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structing the ignorant; reforming the idle, the drunken, and the wicked. And in that pre-eminently sorrowful hour entailed

upon their sex, their benevolence is ever actively employed in providing kind, and able, attendance ; clothes, and fit sustenance, for the poor Mother, and her expected Infant. O may they, when, like her, they “rejoice that a man is born into the World ;" forget their own sorrows in the growing virtues of their Offspring, virtues springing from their own pious example : may “their Children rise

up, and call them blessed !”

See the humble, and industrious, Wife of the poor labourer, or mechanic, hourly approaching that period which is naturally expected to increase her already numerous family. Hardly able to support those who look to her provident care for daily food; would she not rather despair, than rejoice, at again experiencing a Mother's delightful occupation; giving its first sustenance to the grateful Infant in her arms?

Thrice blessed are the feet of those who bring good tidings : behold these gentle Messengers of Peace, like the Angels of God, bearing consolation to the afflicted, and un


happy. Angels of mercy record, in your eternal tablets, that some portion of the image of our God

yet remaineth

upon the reflection of His never-failing loving kindness! Let not their smile of heavenly pity be forgotten ; their tender consolations; their pious encouragement to submit, with resignation, to all the dispensations of the Father of Creation; that Father, who is once more “ breathing into man the breath of life," and making him “a living Soul.” Forget not the Mother's sighs, her fears, her tears of grateful joy; bear up to Heaven her glad thanksgiving : and be her grateful praises recorded in the Book of Life!

Father Supreme, Maker of men and Angels, Creator of the Universe; O hear an Earthly Father's prayer; whose table Thy ever gracious Providence hath crowned with olive branches : whose vine Thou hast adorned with numerous clusters, filling his heart with humble, grateful, joy : pour down thy blessings on this Charity. Fulfil these, thy handmaidens, with all spiritual grace; that, following the footsteps of thy ever-blessed Son, they may persevere in well-doing, and receive from Him the crown of everlasting Life!

Nor are the exertions of this Female Society, a Charitable Institution originally formed, and still conducted by Females only, terminated by giving nourishment, and lending boxes of linen to poor women during their confinement. Their Secretary's kind information, and able statement of the benevolent objects of their Society, enable me to bring forward many other powerful claims for our support.

They frequent the cottages of the poor throughout this extensive, and populous Borough, throughout your numerous Parishes. They are found at the bed of sickness, and infirmity; giving all that aid, and comfort, which Christian Love is always willing to bestow upon our suffering fellow-creatures ; upon whom, equally with ourselves, is stamped the image of our God.

God has made all hearts alike: had not His Infinite Wisdom so decreed; the promises of Salvation, pardon, and peace, through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ, had not been held out, as they now are, to the benefit of all mankind. For all mankind Christ died upon the Cross, paying in His own person, the sad penalty for Adam's fall; for all man

grave; from

kind He rose triumphant from the whence we also shall arise, when the last Trumpet sounds on high, and kneel before His throne.

Their gentle steps may be seen where extreme want, and misery, cry in vain to their neighbours for relief; to neighbours, perhaps, as wretched as themselves. Our benevolent Sisters carefully attend to every circumstance of the poor's necessity ; food, fire, and clothing, are instantly supplied : we know when Woman's heart is warmed by Charity, her hands are swift in execution. That heart, in which the God of. Love, and Mercy, implanted such peculiar tenderness ; whose conceptions are lively, and decision prompt; that heart from whence springs so many blessings to us, our offspring, and the World.

Were not that heart, tenderly, quickly, and feelingly alive, how would our helpless Infants be reared; how would a Mother's watchful eye, her listening ear, almost prevent their little wants ?

And these excellent Women, from a more extended feeling of benevolence, are Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, to the poor, and needy : As Mothers they provide for the wants of a poorer Female's family; they reform the vicious, both by precept, and example. They instruct the ignorant, teaching them the eternal doctrines of our holy Religion ; shewing them practically the Christian virtues of our Redeemer, by humbly walking in His blessed steps, and ways. His“

ways are ways of pleasantness, and all His paths are peace !"

Their Sisterly affection is shewn in the many little offices of tenderness, so well known to all who have lain upon the couch of agonizing pain; their gentle hands smooth the pillow of despair, present the salutary medicine; their softened voices, and glistening eyes of pity, soothe the worn out mind to rest.

See the grateful look of the poor sufferer, ere he closes his eyes to sleep for the first time during a long illness ; see him reclining


the well arranged pillow; and his dim eye showing that he is, internally, invoking upon his Benefactress a blessing from that God, whom he is too weak to pray to verbally. Scripture tells us, that with such scenes God Himself is well pleased; what gratitude ought not man to feel !

his weary

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