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II. Answers to certain Queries concerning the abuses of the Mass. Pr. No man can take unto himself anything. MS. Bibl. Bodl. NE. B. 2. 7. et Burnet Hist. Reform. tom. ii. app. p. 123.

III. Brief Declaration of the Lord's Supper. Pr. Many things confound.-1555 et 1586, 8vo. et Oxon. 1688, 4to. Latine per Guliel. Whyttyngham Genev. 1556, h. t. “de cœna dominica assertionem e carcere scriptam." Pr. Cum duæ res sint quæ mihi. Latina autem versio in principio unam aut alteram sententiam habet quæ non est in originali. Libro huic respondit Alban Longdale, S. T. Professor e coll D. Johan. Cantabr. in "confutatione Catholica Nic. Ridley de Eucharistia." Par. 1556, 4to.


IV. Certain Godly and Comfortable Conferences between him and Mr Hugh Latimer during the time of their Imprisonment. Pr. A bishop ought to be unrepr.-London, 1555, 1556, 8vo. et Oxon. 1688, 4to. Et in partibus transmarinis, 1556, 12mo. Editioni Londinensi additur, A Treatise against the Error of Transubstantiation. Et iterum cum præfatione Henrici Wharton, Lond. 1688, 4to. In MS. Bodl. NE. B. 2. 7. Extat conferentia una contra Missam. Pr. All worldly respects put apart.-Et in Fox. 1 edit. p. 1285, extat altera cum Antonio quædam. Pr. All men do much marvell.

V. A Friendly Farewell written during his Imprisonment at Oxford unto all his true lovers a little before his Death. Pr. partis 1. At the name of Jesus Christ let.— Pr. partis 2. Farewell, my dearly beloved brethren.-Lond. 1558. Extant apud Fox, p. 1770, 1776.

VI. A Piteous Lamentation of the Miserable State of the Church of England, in the time of the late Revolt from the Gospel. Pr. Alas, what misery is.-Lond. 1566, 8vo. Extat in Fox, p. 1778. A Comparison between the Com

1 Same as No. III.

2 Same as No. VI.

fortable Doctrine of the Gospel and the Traditions of the Popish Religion. Ibid.

VII. An Account of a Disputation held at Oxford, A. D. 1554. Pr. I never yet sithens I was born.-Prodit Latine cura Gilb. Ironside. Oxon. 1688, 4to.

VIII. The Way of Peace among all Protestants, being a Letter sent by him to Bishop Hooper, with Observations upon it.-Lond. 1688, 4to.

A Letter of Reconciliation written to Bishop Hooper.Lond. by Samuel Johnson, 1689, 4to.

IX. De Abominationibus Sedis Romanæ et Pontificum Romanorum.-Strype in Vita Cranmeri, p. 343.

X. Annotationes in Tonstalli libros de Transubstantiatione. Ibid.

*Collectanea ex Evangeliis et D. Paulo, tribus doctoribus Ecclesiæ Græcæ, sc. Origene, Chrysostomo et Theodoreto, et tribus Ecclesiæ Latinæ, sc. Tertulliano, Augustino et Gelasio de verbis Institutionis Cœnæ Dominicæ figurative intelligendis. Ibid.

XI. Tres positiones de sacrificio missæ expiatorio. Ibid. (same as VII, but in Latin).

XII. Epistolas ad Fratres in diversis carceribus. Ibid. XIII. De Electione et Prædestinatione. Ibid. p. 350. Vide Literas Martyr. in Bibl. Emman. Cant. fol. 70.

XIV. Judicium ejus de epistolis decretalibus, sc. Clementis, Anacleti, Luciani et Pontiani, et aliorum vetustissimorum pontificum. Pr. Ego censeo sane esse supposititias. MSS. Bibl. Emman. Cant. 1. c. finit ita: Hæc esse respondenda censeo Bradfordo meo ad suam Quæstionem de auctoritate harum epistolarum.

XV. Annotationes in duas Watsoni conciones quadrigesimales coram regina. MSS. ibidem.

XVI. Certain Matters wherein Stephen Gardiner dif

3 Same as No. VIII.

4 Same as No. III.

fereth from others of the Papists, and from himself, as touching the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Pr. Other say that the body.-Fox, 1 Ed. p. 1384.

'Answer to M. Ant. Constantius. Ibid. p. 1503.

XVII. Articles to be Enquired of in the Visitation of the Diocese of London, 1550. Concil. M. Brit. et Hib. tom. iv. p. 60. seq.

XVIII. Injunctions given at the Visitation of the Diocese of London, 1550. Burnet Hist. Reform. tom. ii. App. n. 52.

XIX. His Letter to the Preachers within the Diocese of London, setting out the Sins of that time. Ibid. n. 58. XX. His Letter to the Protector concerning the Visitation of the University of Cambridge. Ibid. n. 59.

XXI. Diverse Letters. Strype in Vita Grindall, 19. Id. in Vita Cranmer, Ap. lxxxvi. Id. in Vita Parker, 29. Fox, 1464, 1504, 1724. MSS. Epist. Martyr. in Bibl. Emm. Coll. Cant. MSS. C. C. C. C. Miscell. i. 4012.

1 Same as No. IV.

2 Of these, the works numbered I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. XI. XII. XIV. XVI. XVII. XVIII. XIX. XX. XXI. have been preserved, and are given in this Edition; those numbered IX. X. XIII. and XV. have unhappily perished.

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Of the Lordes Supper, written by the singular learned man, and most constaunt martir of Jesus Christ: Nicholas Rydley Bishop of London, prisoner in Oxforde, a little before he suffered

deathe for the true

testimonye of


Roma. 8.

for thy sake are we killed all daye

long, and are compted as shepe

appointed to be slapne.

Nevertheless in

these things we

overcome through
him that lo=
bed us.
Anno 1555.

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