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Sir J. F. W. Herschel. Memoir of Francis Baily. 8vo. pamph. London, 1845. From Rev. R. Sheepshanks.

Portrait of Francis Baily, Esq. London, 1847. From Rev. R. Sheepshanks.

Usher Parsons, M. D. Physician for Ships. 3d ed. Boston, 1842. - Boylston Prize Essays. Boston, 1839. — Directions for making Anatomical Preparations. Philadelphia, 1834. - Remarks on Quarantine Systems. Boston, 1836. — Lecture on the Connection and Reciprocal Influence between the Brain and the Stomach. Providence, 1841. – Spinal Diseases : their Causes and Treatment. Boston, 1843. 8vo. pamphlets. From the Author.

Frans. Ritter von Hauer. Die Cephalopoden des Salzkammergutes, aus der Sammlung seiner Durchlaucht des Fürsten von Metternich, etc. 4to. Vienna, 1846. From Prince Metternich.

J. D. Dana. On Certain Laws of Cohesive Attraction, as exemplified in a Crystal of Snow. 8vo. pamph. (Extr. from Amer. Jour. Sci.) From the Author.

Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the Mercantile Library Association of New York. New York, Jan. 1848. 8vo. From the Directors.

A. D. Bache. Report of Alexander D. Bache, Superintendent of the Coast Survey, showing the Progress of that Work for the Year ending October, 1847. From the Author.

Transactions of the American Philosophical Society. Vol. X., Part I. Philadelphia, 1847. From the Society.

Prof. Hausmann. Studien des Göttingischen Vereins Bergmannischer Freunde. 1833 – 44. 6 vols. 12mo. From the Author.

Geo. P. Marshall. Occultations Visible in the United States during 1848. Philadelphia, 1848. From the Author.

Magnetical and Meteorological Observations at St. Helena, during 1840, 1841, 1842, and 1843. Vol. I. 4to. London, 1847. From the British Government.

Prof. Silliman. American Journal of Science and Arts, for Jan., March, and May, 1848. From the Editors.

F. A. W. Miguel. Illustrationes Piperacearum. Rotterdam, 1844. From. Acad. Nat. Cur. Bonn and Breslau.

Abhandlungen der Phil.-Philol. Classe der Königl. Bayerschen Akad. der Wissenschaften. Band. III. and IV., Abth. 1, 2. 1840 - 46. - Historisch. Classe. Band. III. and IV., Abth. 1, 2. 1841 – 45. — 4to. Munich. From the Royal Bavarian Academy.

Gelehrte Anzeigen. (Bayersch. Akad.) Bände VI. - XXI. Munich, 1838 - 45. From the Royal Bavarian Academy.

Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library, New York, 1848. 8vo. Albany. From the Trustees.

Bulletin de la Société Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou. No. III. 8vo. Moscow, 1846. From the Society.

G. Fischer de Waldheim. Spicilegium Entomographiæ Rossicæ. (Extr. Bull. Imp. Soc. Natur. Mosc. 1844.) From the Author.

G. Fischer de Waldheim. Entomographie de la Russie. IV me Vol. (Orthoptères). 4to. Moscow, 1846. From the Author.

G. Fischer de Waldheim. Notice sur quelques Sauriens Fossiles de Moscou. 4to. pamph. From the Author.

La Lega Italiana, Giornale Pol. Econ. Scien e Litterario. Nos. 1-4. Genoa. From the Editor.

Map of the Mineral Lands adjacent to Lake Superior, ceded to the United States by the Treaty of 1842 with the Chippewas. From the War Department.

Joseph Leidy, M. D. Researches into the Comparative Structure of the Liver (with 3 plates). — On some Bodies in the Boa Constrictor resembling the Pacinian Corpuscules. - On a New Genus and Species of Fossil Ruminantia. — On a New Fossil Genus and Species of Ruminantoid Pachydermata. — 8vo. pamphlets. From the Author.

'Aquoróbovhos. Universal Destruction of Aboriginal Races by Colonizing Nations, and eventually of the New Zealanders. London, 1847. pamph. From the Author.

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London for the year 1847. (Parts 1 and 2.) London, 1847. From the Royal Society.

Greenwich Astronomical Observations for 1845. London, 1847. From the Royal Society.

Prof. Loomis. Astronomical Observations at Hudson Observatory, Ohio. 3d Series. (Extr. from Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc., Vol. X.) From the Author.

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Philadelphia. Vol. III., 1846 - 47, and Vol. IV. to April, 1848. From the Academy.

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society at Philadelphia. Vol. IV., for 1847. 8vo. From the Society.

Transactions of the Linnæan Society of London. Vol. XX., Part 2. 4to. --- Proceedings of the Linnæan Society, Nos. 30 - 33. (1846 -47.) 8vo. — From the Society.

Abhandlungen der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Bände I. - III. (1843 - 47). 4to. From the Society.

Nachrichten von der Geog.-August. Universitat. und der Königl. Gesellschaft zu Göttingen. From the Royal Society of Göttingen.

Prof. Hausmann. Bemerkungen über Gyps und Karstenit. 4to. pamph. (Extr. Mem. Götting., Vol. III.) Göttingen, 1847.

Mémoires de la Société de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle de Ge. nève. Tom. XI. (1846 – 48.) 4to. Geneva. From the Society.



N. B. New genera and species are in Italics.

Agassiz, Louis. Climate of Europe during the later miocene period,

43. On the blind-fish of the Mammoth Cave, 180.
Agassizia, gen., Gray & Engelm., 49.

suavis, G. & E., 49.
Ageratum Wrightii, Torr. & Gray, 46.
Amblyopsis spelæus, 180.
Amphiloma, Fr., 216, 227.
Andrews, S. P. On the Chinese language, 45, 51.
Andromeda, nebulæ in, 300, 326.
Angiocarpi, Schrader, 198, 273.
Annual Meetings, 1, 158.
Apparatus for ventilation, 307.
Areolatæ, Fr., 256.
Azores, meteorology of, 44.


Bæomyces, gen., Fr., 198, 249.

roseus, Pers., 249.
Barrattia, gen., Gray & Engelm., 48.

calva, G. & E., 48.
Biatora, gen., Fr., 198, 249.

anomala, Fr., 253.

atro-rufa, Fr., 250.


Biatora aurantiaca, Fr., 255.

Byssoides, Fr., 250.
carneola, Fr., 252.
chlorantha, Tuckerm., 252.
cinnabarina, Sommerf., 252.
decipiens, Fr., 249.
decolorans, Fr., 253.
exigua, Chaub., 254.
fusco-lutea, Hook., 255.
globifera, Fr., 250.
icmadophila, Fr., 251.
lucida, Fr., 255.
mixta, Fr., 253.
ochrophæa, Tuckerm., 253.
pineti, Fr., 251.
placophylla, Fr., 250.
porphyritis, Tuckerm., 253.
quernea, Fr., 255.
rivulosa, Fr., 254.
rufo-nigra, Tuckerm., 250.
russula, Tuckerm., 254.
sanguineo-atra, Fr., 252.
spadicea, Ach., 252.

vernalis, Fr., 251.
Bitter bodies, formulæ of, 305.
Bond, G. P. On the great nebula of Andromeda, 326. On some

methods of computing the ratio of the distances of a comet from

the earth, 342.
BOND, W. C. Moon culminations, 5, 70, 103, 110, 170, 175. Tran-

sit of Mercury, 14. Observations on the comets of 1845 and 1846,
17. Solar eclipse of May, 1845, 19. Solar eclipse of April, 1846,
20. Notes on meteors, 21. On the planet Neptune, 50, 168. On
the comet of March 4th, 1847, 69. On the Cambridge telescope,
165. On Mauvais's comet, 169. .On Miss Mitchell's comet, 183.
On Lassell's satellite of Neptune, 184. Observations on the planet
Jupiter, and on the nebulæ of Herschel, 325; and on the great neb-

ula of Orion, 325. On the third satellite of Jupiter, 327.
Brickellia cylindracea, Gray & Engelm., 46.
Bryology of North America, 35.

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