To Assure Title to Granted School Lands


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Página 165 - ... known to exist within the boundaries of a placer claim, an application for a patent for such placer claim which does not include an application for the vein or lude claim shall be construed as a conclusive declaration that the claimant of the placer claim has no right of possession of the vein or lode claim...
Página 84 - If a decision has been made upon solemn argument and mature deliberation, the presumption is in favor of its correctness, and the community have a right to regard it as a just declaration or exposition of the law, and to regulate their actions and contracts by it.
Página 129 - Reclamation Act, approved June 17, 1902, and for past production 20 per centum, and for future production 37^ per centum of the amounts derived from such bonuses, royalties, and rentals shall be paid by the Secretary of the Treasury after the expiration of each fiscal year to the State within the boundaries of which the leased lands or deposits are or were located, said moneys to be used by such State or subdivisions thereof for the construction and maintenance of public roads or for the support...
Página 154 - States under its official seal? In this class of cases, the respect due to a patent, the presumptions that all the preceding steps required by the law had been observed before its issue, the immense importance and necessity of the stability of titles dependent upon these official instruments, demand that the effort to set them aside, to annul them, or to correct mistakes in them should only be successful when the allegations on which this is attempted are clearly stated and fully sustained by proof.
Página 145 - And other lands of equal acreage are also hereby appropriated and granted, and may be selected by said State or Territory, where sections sixteen or thirty-six are mineral land, or are included within any Indian, military, or other reservation, or are otherwise disposed of by
Página 166 - land known at the time to be valuable for its minerals,' as there are vast tracts of public land in which minerals of different kinds are found, but not in such quantity as to justify expenditures in the effort to extract them. It is not to such lands that the term ' mineral,' in the sense of the statute, is applicable.
Página 181 - It means that, in the important matters relating to the sale and disposition of the public domain, the surveying of private land claims, and the issuing of patents thereon, and the administration of the trusts devolving upon the government, by reason of the laws of Congress or under treaty stipulations, respecting the public domain, the Secretary of the Interior is the supervising agent of the government to do justice to all claimants and preserve the rights of the people of the United States...
Página 152 - It is not enough that there may have been some indications by outcroppings on the surface, of the existence of lodes or veins of rock in place bearing gold or silver or other metal, to justify their designation as " known
Página 181 - The Secretary of the Interior is charged with the supervision of public business relating to * * * the Indians...
Página 121 - States and credited to miscellaneous receipts ; for past production 70 per centum, and for future production 52% per centum of the amounts derived from such bonuses, royalties, and rentals shall be paid into, reserved, and appropriated as a part of the reclamation fund created by the act of Congress, known as the Reclamation Act.

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