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dominion ;. a small, but faithful, remnant of His Church.

And laying aside mere political views, in this far more extended Empire, let us find cause to bless His eternal truth. We have, in our established Faith ; in our many praiseworthy Institutions ; one of the very best of which is now before us : we have confessed our Lord Jesus Christ our Redeemer.

" And those who acknowledge me," said that Lord; “ I will confess before the face of men, and

angels !"

Our present

Let us, therefore, endeavour so to follow His example, that we may call down His continual blessing. Like Him, let us submit in all things, and with a willing mind, to the lawfully constituted authorities. King has faithfully observed his oaths to his people; let us preserve our allegiance, and do our duty cheerfully in that station unto which it has pleased God to call us.

Let every member of this Church and State, acting up to the sound principles of his forefathers, set in his own life a virtuous example. Let him discourage vice in all its odious forms: resist a growing and dangerous spirit of blaspheming audacity- let him convince the misguided that to be honest, and industrious, is to be happy—that sloth, drunkenness, and idle murmurs, are the certain road to misery.

If there be any now present who doubts these maxims, which the wisdom of ages, deriving from the Holy Scriptures all useful knowledge, has handed down to us : he may be easily convinced of their truth. Among his neighbours he may see the blessed effects of meritorious industry; and he may

lament over the improvidence, and wretchedness, of the wicked, and idle.

It is the bounden duty of every man, every honest, and honourable, mind; to resist by words, and example, this increasing evil.Self-interest should unite us, and a sense of duty encourage us, in discountenancing the audacious productions of folly, blasphemy, and licentiousness. Let us keep the springs pure

in the innocent hearts of our children ; and the even current of their contented lives on Earth will bear their souls happily onward in the


to Heaven ! We cannot, after our Heavenly King's glorious example; adopt a better course, as real patriots, and true sons of rational freedom, than to follow our late beloved Earthly Monarch's example.

The men who instigate to acts of disobedience are shallow pretenders to wisdom; and religion is despised by our modern reformers, whose morality is easily brought to the test. For the man who flagrantly offends the laws of his Country, which are founded on the laws of God, is unworthy of trust-equally is he unworthy who uses his authority for oppression. But the



our code is too well known to require an advocate; and the events of recent years have called forth a determined spirit of loyalty in all parts of this great Empire.

Thus even by afflictions is the heart of man purified, and led “to look from nature up to nature's God !" To obey his commandments

way of life—“ in Him, and for Him, let us faithfully serve, honour, and humbly obey his chosen servant George, our King and Governor!'

The nation, in the 58th year of his Father's reign, sent forth, on her coins, an acknowledgment, that he was “our honour, and defence;" let us ever pray to our Redeemer to pour forth consolation on our present

is the

Sovereign's head; to smooth his

passage through this vale of tears; and crown him with everlasting peace, and joy, in the blissful regions of eternity! Let us continue to honour the memory of one good King, by promoting the welfare, and augmenting the funds, of the Jubilee House Establishment; which was founded from the overplus of the loyal, and charitable offerings, of this Royal Parish : wherein former Monarchs delighted to reside ; and where the noblest Hospital in the World testifies the gratitude of our Country to her brave defenders.

Let us keep pace with the well known Charity, and ever open hand, of our present generous Sovereign ; to whom real want never applied in vain : and enwreathing the olive branch of Peace with his own, and his Father’s, well-earned laurels; be Heavenly Charity, a holy fear of God, honour to our King, and love to all men, the distinguishing marks of our present generation.

Ye who are rich, O hear the Widow's supplicating prayer, and liberally grant your aid. -Ye who are not rich, remember Him who praised the benevolence of the Widow's mite --forget not these poor Widows, and our

have every

Redeemer will remember you.

Their husbands, and earthly protectors are no more ; and, living at almost the last period allotted to mankind in this World, they have just claim upon our mercy, charity, and liberality.

Their brave, and loyal, friends, whose union showed the Enemy an impenetrable bulwark; for the hearts of our Nation were as the heart of one man ; and saved us from Invasionthey largely added to the original supplies of the Jubilee fund. Other benevolent friends contributed their aid from time to time, and have bequeathed to you the noble task of keeping up so truly blessed an Institution. The repairs of the Almshouses of the Jubilee Establishment require more money, than the decreased interest upon the small sum in the Funds will allow the Trustees to expend : and lest they must diminish the Widows' small stipend, they ask for your customary, and generous, assistance.

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