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“EDMUND," said the loving mother,

To her little child of four:
“Will you be both true and gentle,

Me obeying, evermore?
Will you be a man of honor,

Neither steal, nor cheat, nor lie?”
I will, mamma, was boy's reply.

“ARTHUR," said the patient mother,

To the man of twenty one:
“Will you leave the path of evil,

Be a faithful, loving son?
Will you open snow-white pages,

And with manly writings fill?”
"I will not,said stubborn will.

“Will you love me," said the maiden,

“When myself I shall resign To your keeping? As your wife

Will you guard me for all time?

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Saddest mother to her husband:

“ Will you think of hours so fleeting,
When with future's door just opening,

Both our eyes with love were meeting?
Will you help regain the losses,

Standing true to marriage ban?”
I will not,” said faithless man.

I will labor," said the thrifty;

I will not,replied the heedless; I will worship God," said love;

I will not,” said hate, “'tis needless."
Thus the freedom of the will,

By consent and by confession,
Is a part of that great store

Of universal man's possession.

We are

a part of all that has been. Streams of influence, extending through time, touch and are assimilated by all men. Abraham and Moses, Socrates and Savonarola, each have added increments to our characters. We are products, and the multiplicands

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