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health—did his pious example reform, and animate his people—faithful in every duty, as King, Husband, Father of his individual, and of his general, Family; his Name will be held in veneration while Truth and Justice remain in this great Empire.

How difficult is it, even in the private walks of human life, to act always uprightly : how few can bear to attract general observation; can hope to become a shining example to others: and enjoy in their own hearts the peace which passeth all understanding ! Such candour will allow; for Christian humility, the only way truly to estimate ourselves, will discover more imperfections in the very

best of men, than self-love is willing to believe. But if like David, if as our own pious Monarch did, “ we rejoice in thy strength, O Lord ! exceeding glad shall we be of thy Salvation.”

Educated in the purity of our Established Faith, the hereditary future Ruler of this Country is early taught the free, and noble, principles of our glorious Constitution. He is taught by our Liturgy obedience to God; and that “the hearts of Kings” are in His rule, and government.

He is gradually led to venerate the long Established forms of Government in Church, and State ; the honourable cement of the interests of our King, and his People. And those have, through God's mercy, survived the general destruction of neighbouring Monarchies : holding out an eternal lesson to the nations of the Earth. That where true Religion is upheld, God will “unite the hearts of all as the heart of one man.'

That true Liberty is obedience to the Laws; which protect our lives, our property, and the lawful fruits of our industry, and talents.

That the brightest jewel in the Crown is the well deserved love of the People: the highest honour upon Earth is to be the first Magistrate of a Country, which upholds the sacred banner of Christ crucified. Which delights not to oppress the Nations; but to diffuse, together with the knowledge of Salvation, the cheering feelings of an enlightened, and rational, freedom.

How often did it please Almighty Providence to crown those efforts with victory : how justly have other Nations remarked the mild, and beneficial, influence of our Laws upon their Colonies, taken for a while from the Enemy !

Thus the pure spirit of Christianity, even in lawful defence allows not of revengeful destruction: her secret, mild, influence has often vanquished the victors ; converting enraged foes into the ready messengers of peace, mercy, and forgiveness. These are thy triumphs, O ever-blessed Son of God ! the blood-stained trophies of war are fallen beneath thy Holy Cross, whose olive-branch shows forth “on Earth peace, good will to

men !”

Such have been the fruits of a reign prolonged beyond the general duration ; for such this whole Nation rejoiced together before the Lord, when our late Monarch's fiftieth year of Government was celebrated ; and when your

Jubilee Establishment for Widows, and many other noble Charities throughout the British Empire, took their rise. Truly rejoiced before the Lord, because the sorrowful sighing of the poor prisoner was not forgotten in the general Jubilee of thanksgiving

And to the great Father of mercies, the hallowed tears of gratitude poured forth by for poor

the released captive; the morsel which hunger sanctified with a tear, and a blessing; these were more truly acceptable than all the raptures of our general Thanksgiving. Shall I


in our Saviour's words, “ Go, and do thou likewise?" Happy is the recollection of your good deeds on that occasion; and thrice blessed the Jubilee Establishment

Widows. In tracing the progress of that pure Religious Faith, in which our earlier years were nurtured ; in which the children of our poorer neighbours are now daily educated: we shall continually behold the blessings which Reason, Truth, and Revelation, every where have produced.

The great persecutors of Christianity, the Roman Emperors, became its Sons, and Defenders. And whether it were a pious fraud in Constantine to excite the flower of his Army, the Christian Legion, to victory: or that the vision of the Cross was seen by them in the skies; those Emperors, and all succeeding Christians, hailed the omen as auspicious—and the motto is becoming the Faith of the believer: “ In this sign thou shalt conquer.”

To that Legion were ascribed the honours of the well earned field : how indeed could men be unsuccessful, who believed that the eye of God was over all His works; who drew the sword of Justice in the cause, and protection, of His Religion ?

Fourteen years are now gone by, since that general sense of God's protection of our late venerable Monarch called forth our joy in his Salvation. The mighty arm of Infidel power is overthrown-the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, borne by Nations different in language, manners, and some doctrines of Faith—Nations far distant from each other, but united in one great cause of Justicehis sacred banner waved in triumph before the gates of his Enemies !

His true, and pure, Faith led the united Sovereigns to kneel, and acknowledge Him their strength, and their Salvation, on the great field of Victory. His merciful ordinances, His example, and commands restrained their just revenge upon a fallen, treacherous foe-in His Name they granted peace, and protection : while the injured feelings of the lately oppressed Nations were lost in the glory of their Redeemer.

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