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Genus II. CLYTEMNESTRA. (Dana.) Frons subrostrata, appendicibus nullis. Antenna antica flexiles; maris,

non subcheliformes. Pedes antici permagni, subcheliformes.

Obs. Non Arpacticus Bairdii : Cyclops chelifer Arpacticis pertinet. Magnitudo pedium anticorum character genericum non bene validum, nisi pergrandes, quoque pro antennis geniculatis in coitu usitati sunt; ideoque est antennæ maris Clytemnestræ non subcheliformes.

CLYTEMNESTRA SCUTELLATA. — C. rostro subacuto; cephalo-thoracis segmento antico lato, posticè utrinque dilatato, tribus segmentis sequentibus subito angustioribus margine posteriore valde arcuatis et lateribus posticè productis et subacutis ; abdomine 6-articulato, articulis subæquis, decrescentibus ; antennis anticis elongatis 8 (9?)-articulatis, articulo quinto (sexto ?) arcuato, sequente oblongo et apice cum appendice instructo (?), reliquis tribus oblongis ; setis longis divaricatis, duabus apicalibus fere antennæ longitudine ; pedibus anticis pergrandibus, articulo secundo subclavato, digito tenui arcuato fere articuli secundi longitudine.

Long. ". - Hab. in mari Pacifico, ad lat. 18° S., long. 124° W.; etiam at Insulas Kingsmills ; in mari Sinense.

Genus III. SETELLA. (Dana.) Corpus angustissimum fere lineare, anticè attenuatum et subacutum,

et fronte appendices duas parvulas falciformes subtus gerens. Antennæ anticæ flexiles, appendice brevi instructæ, setis brevibus ; maris non subcheliformes. Pedes antici mediocres aut parvi. Pe. des proximè sequentes lateraliter porrecti, apice breviter setigeri. Pedes abdominis elongati et longè setigeri. Setæ caudales duæ longissimæ, (in speciebus scrutatis corpore valde longiores, spinulosæ, et strictè appressæ,) reliquæ brevissimæ. (Tubum cibarium sæpius læte rubrum.)

1. SetellA TENUICORNIS. – S. antennis anticis fere corporis longitudine, articulis duobus basalibus valde crassioribus, secundo oblongo, reliquis teretibus gracillimis, tertio longissimo, quarto cum appendice instructo ; ramis pedis biremis antici subæquis, longiore 3-articulato, articulis fere æquis ; pedibus abdominis cum 5 - 6 setis elongatis subæquis instructis ; setis caudalibus corpore fere duplo longioribus.

Long. įs" setis caudalibus exclusis. — Hab. in mari Atlantico meridionali.

2. SETELLA LONGICAUDA. S. maris (?) antennis anticis basi non crassioribus, 7-aut 8-articulatis, articulo quarto paululum arcuato (postice convexo) et cum appendice instructo, tertio fere duplo longiore quam quartus aut secundus ; ramo longiore pedis biremis antici 3-articulato, articulo primo valde brevissimo; pedum abdominis ramo exteriore brevissimè setigero, interiore duabus setis spinulosis instructo, apicem abdominis fere attingentibus ; setis caudalibus corpore large duplo longioribus.

Long. ot".- Hab. in mari Atlantico meridionali.

3. SETELLA GRACILIS.-S. femine antennis anticis gracillimis usque ad basin, rectis, inter sese prope 130° divaricatis, articulo primo obsoleto, secundo quartum æquante et dimidio tertio longiore, quarto non arcuato ; digito pedis antici dimidio articulo secundo longiore ; setis caudalibus fere duplo corpore longioribus.

Long. ".- Hab. in mari Pacifico juxta insulas Kermadec et Tonga.

4. SETELLA CLASSICORNIS. S. maris (?) antennis anticis crassioribus, rectis, inter sese 130° divaricatis, articulo primo obsoleto, secundo tertioque brevibus, quarto appendiculato, hoc etiam sexto ultimoque tertium longitudine duplo superante; digito pedis antici dimidii articuli secundi longitudine ; setis caudalibus prope sesqui corporis longitudine.

Long. a'". - Hab. in mari Sinense.

5. SETELLA ACICULUS. - S. feminæ antennis crassiusculis fere rectè divaricatis, ad basin paulum curvatis, articulo primo perbrevi, secundo quartum longitudine æquante et longiore quam tertii dimidium ; pedis antici digito dimidii articuli secundi longitudine ; setis caudalibus sesqui corporis longitudine.

Hab. in mari Indico, prope Fretum Sundæ.


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Two hundred and ninety-sixth Meeting.

May 25, 1847. — ANNUAL MEETING. The PRESIDENT in the chair.

A communication was received, through Mr. Bowen, from Mr. John B. Williams, U. S. Consul at Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, being a meteorological register kept at that place, by Mr. Williams, as follows:


Kept at Russell, New Zealand, from April 24th, 1843, to Aug. 141h,




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Fahrenheit Thermometer Date. in the Shade.

Winds and Weather. 8 A. M.] 12 M. 8 P. M. 1843, April 24, 70

70 96 N. W.; rain squalls. 25,63


N. W. and pleasant.
26, 64 60 54 N. and strong gales.
27 54 58 54 N.; rain, strong gales, ends pleasant.
28, 50 54 50 N. W.; clear and pleasant.
29, 50 48 57 S. W.; clear, ends squally, with rain.

30, 55 64 56 Light airs, calms, ends strong breeze, S. E. May 1

58 70 58 N. E. and pleasant.
2, 58 63 58 Light airs from S. W. and pleasant.
3,158 63 58

N. E.

59 S. E.; strong breezes and cloudy. 5, 59

60 S.

63 N. E.

and rain.
8,63 63 60 N., with rain; ends S. W. and squally.
9, 57 57 56 S. W.; light breeze.

52 56 53 S. W.; strong breezes from S. W.
11, 52 56 53
12, 52 56 53
13, 45 58 57

W.; light breezes and clear.
14, 52 56 59
15,62 62 61 Gale from E. S. E., attended with rain.
16, 62


E.; strong winds, and rain. 17,62

62 18, 62

61 E. N. E.; rain ; ends clear. 19, 60 61 59

S. E.; light breezes and rain. 20, 60 60 60 E.

and foggy. 21, 65

64 E. N. E. and rain squalls. 62 64 62 N.; squally. 23, 62 62 59 N. W., and heavy squalls. 24, 52 59 59 S. W.; light breeze, and pleasant. 25 59 59 59 S. E. and squally; ends N.W. to N.E. and pleasant. 26, 57 57 59 Strong breezes and pleasant. 27 53 57 54 W. S. W.; strong breezes. 28 56 56 56 W., and pleasant. 29. 52 54 52 S. Ś. W. and pleasant. 30, 52 50 49 S. S. E. and pleasant ; latter part rain. 31, 49 59 51 Gale from S. S. E., with rain.


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