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Among the first duties of a Magistrate is strict impartiality; a firm, and unqualified, adherence to the oaths he takes on his appointment. And in the earliest years of our laté chief Magistrate's reign, how nobly did the King relinquish his own power, by appointing the Judges of this Realm for their lives: no longer removable by Court influence, or popular dislike.

Early imbibing the rational, and enlightened principles of Christianity, he did to others as he would they should do unto him. In every sacred duty of Religion he was the first-he himself laid aside his crown at the altar of God; humbling his spirit before the only Ruler of Princes.

These first indications of virtue, which is the right way of thinking, and acting, from a sense of duty to God, and man; were hailed by our Fathers as the beginning of the reign of a truly Patriot King. And how gratifying is the knowledge that our Sovereign during fifty-nine

had preserved the love of his People, and of mankind in general. Let those confess his worth, who in their own families cultivate the same virtues-piety, truth, fidelity, justice, and benevolence !


In his reign Toleration as to opinions in matters of Religious Faith had been remarkable; and the Laws relaxed to afford a compliance with the wishes of some of our fellow-subjects, as far as consistent with the safety of the Nation in general, Firm to his Coronation Oath, no sorrows, no temptations, no fears of personal injury, could change his virtuous course.

In him we beheld a good man struggling with adversity: we knew how acutely he felt many occasions of trouble; but we never knew our King forsake the high duties of his Station.

The promoter of every useful art; the example to other Sovereigns of releasing the captive African from chains of slavery: mankind have venerated his name.

His court was not a refuge for licentiousness-in himself we admired conjugal fidelity; for the sacred observance of an oath made in God's holy. Name was the leading feature in his character.

“ The King did rejoice in thy Name, O Lord!—exceeding glad shall he be of thy Salvation. Thou shalt give him everlasting felicity—because the King put his trust in the

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Lord : and in the mercy of the Most Highest he shall not miscarry!”

How faithfully our venerable Sovereign attended to every dutiful observance of the Sabbath day; to all the Offices of our pure, and holy, Church; is well known to all of us.

Like these Infants, whose Morning Hymn of gratitude has awakened our hearts to praise, and Prayer; their King early every morning knelt before the throne of God, and thence sought consolation, and protection.

Let her virtuous, but short, and transient, life; whose early years were nurtured beneath his immediate fostering care—let our departed Princess, lovely in youthful beauty, more lovely in the eternal graces of truth, and piety—let them speak conviction to our minds, and call down blessings on his Memory! Let us, as Christians, hope, and believe that they are now, together with his truly charitable, and ever faithful, Queen; rejoicing in the Paradise of God.

In such lives as theirs alone are wisdom, faith, and holy hope, and charity—these proceed from the mercy-seat of God, and, like every virtue that cometh from His all-gracious Providence, in their return to Him they


bring before His throne the redeemed souls of men.

“He that is mighty to save,” came upon the Earth, bringing peace, consolation, faith, hope, and charity, to men. He will awake the dead from the bursting tomb; and call up from the deep sea those buried in his

“He shall judge the people righteously;" giving the eternal reward of His own meritorious sacrifice to all who believe in Him !

If for a moment, but for a moment, we might have lifted the veil of affliction : let us rejoice to know how a merciful God dealeth with the sons of men. Our beloved King's foretaste of a better World was the natural effect of early Christian Faith; and his belief, while living in the deepest sorrows of mortality, that he was already in a happier state of existence, was to him a consolation in the heaviest grief, and privations. God is infinite in wisdom, mercy,

and not as our ways: and He can commune with the souls of men in whatsoever manner He pleaseth ; for with Him to will is to do.

“Those who trust in Me,” said our Saviour, " shall never be ashamed !" I am Alpha,

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and Omega.”

“ I have the keys of Death, and Hell.”

Short-sighted men, “ without faith, in the world,” judge, seeing through a glass darkly: their conclusions are mostly erroneous, because derogatory to the glory of God. But in the ample pages of Revelation the Christian can always find consolation : having meditated on God's providential care,


forth his soul to Him in secret ; and rises from his knees with a renewed, and grateful, spirit.

Knock, and it shall be opened to thee;" “ Ask, and it is given thee;" humble faith has sustained countless generations; and in the word of prophecy the Comforter assures us that an innumerable multitude of ail Nations shall rejoice in the realms of Heaven!

It was no small mercy to our Monarch, and to ourselves, that this Country was not invaded by the enemy; nor her government overthrown in the late tumultuous conflict of contending Nations. It is not to our merit, nor power in arms, alone, that we must ascribe this uncommon success.

66 All the kingdoms of the earth are the Lord's, and He doth what He willeth with the children of men.” We are but a part of His Almighty


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