Bibliotheca Orientalis, Or, A Complete List of Books, Papers, Serials and Essays Published in ... in England and the Colonies, Germany and France on the History, Languages, Religions, Antiquities, Literature and Geography of the East, Volumen1

Trübner, 1876

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Página 10 - Boards 4 o CHINA : THE LAND AND THE PEOPLE OF. A short Account of the Geography, History, Religion, Social Life, Arts, Industries, and Government of China and its People.
Página 22 - HM's Consular Service. 6s. A CHRONOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL CHART OF INDIA, Price, fully tinted, mounted on roller or in case, 20*. size, about 40 in. by 50 in. Showing, at one view, all the principal nations, governments, and empires which have existed in that country from the earliest times to the suppression of the Great Mutiny, AD 1858, with the date of each historical event according to the various eras used in India.
Página 10 - Bretschneider. — NOTICES OF THE MEDIAEVAL GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF CENTRAL AND WESTERN ASIA. Drawn from Chinese and Mongol Writings, and Compared with the Observations of Western Authors in the Middle Ages. By E. BRETSCHNEIDER, MD 8vo.
Página 6 - Campbell. — MY CIRCULAR NOTES : Extracts from Journals ; Letters sent Home ; Geological and other Notes, written while Travelling Westwards round the World, from July 6th, 1874, to July 6th, 1875. By JF CAMPBELL, Author of "Frost and Fire.
Página 8 - GIRARD (0.). France et Chine. Vie publique et privée des Chinois anciens et modernes, passé et avenir de la France dans l'extrême Orient, institutions politiques, sociales, civiles, religieuses et militaires de la Chine, mœurs et coutumes, philosophie et littérature, sciences et arts, etc.
Página 40 - The Frosty Caucasus; an Account of a Walk through Part of the Range, and of an Ascent of Elbruz in the Summer of 1874. By FC Grove.
Página 71 - GUIEYSSE (P.). Rituel funéraire égyptien, chapitre 64 . Textes comparés, traduction et commentaires d'après les papyrus du Louvre et de la Bibliothèque nationale.
Página 83 - Sur les monuments mégalithiques et les populations blondes du Maroc, suivi de : les Peuples blonds et les monuments mégalithiques dans l'Afrique septentrionale. Les Vandales en Afrique, par MP Broca. 1876, in-8, fig.
Página 36 - Eastern Persia: an account of the journeys of the Persian boundary Commission 1870 — 71 — 72.
Página 28 - Mills. — THE INDIAN SAINT; or, Buddha and Buddhism. — A Sketch Historical and Critical. By CDB MILLS. 8vo. cl., pp. 192.

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