Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution

Vols for 1849-1963/64 include "General appendix to the Smithsonian report" (varies slightly)

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Página 7 - I mean stock to remain in this country, to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.
Página 447 - Results of Meteorological Observations made under the Direction of the United States Patent Office and the Smithsonian Institution, from the year 1854 to 1859, inclusive, being a Report of the Commissioner of Patents made at the first session of the 36th Congress.
Página 362 - The inference is that the meteorite has been extruded from a dense atmosphere of hydrogen gas, for which we must look beyond the light cometary matter floating about within the limits of our solar system.
Página 11 - With reference to the collection of books, other than those mentioned above, catalogues of all the different libraries in the United States should be procured, in order that the valuable books first purchased may be such as are not to be found in the United States.
Página 429 - Report of the Organization Committee of the Smithsonian Institution, with the resolutions accompanying the same and adopted by the Board of Regents ; also, the Will of the testator, the Act accepting the bequest, and the Act organizing the Institution.
Página 8 - The volumes of the memoirs to be exchanged for the Transactions of literary and scientific societies, and copies to be given to all the colleges, and principal libraries, in this country. One part of the remaining copies may be offered for sale ; and the other carefully preserved, to form complete sets of the work, to supply the demand from new institutions.
Página 447 - On the Construction of a Silvered Glass Telescope, fifteen and a half inches in aperture, and its use in Celestial Photography.
Página 8 - ... local objects would be a perversion of the trust. 14. Besides the foregoing considerations, deduced immediately from the will of Smithson, regard must be had to certain requirements of the act of Congress establishing the Institution. These are, a library, a museum, and a gallery of art, with a building on a liberal scale to contain them.
Página 426 - In the sixth is shown the value as paid at the mint after the uniform deduction of one-half of one per cent. The former is the value for any other purposes than recoinage, and especially for the purpose of comparison; the latter is the value in exchange for our coins at the mint. For the silver there is no fixed legal valuation, the law providing for shifting the price according to the condition of demand and supply.
Página 362 - Lyrse is the type. The iron of Lenarto has no doubt come from such an atmosphere, in which hydrogen greatly prevailed. This meteorite may be looked upon as holding imprisoned within it, and bearing to us, the hydrogen of the stars.

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