patton (Sup.). .1104 Gutinan, Eldredge v. (Sup.).

.1103 Gause v. Commonwealth Trust Co. of New Gutting v. Brennan (Sup.).

574 York (Sup.)

723 Gein v. Little (Sup.).

488 Haack v. Brooklyn Labor Lyceum Ass'n General Fire Extinguisher Co., Walsh v. (Sup.)

888 (Sup.) .1118 Hadcock v. Glorersville (Sup.).

74 Genpert's Estate, In re (Sup.). 37 | Hadley's Estate, In re (Sur.).

545 Gerken, Hall v. (Sup.) 171 | Haefelin v. McDonald (Sup.).

395 German-American Bank V. Cunningham Haight v. Le Foncier De France (Sup.). .1106 (Sup.)

836 Haight & Freese Co., Wagner v. (Sup.)... 323 Germania Fire Ins. Co., Nestler v. (City Halberstadt, Meyer v. (Sup.).

1019 Ct. N. Y.) 782 Hale v. Burns (Sup.). .

711 Gerry, Dickinson v. (Sup.). .1103 Haley v. Hogan (Sup.)

.1106 Gibb, Glover v. (Sup.). ...1105 Hall v. Gerken (Sup.).

171 Gibson Miracle Chemical Co. Hall v. Lanza (Sup.).

980 (Sup.) 1105 Hallenbeck v. Hallenbeck (Sup.).

780 Gillen v. McAllister (Sup.). 953 Halstead, In re (Sur.).

806 Gillette Clipping Mach. Co., Elting v. Hamburg-American S. S. Co., Grube v. (Sup.) 252 (Sup.).

1105 Gillies v. Eckerson (Sup.).

609 Hammermill Paper Co., John Single Paper Gilmour v. Colcord (Sup.)... 689 Co. v. (Sup.)

116 Ginsberg, Van Seggern v. (Sup.). .1118 Hammondsport Law, Loan & Collection Glascoe v. Willard (Sup.). 791 Ass'n v. Kinzell (Co. Ct.)..

534 Glover v. Gibb (Sup.). 1105 Hanford's Estate, In re (Sup.).

.1106 Gloversville, Hadcock v. (Sup.) 74 Harder, Walker y. (Sup.). .

1118 Gloversville, Sammons y. (Sup.). .1115 Hardin's Estate, In re (Sup.).

978 Gloversville, Sponenburg v. (Sup.).. 19 Harnischfeger, Bermel y. (Sup.).

1029 Goff v. Charlier (Sup.) 722 Harris v. Kneeland (Sup.)

.1106 Goldberg v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.). .1105 Harris v. Otis Elevator Co. (Sup.). .1106 Golden, Hughes v. (Sup.). 765 Hartman v. New York (Sup.).

912 Golden, People v. (Sup.)...

.1112 Hartzell v. New Britain Knitting Co. (Sup.)..1106 Goldmark v. United States Galvanizer Co. Hastings Pavement Co., Dunham v. (Sup.).1103 (Sup.)

. 1105 Hawley v. Hawley (Sup.). Goldstein, Adler v. (Sup.) ..1100 Hawley's Will, In re (Sur.).

803 Good Cordage & Machine Co., North Side Hayes, Waldo v. (Sup.)

69 Bank of Brooklyn v. (Sup.).

656 Heim v. Union R. Co. of New York City Goodkind v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.) 703 (Sup.)

.1106 Goodman, People v. (Gen. Sess.). 522 Heim, Hodgskin v. (Sup.).

.1107 Goodwin, Condit v. (Sup.).. 827 Heintze, Ruhl v. (Sup.). .

.1031 Gore v. Gore (Sup.). . :

902 Held v. Caldwell-Easton Co. (Sup.). 951 Gorham v. Vought (Sup.).

. 1105 Helene v. Corn Exch. Bank (Sup.). 310 Gove v. Morton Trust Co. (Sup.) 247 Heliker, In re (Sup.). ..

.1106 Graecen. Smyth v. (Sup.) 111 Helios-Upton Co. v. Thomas (Sup.)

222 Graff, Gadski-Tauscher v. (Sup.). 1019 Hendrick v. Judge (Sup.).

.1106 Graham v. Joseph H. Bauland Co. (Sup.) 595 Henry v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Co. Ct.) 525 Grand Trunk R. Co. of Canada v. State Henry v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.). . 1106 (Sup.).

1105 Henry Du Bois' Sons Co., Belt v. (Sup.). .1072 Grant, In re (Sup.)

.1110 Herrmann, Worthington v. (Sup.). ..1119 Graves, Breese v. (Sup.)

.1101 Hershfield v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.).1106 Graves Co., Coleman v., two cases (Sup.)..1040 Herter, Volcker v. (Sup.).

.1118 Gray's Sons, White v. (Sup.). 481 Hesterberg, People v. (Sup.).

498 Greene, People v. (Sup.). 343 | Hetzel v. Easterly (Sup.).

154 Greene, People v. (Sup.). 1067 Hetzel v. Easterly (Sup.).

. 1106 Greene, People v. (Sup.). 1113 Heyshem, Wildrick v. (Sup.)

78 Greene, People v. (Sup.).

1114 Higgins v. United Traction Co. (Sup.) 76 Greenleaf, Town of Fayette v. (Co. Ct.). . .1093 Hill, In re (Sur.).

552 Greenleaf, Waite v. (Sup.). .1118 Hill v. Thompson (Sup.)

.1106 Greenwich & J. R. Co., Schaghticoke Pow- Hill, People v. (Sup.)...

.1112 der Co. v. (Sup.)... . 1115 Hirsch v. Platt (Sup.). ,

362 Griffin v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.). .. .1105 Hitchcock v. Riley (Sup.).

890 Griffin y, Prudential Ins. Co. of America Hitchins' Estate, In re (Sur.).

472 (Sup.) ..1105 Hitchins' Estate, In re (Sup.).

1106 Groesbeck v. Mechanicville (Sup.). .1105 Hobbs, Tustin v. (Sup.)...

. 1118 Grogan v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.).1027 Hodgskin v. Heim (Sup.).

.1107 Grout, People v. (Sup.)... .1113 Hodgskin v. Pentlarge (Sup.).

.1107 Grube v. Hamburg-American S.S. Co. (Sup.)..1105 Hoffman v. Abel (Sup.)

887 Hoffman House, Farmers' Loan & Trust Grund, Seger_v. (Sup.). 1116 Co. y. (Sup.)

281 Gunnison v. Board of Education of New Hoffman House, Purcell v. (Sup.).

975 York (Sup.)... .1105 Hogan, Cahill v. (Sup.)..



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