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which our Church has wisely chosen in her first Morning Lesson for the day of his Nativity. Titles declaring beyond all doubt the eternal Godhead of that "seed of the woman,' ""who has led captivity captive;" and still "bruises the serpent's head."

His blessed Gospel is gradually overthrowing Idolatry, and the gross delusions of darkness fade before its piercing rays. His first Advent silenced all the Heathen oracles of the Old World, since the Flood; his second coming will be to judge both quick, and dead, in the personal might, and majesty, of God.

Through all the Prophets we trace the promised seed; and as the time drew near, they spoke more plainly of his birth. Bethlehem in Judah; a Virgin, a pure, immaculate Virgin for his Mother, in that city of David: and many other circumstances, equally fulfilled, were pointed out to notice.

St. Matthew traces the descent of Joseph, the reputed father of Jesus, who was crucified; proving that Joseph was of the house of David of the Tribe of Judah.

Many an unbeliever has made a stand here; but one more remark will force him

out of his position. Open St. Luke's Gospel, and behold the real descent of our Lord Jesus Christ, through Heli his grandfather, father of the Virgin Mary.

Hear me, I beseech you, brethren; in the Name of that Jesus of Nazareth, "who is the way, the truth, and the life;" with candour, and attention.

Turn to your Bible any where; and read any of the numerous genealogies preserved therein. Behold the male name only, throughout every one of them!

It shews the custom of the Jews, as each Tribe retained the name of its male Progenitor and is conclusive for my argument. For when Heli had no son, his line would have been extinct but for his daughter, the Virgin Mary whose Son Jesus, the Son of the Highest; thus came "to the throne of his Father David;" as so many Scriptures had foretold.

And to shew why St. Matthew gives a different line down from their mutual Ancestor David; it is only necessary to state that the Jews never quote his account, nor claim Joseph for their promised Prince; but have pretended to look for the Messiah in one

Joseph of the tribe of Ephraim, contrary to all Holy Writ.

Now St. Matthew taught, and proclaimed the Gospel of Truth; and he foresaw that every proof of Jesus Christ being the Messiah would be sought for.

He gives his reputed Father's descent; and then relates the birth of Jesus Christ; expressly saying that before Joseph and Mary came together," she was found with child of the Holy Ghost." And he makes Joseph to be begat by Jacob; as St. Luke calls him the son of Heli, according to their custom of the genealogy running in the male name only. He was by marriage alone Heli's son, seeing he could have but one father; and the Jews themselves acknowledge Heli to be the father of that Mary, who was betrothed to Joseph. To Joseph of the same mutual Ancestry, of the royal Tribe of Judah; of the House and City of David.

As a Son born after marriage, and adopted by Joseph, our Lord's claim is as clearly proved to the throne of David. But as the lineal offspring of the royal Virgin, his right is most evident.

Remember that a new Dynasty, that of the

tributary parasite Herod, had then rule over Judea; and his cruel policy, supported by his arbitrary Roman masters; effectually kept down all claimants of the house of David. Before the Messiah's coming, Isaiah predicted that "the land should be forsaken of both her Kings;" her Kings of Israel, and of Judah.

Let me hope that this faithful, and true, statement may awaken in your hearts a thorough contempt for the attempts of the blasphemers. May God, in mercy, turn their hearts, to save their souls alive!

Never believe our assertions without searching that Book, from whence we draw our only wisdom; if a shadow of doubt remains, after you have heard your Minister's discourses. This blessed day of rest affords a fit leisure for so profitable an employment: be persuaded, and make the trial.

We seek not mere applause for our writings, and our faithful transcripts of the glorious Bible; that entire word of God. We labour earnestly for your, as an earnest of our own, Salvation. Then, let us together humbly and gladly, approach God's holy table: for, brethren, no powers of eloquence; no earthly dignity; no graces of address, or person, are

valuable here; unless the Preacher in his life humbly strive to follow the doctrine of our Lord. By faith and works the Christian honours his Redeeming Saviour. Pray then for us, pray earnestly for our, as we for your, redemption: and let us all ever prefer for ourselves the upright character of the Christian; faithfully, firmly, unchangeably, believing in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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