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and tenderness ;" she, even she, ventures forth on an errand of benevolence : and her own heart amply rewards her goodness.

The voice of consolation is heard in the seats of want; and ignorance is enlightened by the blessed words of Scripture Truth. Religion penetrates with sure effect into a grateful heart; and is never clothed in a more lovely form, than when that speaking eye of pity proves, to the

poor sufferer; that the gentle heart, and liberal hand, are in unison, sounding the cheering chords of

gracious Mercy.

It is evident how much your own neighbourhood is benefited by their influence, and exertions : theft, drunkenness, idleness, the Parent of all evil, and every vice, are discouraged; while virtue, temperance, prudence, industry, sobriety, and chastity, are encouraged among the Poor. Shame, by God's infinite wisdom, is the constant companion of Vice, and Guilt; which causes the vicious eye to sink beneath the calm aspect of conscious Innocence.

That internal monitor, Conscience, which speaks the awful voice of God to our hearts, will be heard ; and these precious moments

of remorse, and compunction, are often effectually useful towards a complete reformation of the sinner. Beholding the good works of these generous friends of the needy, and knowing that Religion leads them to visit, and assist the poor; many a sinner, of both sexes, may be, and, I doubt not, often is, reclaimed by their example. Our Lord

says of His disciples, “ By their fruits. ye shall know them ;" and few of us are insensible to the actions of others, however we may be inattentive to their words. In the good it arises from a natural desire to prove our sincerity ; in the bad from a wish of detracting from that worth, which they refuse to imitate : to both “example tells where precept fails.”

Ten years have they been engaged in the benevolent works of their praiseworthy. Society, during which it has pleased God to reward their labours with very great suc

And their Report confirms the opinion already stated, that many would be reformed by their example, instructions, and works of Christian faith, and charity; so as to fix their anxious hope upon Salva


their suc

tion through the merits of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Even the bed of Death has acknowledged the unbounded utility of their thrice blessed Society ; a Society originating with, and to this hour conducted by, Females only. Shall we be jealous of their exertions, envy cess; or, more nobly, encourage them to persevere in this laudable employment? If we feel jealous of man's prerogative to govern, and direct; if we envy the increasing success of our amiable Sisters in the Lord: let us unite with them in every good work, with liberal hand, and willing heart, and run our course together to the goal !

O may they never want generous friends; firm, and faithful, protectors ; among those, who are bound to love, honour, cherish, comfort, and support that tender sex : whose virtues are well deserving of our imitation, whose pious deeds are above all our praise. Your own hearts, generous, and compassionate, Women, speak in a language not to be misunderstood, the approbation of your

Maker and those same Scriptures, which command His ordained servants to rebuke guilt, and vice ; authorise them thus openly to proclaim

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to the just, and righteous, Christians the approbation of their God. You have dutifully, humbly, and perseveringly, followed the benevolent example of our Lord Jesus Christ. You have obeyed His commandments, which shall endure for ever, because founded in truth, and equity.

O may this appeal, and every such just appeal, to our hearts, and understandings, be liberally, and plenteously, rewarded : you have proved yourselves prudent, and tender, Almoners of Charity ; and have so let light shine before men, that they glorify your Father which is in Heaven.”

Brethren, 66 while we have time, let us do good unto all men : and specially unto them that are of the household of faith.” “God is not unrighteous, that he will forget your works, and labour that proceedeth of love : which love ye have shewed for His Name's sake, who have ministered unto the saints, and yet do minister."

Excellent, and blessed Society ! may you all, collectively; and every one of you, individually, experience all the honours, and comforts, of Christian life here; as Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Sisters, Friends : and,

when entering upon a better, and eternal, World; then may your Saviour say, “ Many Daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all !"

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