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have been misstated or misunderstood, it is to be hoped that their correction or explanation by abler hands will

out the only object in view.

But if some apology may be required for the publication of these volumes, a more pleasing task remains for which none can be due—the acknowledgment of many acts of kindness by those who on various occasions have had the power of affording me facilities and assistance in the pursuits in which I have been for some time engaged.

To the Duke of Somerset and Lord Essex I beg to offer my best thanks for the loan of all such MSS. as they had in their possession relating to the Marquis of Hertford and to Lord Capell.' To Mr. Panizzi and to Mr. Holmes my warmest thanks are due for the invariable kindness and assistance by which every facility has been given me to profit by the stores of the library and MSS. of the British Museum. To Mr. Lemon, of the State Paper Office, I am equally indebted, both for

through his knowledge of the papers in his custody.

| Lord Falkland's absence from England deprived me of the advantage of applying to him for any MSS. relating to his ancestor ; it has, however, been already stated by Mr. Teale, in his biographical work, that Lord Falkland had assured him he had none remaining in his possession.

* Through Mr. Lemon's assistance extracts from the Council Registers were procured : for the facility of obtaining information most important to literary and historical researches the world is indebted to Mr. Greville for his persevering exertions in procuring ample indexes to be formed to those invaluable Records.


To Sir Francis Palgrave I must also take this opportunity of offering my best thanks for the obliging manner in which he assisted me in researches at the Record Office ; also to Dr. Bandinel and Mr. Coxe, of the Bodleian Library. From Mr. William Smith I have gratefully to acknowledge the assistance he was enabled to give me, from his long experience and great knowledge of engravings; and to Mr. Carpenter, of the British Museum, for the facilities afforded me, both in profiting by the collection of prints under his care, and by his own extensive information on the subject. Lastly, to Dr. Waagen I must take this means of ten

valuable opinions he gave on each picture individually

time trusting that he will excuse the liberty I have taken

tures is of European reputation. Thanks are due to other friends for minor services and for kind encouragement. Whatever may be the success of the work to which they have lent their aid, the pleasure conferred by their kindness will always be gratefully remembered by the author.

London, December, 1851.

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