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and is fixed, as is also its duration, by a board of naval officers. The application should be addressed to the Secretary of the Navy, and all subsequent communications to the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department, Washington, D. C. (b) Pensions are not granted for a service of less than ten years except as provided in paragraphs 2, 3, and 4.

(6) PENSIONS FOR DISABILITY OR DEATH DUE TO SERVICE PRIOR TO MARCH 4, 1861.-(a) Soldiers who were wounded or injured or who contracted disease in the line of duty are entitled to pension corresponding in rate to the degree of disability incurred in service. Persons in the naval service are entitled to a like pension under the same conditions, excepting that no pension may be granted to an engineer, a fireman, or a coal heaver for disabili. ty incurred prior to August 31, 1812. (b) The widows, or children under sixteen years of age, of soldiers who served prior to March 1, 1861, are entitled to pension if the soldier's death was due to causes originating in time of actual war, and not otherwise. (c) The widows, or children under sixteen, of sailors who served prior to March 4, 1861, are entitled to pension only when the death occurred in the service and in the line of duty. Pensions mentioned in this paragraph, if not applied for within three years from the discharge or death of the person on whose account the right to pension exists, or within three years of the termination of a pension previously granted on account of the service and death of such person, commence from the date of filing, by the person prosecuting the claim, the last paper requisite to establish it. (l) There is no provision of law allowing pensions to the parents, brothers, or sisters of persons who rendered military or naval service prior to March 4, 1861.

(7) BOUNTY LAND-(a) Service, to give title to bounty land, must have been for at least fourteen days or in a battle prior to March 3, 1855; and, if in the Navy or Regular Army, must have been in some war in which the United States Government was engaged. (6) Inquiries relative to the assignment of bounty land warrants and to homestead lands for services during the war of the rebellion should be addressed to the Commissioner of the General Land Office, Interior Department.

(8) VISCELLANEOUS.-(a) Applications for reimbursement should be filed with the Auditor for the Interior Department, Treasury Department. (b) Communications relative to back pay, extra pay, and bounty in money for military service should be addressed to the Auditor for the War Department; in regard to bounty, extra pay, or prize money for naval service, to the Auditor for the Navy Department. (c) When a certificate of service in lieu of a lost discharge is desired, application should be made to the Adjutant-General, U. S. Army, War Department, if the service was in the Regular Army; to the Chief of Record and Pension Office, War Department, if the service was in a volunteer organization, and to the Chief of the Bureau of Navigation, Navy Department, if the service was in the Navy. (d) Copies only of discharges are furnished by this Bureau when the originals were filed in claims made on account of service rendered prior to March 1, 1861, and no such copy will be furnished for use in claims against the Government. (c) Remarriage after the soldier's death (except in the case of certain widows referred to in (b) of paragraph 1) and prior to the passage of an act taking effect from the date of its approval deprives the widow of the benefits of such act. In the case of remarriage subsequent to the

approval of such act, pension may be paid from the date of approval, or from the date of the soldier's death if after approval, to the date of remarriage.

[ACT OF JUNE 27, 1890.]

All pensions under this act will commence from the date of filing the formal application (after the passage of the act) in the Pension Bureau.

No application for pension under this act will be good unless filed in the Pension Bureau on or after June 27, 1890 (date of the act), or if not in the form, substanly, prescribed by the Secretary.

Discharge certificate need not be filed until called for.

The rates of this law are not affected by the rank of the soldier.

This act provides the following rates: For dependent father or mother, $12. The widow, $8, and $2 additional for each child of soldier under sixteen years; and if the widow dies, the child or children can draw such pension. The soldier is entitled to any rate from $6 to $12, according to inability to earn a support.

A pensioner under existing laws may apply under this one, or a pensioner under this one may apply under other laws, but can draw only one pension at the same time.

This law requires in a soldier's case:
(1) An honorable discharge.
(2) That he served at least ninety days.

(3) A permanent physical or mental inability to earn a support, but not due to vicious habits. (It need not have originated in the service.)

In case of a widow:
(1) That the soldier served at least ninety days.
(2) That he was honorably discharged.

(3) Proof of death; but it need not have been the result of his army service.

(4) That the widow is "without other means of support than her daily labor."

(5) That she married soldier prior to June 27, 1890, date of the act.

In dependent parents' case:

(1) That the soldier died of a wound, injury, or disease which under prior laws would have given him a pension.

(2) That he left no wife or minor child.

(3) That mother or father is at present dependent on her or on his own manual labor, being “without other present means of support than their own manual labor or the contributions of others not legally bound for their support." The benefits of the first section of the act of June 27, 1890, are not confined to the parents of those who served in the war of the rebellion, but are extended to all parents where pensionable dependence has arisen on account of the death of a son who served since said war in behalf of the United States.

(1) That in case a minor child is insane, idiotic, or otherwise permanently helpless the pension shall continue during the life of said child or during the period of such disability, and this proviso shall apply to all pensions heretofore granted or hereafter to be granted under this or any former statute, and such pension shall commence from the date of application therefor after the passage of this act.

The rules and regulations of the Department will govern all applicants and attorneys.

Yo contract for attorney's fee shall provide for a sum

greater than $10, but in the absence of a contract the attorney's fee shall be $10.


Commissioner of Pensions. The foregoing rules and regulations, with the forms here following, are adopted and approved.

E. A. HITCHCOCK, Secretary of the Interior.

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