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Page. Letter.


III. The Cricket,

154 17 To the same. Letters the fruit of friendship; his

IV. The Parrot,

ib. conversion,

April 4 173

V. The Thracian,

155 18 To the same. The probability of knowing each other

VI. Reciprocal Kindness,


in a future state,

April 17 174

VII. A Manual,

ib. 19 To the same. On the recollection of earthly affairs

VIII. An Enigma,

156 by departed spirits,

April 18 175

IX. Sparrows self-domesticated,

ib. 20 To the same. On the same subject; on his own state

X. Familiarity dangerous,

157 of body and mind,

Sept. 176

XI. Invitation to the Red-breast,

ib. 21 To the same. His manner of living; reasons for his

XIL Strada's Nightingale,

ib. not taking orders,

Oct. 20 177

XIII. Ode on the death of a Lady,



XIV. The Cause Won,

158 22 To the same. Reflections arising from reading Mar-
XV. The Silk Worm,

ib. shall,

March 11 ib.
XVI. The Innocent Thief,

ib. 23 To the same. Introduction of Mr. Unwin's son;

XVII. Denner's Old Woman,

159 his gardening; on Marshall,

March 14 178

XVIII: The Tears of a Painter,

ib. 24 To the same. On the motive of his introducing Mr.
XIX. The Maze,

ib. Unwin's son to her,

April 3 ib.
XX. No Sorrow peculiar to the Sufferer,

ib. 25 To the same. Mr. Unwin's death; doubts concern.

XXI. The Snail,

ib. ing his future abode,

July 13 179

The Contrite Heart,

160 26 To Joseph Hill, Esq. Reflections arising from Mr.

The Shining Light,

ib. Unwin's death,

July 16 ib.

Thirsting for God,



A Tale,

ib. 27 To the same. On the occurrences during his visit at

Song on Peace,

161 St Alban's,

July 16 ib.

Sonnet to John Johnson,



Inscription on a grove of Oaks, -

ib. 28 To the same. On the difference of dispositions; his

Love Abused,

ib. love of retirement,


Memorial for Ashley Cowper, Esq.

ib. 29 To Mrs. Cowper. His new situation; reasons for
To the memory of John Thornton, Esq.

ib. the insufficiency of the world to confer happiness, ib.
To a Young Friend,

163 30 To Mrs. Cowper. The consolations of religion on
To the memory of Dr. Lloyd,

ib. the death of her husband,

Aug. 31 ib.

Epitaph on Fop, a dog,




31 To the same. Dangerous illness of his brother,



March 5 181

1 To Lady Hesketh. Journals of the House of Lords ; 32 To the Rev. John Newton Sickness and death of his

reflection on the singular temper of his mind,


March 31 ib.

Aug. 9 164

33 To J. Hill, Esq. Religious sentiments of his bro.



May 8 182

2 To Joseph Hill, Esq. Account of his situation at 34 To Mrs. Cowper. The same subject, June 7 ib.

June 24 ib. 35 To J. Hill, Esq. Expression of his gratitude for in-

3 To Lady Hesketh. On his illness and subsequent

stances of friendship,

Sept. 25 183


July 1 165 | 36 To the Rev. William Unwin. The same subject;
4 To the same. Salutary effects of affliction on the hu-

of supplicatory letters, &c.

June 8 ib.

man mind,

July 4 ib.


5 To the same. Account of Huntingdon; distance 37 To the same. Johnson's Lives of the Poets, May 26 184

from his brother, &c.

July 5 166 33 To the same. His hot-house; tame pigeons; visit to

6 To the same. Newton's Treatise on the Prophecies;


Sept. 21 ib.

reflections of Dr. Young on the truth of Christiani- 39 To the same. Johnson's biography; his treatment


July 12 167 of Milton,

Oct. ib.

7 To the same. On the beauty and sublimity of scrip- 40 To the same. Quick succession of human events;

tural language,

Aug. 1 ib.

modern patriotism,

Dec. 2 135

8 To the same. Pearsall's Meditations; definition of



Aug. 17 168

41 To the same. Burke's speech on the reformation;

9 To the same. On a particular providence; experi.

Nightingale and Glow-worm,

Feb. 27 ib.

ence of mercy, &c.

Sept. 4 169 42 To the Rev. J. Newton. On the danger of innova-

10 To the same. First introduction to the Unwin sami.

March 18 166

ly; their characters,

Sept. 14 170 43 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On keeping the Sabbath,
11 To the same. On the thankfulness of the heart, its

March 28 ib.

inequalities, &c.

Oct. 10 ib. 44 To the same. Pluralities in the Church, April 6 187

12 To the same. Miss Unwin, her character and pie. 45 To the Rev. J. Newton. Distinction between a travel-

Oct. 18 ib. ed man, and a traveled gentleman, April 16 ib.

13 To Major Cowper. Situation at Huntingdon; his 46 To the same. Serious reflections on rural scenery,

perfect satisfaction, &c-

Oct. 18 171

May 3 188

14 To Joseph Hill, Esq. On those who confine all me- 47 To J. Hill, Esq. The Chancellor's (T—W) illness,
rits to their own acquaintance,
Oct. 25 172

May 6 ib.

48 To the Rev. W. Unwin. His passion for landscape
15 To Lady Hesketh. On solitude; on the desertion of

drawing; modern politics,

May 8 ib

his friends,

March 6 ib. 49. To Mrs, Cowper. On her brother's death, May 10 189

16 To Mrs. Cowper. Mrs. Unwin and her son ; his

cou. 50 To the Rev. J. Newton. Pedantry of commenta-

sin Martin Madan,

March 12 173 tors; Dr. Bentley, &c.

May 10 190


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Page. | Letter.


51 To the Rer. W. Unwin. Danger of endeavouring 89 To the same. Origin and causes of social feeling,

to excel; versification of a thought, June 8 190

Nov. 26 211

52 To the Rev. J. Newton. On the riots in 1780; dan-


ger of associations,

• June 12 191 90 To the same. Johnson's characters of Prior and

53 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Latin verses on do. June 18 ib. Pope,

Jan. 5 212

54 To the same. Robertson's History; Biographia Bri- 91 To the same. Danger of criticism to the taste;


June 22 192 young Unwin's education,

Jan. 17 213

55 To the Rev. J. Newton. Ingenuity of slander; lace- 92 To the Rev. J. Newton. His intended publication,

makers' petition,

June 23 ib.

Feb. 2 214

56 To the Rev. W. Unwin. To touch and retouch, the 93 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On some verses of Lowth's;

mecret of good writing; an epitaph,

July 2 193

on the origin of his correspondence with Lady

57 To J. Hill, Esq. Recommendation of the lace-ma.


Feb. 9 215

kers' petition,

July 8 194

94 To the Rev. J. Newton. Pleasures of authorship,

58 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Translation of the Latin

Feb. 16 216

verses on the riots in 1780,

July 11 ib.

Character of Caraccioli,


59 To Mrs. Cowper. On the insensible progress of age, 95 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Mr. Newton's preface; the

July 20 ib.

dignity of authorship,

Feb. 24 217

80 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Olney Bridge,

July 27 195

96 To Lord Thurlow. With his first volume of poems,

61 To the Rev. J. Newton. A riddle,

July 30 ib.

Feb. 25 ib.

62 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Human nature not chan- 97 To the Rev. J. Newton. Thoughts on reproving

ged; a modern only an ancient in a different dress,


Feb. 218

Aug. 6 196 98 To the same. Past and present politics, March 6 ib.

63 To the Rev. J. Newton. Escape of one of his hares, 99 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On the newspapers,

Aug. 21 ib.

March 7 219

64 To Mrs. Cowper. Lady Cowper's death; age a 100 To the Rev. J. Newton. Mr. Newton's preface, and

friend to the mind,

Aug. 31 197

Johnson's criticisms,

March 14 ib.

65 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Biographia ; verses, par-

101 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Observations on religious

son and clerk,

Sept. 3 ib.



66 To the same. On education,

Sept. 7 198 102 To the same. On his own volume of poems; on his

67 To the same. Public schools,

Sept. 17 199

letter to the chancellor,

March 18 221

68 To the same. On the same subject,

Oct. 5 ib. 103 To the Rev. W. Bull,

March 24 ib.

69 To Mrs. Newton. On Mr. Newton's arrival at Rams- 104 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On the same subject as


Oct. 5 200

Letter 102

70 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On a goldfinch starved to

105 To the same. The dignity of the Latin language; on

Nov. 9 ib. parenthesis,

April 27 ib.

71 To J. Hill, Esq. With the memorable law case be- 106 To the same. Dr. Franklin's letter; providential es.

tween nose and eyes,

Dec, 25 201 cape of Captain Cook,

May 27 223

72 To the Rev. W. Unwin. With the same,

Dec. ib. 107 To the same. On the anxiety of an author, June 12 224


108 To the same. Dispensations of Providence, July 16 ib.

73 To J. Hill, Esq. On metrical law cases;



109 To the same. Account of a viper in the green-house;

Feb. 15 ib. poems of Madame Guion,

Aug. 3 225

74 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Consolations on the asperi- 110 To Lady Austen.

A billet and verses,

Aug. 12 226

ty of a critic,

April 2 202 111 To the Rev. W. Bull,

Oct. 27 227

* To the same. Publication of his first volume, May 1 ib. 112 To the Rev. W. Unwin. John Gilpin's seats, Nov. 4 ib.

76 To Joseph Hill, Esq. On the composition and pub-

113 To the same. On a charitable donation to the poor

May 9 203

of Olney,

Nov. 18 ib.

77 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Reasons for not showing

114 To the same. Dr. Beattie's translation of Madame

his preface to Mr. Unwin,

Guion's poems,

May 10 ib.


78 To the same. Delay of his publication ;

Vincent 115 To the Rev. W. Unwin Mr.-_'s charity and be-


May 23 201 nevolence,

Jan. 19 229

79 To the same Correction of his proofs; on his horse-

116 To the Rev. J. Newton. Nations act under the direc-

May 205

tion of Providence,

80 To the same. Mrs. Unwin's criticisms; a distinguish.

Feb. 8 ib.

117 To J. Hill, Esq. Favourable reception given to his

June 5 ib.


Feb. 13 & 20 ib.

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Page. Lelter.


128 To the Rev. J. Newton. Translation of Mr. New-

169 To the Rev. J. Newton, Captain Cook’s last voyage

ton's letter into Dutch,

June 19 234

Aug. 16 260

129 To the same. His love of home; styles of Robertson 170 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Publication of the Task,

and Gibbon,

July 27 ib.

Bept. 11 261

130 To the Rev. W. Bull,

Aug. 3 235 171 To J. Hill, Esq. Dr. Cotton truly a philosopher,

131 To the Rev. W, Unwin On ballads; anecdote of

Sept. 11 262

his goldfinch,

Aug. 4 ib. 172 To the Rev. J. Newton. Effect of sounds, Sept. 18 ib.

132 To the same. Madame Guion's poems, Sept. 7 236 173 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Punctuation of blank verse,

133 To the Rev. J. Newton. On his recovery from a fe-

Oct. 2 263

ver; story of a clerk in a public office, Sept. 8 237 | 174 To the Rev. J. Newton. On unconnected thoughts;

134 To the same. Description a visit to Mr.

death of Captain Cooks

Oct. 9 ib.

Sept. 23 ib. 175 To the Rev. W. Unwin. The tendency of the Task,

135 To the Rev. W. Unwin." Philosophers happy; air

and of all his writings,

Oct. 10 264


Sept. 29 238 | 176 To the same. On his poem, Tirocinium, Oct. 20 265

136 To the Rev. J. Newton. Tendency of the Gospel to 177 To the Rev. J. Newton.L Sandwich islanders, Oct. 30 266

promote the happiness of mankind, Oct. 6 239 178 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Reasons why an author.

137 To the same. On the American loyalists, Oct. 240

may wish to keep his works secret, Nov. 1 267

138 To J. Hill, Esq.Comforts of a winter evening, Oct. 20 241 179 To the Rev. W. Bull,

Nov. 8 ib.

139 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Reflections on the unkind 180 To Joseph Hill, Esq. On the death of his mother, Nov. 268

behaviour of acquaintance,

Nov. 10 ib. 181 To the Rev. J. Newton. His poems, the Task and

140 To the same. The same subject; L'Estrange's Jo-


Nov. 27 ib.


Nov. 24 242 182 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Tirocinium, 1784,


141 To the same. Account of Mr. and Mrs. Throckmor. 193 To the same. His poems; picture of Lunardi,



Nov. 29 ib.


184 To the Rev. J. Newton. On the titles to the different

142 To the same. East India Company's Charter, Jan. 3 243 books of the Task,

Dec. 13 270

143 To the Rev. J. Newton. Departure of the old year, 185 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Inscription of Tirocinium;

Jan. 18 244

compliment to Bishop Bagot,

Dec. 18 271

144 To the Rev. W. Unwin. State of departed spirits, Jan. 245 18 To the Rev. J. Newton. On his poem being called
145 To the Rev. J. Newton. On East India affairs; Lines

the Task,

Dec. 24 ib.

of Dr. Jortin translated,

Jan. 25 246


146 To the same. Title and motto for a work of Mr. 187 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Death of Dr. Johnson, and


Feb. ib. an epitaph on him,

Jan. 15 272

147 To the same. Our forefathers not nervous; Adam, 183 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On two small poems, the

as he appeared in a dream,

Feb. 10 247 Poplar Field and the Rose,

Feb. 7 273

148 To the Rev. W. Bull,

Feb. 22 218 189 To the same, Reflections on the impatience of au-
149 To the Rev. J. Newton. Secret charity at Olney;


March 20 ib.

parliamentary debates,

Feb. ib. 190 To the same. Celebrity of John Gilpin, April 30 274

150 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Difficulty in writing to 191 To J. Hill, Esq. Description of his boudoir at Ol.


Feb. 29 ib. ney,

June 25 275

151 To the Rev. J. Newton. On the Theological Miscel- 192 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Account of a violent thun.
lany; Caraccioli,

March 8 249
der storm,

July 27 ib.

152 To the same. Style and spirit of Mr. Newton's Apo- 193 To the same. Dr. Johnson's Journal, Aug. 27 276

logy; East India patronage,

March 11 ib. 194 To Lady Hesketh. On her return to England, Oct. 12 277

153 To the same. Works of Caraccioli, March 19 250 195 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Translation of Homer,

154 To the same. Visit of a Candidate, March 29 ib.

Oct. 22 273

155 To the same. Danger of trifling with our Maker; 196 To Lady Hesketh. Obligations to a friend not irk.
earthquake in Calabria,

April 251

some; some account of his affairs, Noy, 9 ib.
156 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Beattie and Blair; origin 197 To the same. Disinterestedness of his affections, 290
of language,

April 5 252 198 To the Rev. Walter Bagot. Bishop Bagot's charge,
157 To the same. Observations on Blair's Lectures, April 25 253

Nov. 9 ib.

158 To the Rev. J. Newton. Difference of style between 199 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Publishing his Homer by

Beattie and Blair,

April 26 ib.


Dec. 24 ib.

159 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On face-painting, May 3 254 200 To J. Hill, Esq. Same subject,

* Dec, 24 281

160 To the same. Declines writing a sequel to John Gil. 201 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Same subject; anecdotes


May 8 255

of the poor at Olney,

Dec. 31 ib.

161 To the Rev. J. Newton. Dr. Johnson's favourable


opinion of his poems,

May 22 256 202 To Lady Hesketh. Correcting his poems, Jan. 10 282

162 To the same. Same subject,

June 5 ib. 203 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On his visiting Lady Hes-
163 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Tax on candles, July 3 ib. keth; on Homer,

Jan. 14 ib.

164 To the Rev. J. Newton. Mythology of the ancients; 204 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Translation of Homer, Jan. 15 283

new taxes,

July 5 257 205 To the same. Dr. Maty's opinion of the Task, Jan. 23 ib.

165 To the Rev. W. Unwin. Vincent Bourne; Hume's 206 To Lady Hesketh. On receiving a snuff-box with

Essay on Suicide,

July 12 258 portraits of his three hares,

Jan. 31 294

166 To the Rev. J. Newton. Madness sometimes hu- 207 To the same. On her promised visit to Olney, Feb. 9 285

morous and sometimes whimsical, July 19 239 208 To the same. Vexations attendant on a variety of

167 To the same. Pleasant situation of Lymington; Mr.

criticisms; the Chancellor's promise, Feb. 11 ib.

July 28 ib. 209 To the same. On their expected meeting at Olncy,

168 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On the inhabitants of the

Feb. 19 286

islands in the Pacific Ocean,

Aug. 14 200 210 To dhe Rev. W. Bagot. Death of Mrs. Bagot, Feb. 27 287


Page. | Letter.


211 To Lady Hesketh. Elisions in some instances allowa. 251 To the same. On the Memoirs of Baron de Tott,


March 6 287

Sept. 29 311

212 To the Rev. W. Unwin On the translation of Ho. 252 To S. Rose, Esq. On leaving the country after the
March 13 289 death of his father,

Oct. 19 ib.

213 To J. Hill, Esq. Same subject,

April 5 289 253 To Lady Hesketh. On a kitten and a leech, Nov. 10 312

214 To Lady Hesketh. On her postponing her visit; de- 254 To J. Hill, Ex. On his own studies, Nov, 16 ib.
seription of the vicarage,

April 17 ib. 255 To Lady Hesketh. Beauties of Weston; the clerk of
215 To the same. Her lettere his comfort, April 24 290

Northampton; on a paper in the Mirror; anec-
216 To the same Dr. Maty's critique on his Homer;

dote of a beggar,

Nov. 27 ib.

descripuion of his own feelings,

May 8 ib. 256 To the same. On his neighbours,

Dec. 4 313

217 To the same. Pain and pleasure on the sight of a 257 To the Rev. W. Bagot. On his Homer, and Bishop

lang absent friend,

May 15 292


Dec. 6 ib.

218 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Submission to the will of

258 To Lady Hesketh. On a ball, and his translation,

God; Horace's advice to authors, May 20 293

Dec. 10 314

219 To Lady Hesketh. Gives up meeting her at New. 259 To S. Rose, Esq. On his Homer; talents given by

port; lines in the Task; state of his nerves, May 25 294


Dec. 13 ib.

220 To the same. Beauties of the spring; his spirits less



May 29 295 260 To Lady Hesketh. On verses by Mr. Merry; inocu.

221 To the same. His feelings on her expected arrival;


Jan. 1 315

Mr. and Mrs. Throckmorton, June 4 and 5 296 261 To the Rev. W. Bagot. On Bishop Bagot, and his

222 To J. Hill, Emy. His time much occupied by Ilo-


Jan. 5 316

mer; the Chancellor's illness,

June 9 297 262 To Lady Hesketh Reasons for writing sew occa.
223 To the same. Lady Hesketh’s visit, and the village

sional poems; on a print of Bunbury's, Jan. 19 ib.

of Weston,

June 19 ib. 263 To the same. On his own anxiety,

Jan. 30 317

224 To the Rev. W. Unwin. The arrival of Lady Hes. 261 To the same. On trouble as the portion of mortali-
keth ; residence in Olney; Latin books for young

ty; on reading a book of his Iljad to Mr. Great-
July 3 ib. heed,

Feb. 1 ib.

223 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Revisal of his Homer, July 4 298 265 To. S. Rose, Esq. Improvement of time; on the re-

225 To the Rev. W. Unwin. On his Homer, Aug. 21 299

flection of Glaucus,

Feb. 14 318

To the same. On his compositions,

ib. 266 To Lady Hesketh. On his own melancholy; Han-

23 To the same His state of mind; verses to Miss C.

nah More, and Hastings's trial,

Feb. 16 319

on her birth-day,

300 267 To the same. On Burke's invective, Feb. 22 ib.

229 To the same. On declining to write on a subject pro- 268 To the same. A fox chase,

March 3 320

posed to him,

ib. 269 To the saune. On the book entitled, "The Manners

230 Letter-writing, illustrated by a simile in rhyme; state

of the Great,"

March 12 ib.

of the nation,

301 270 To General Cowper. On his poem upon the slave

231 To the same. On his poem of the Lily and the Rose, ib. trade; the Morning Dream, a ballad,


22 To the same. The poet Churchill,

ib. 271 To the Rev. W. Bagot. On “The Manners of the
233 To the same. First poetry, a translated elegy of Ti.

Great," and his Ilomer,

March 19 ib.

302 272 To S. Rose, Esq. Depression of spirits ; Dr. Clarke,

To the Rev. W. Bagot. Milton's blank verse, and

March 29 322

revisal of his Homer,

Aug. 31 303 273 To Lady Hesketh. On his poem upon the slave
35 To J. Hill, Esq. Mischance that happened to part


March 31 ib.
of his translation of Homer,

Oct. 6 ib. 274 To the same. Smollett's Don Quixote; on his friend

235 To the Rev. W. Bagot, Change of habitation, Nov. 17 ib.

Mr. Rowley,

May 6 323

237 To Lady Hesketh. A poet's hermitage, Nov. 26 304 275 To J. Hill, Esq. Books that he had lost, May 8 ib.

2 To the same. On the death of Mr. Unwin, Dec. 4 305 276 To Lady Hesketh. On Mrs. Montague, May 12 ib.

239 To Robert Smith, Esq. (the present Lord Carrington.) 277 To J. Hill, Esq. On two prints, Crazy Kate and the

On the same subject,

Dec. 9 ib. Lace-maker; bust of Paris,

May 24 324

240 To Lady Hesketh. On the same subject, Dec. 9 306 278 To Lady Hesketh. Same subject; Mrs. Montague,
241 TOJ. Hill, Esq. On the same subject, Dec. 9 ib.

May 27 ib.

22 To Lady Hesketh. On praise to a poet, Dec. 21 307 279 To the same. Sufferings from the east wind; extra-


ordinary advertisement of a dancing-master, June 3 325

23 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Homer's description of 280 To J. Hill, Esq. Death of Ashley Cowper, Esq. June 8 ib.

slaughter; praise of the author and Mr. Unwin, 281 To Lady Ilesketh. On the same subject, June 10 ib.

Jan. 3 ib. 202 To the same. On the same subject, June 15 326

244 To Lady Hesketh. On Ilomer, and his song of the 283 To the Rev. W. Bagot. On scenes of horror,
Jan. 8 ib.

June 17 ib.

245 To the same. Obliged by indisposition to suspend 284 To S. Rose, Esq. On a dry season,

June 23 327

his Homer; on dreams, and a visit from Mr. Rose, 285 To Lady Hesketh. On his own expectations; anec-
Jan. 18 308 dote of his dog Beau,

June 27 ib.

246 To Samuel Rose, Eeq. His indisposition; Burns' 286 To the same. On the Lime Walk at Weston; ac-


July 24 309 count of living authors,

July 28 328

247 To the came, On his reviving health ; Barclay's 297 To the same. Favourable reception of the Task;
Argenis and Burns,
Aug. 27 ib. Mr. Bacon, the sculptor,

Aug. 9 ib.

28 To Lady Hesketh. On the family at Weston Hall, 289 To S. Rose, Esq. Solicitude for a friend, Aug. 18 329

Aug. 30 310 239 To the same. On the oak called Judith; on impro-

49 To the same. Books he had read,
Sept. 4 ib.

Sept. 11 ib.

230 To the same. On a lady whom he met at the Hall, 290 To the same. A riddle; on finishing the Iliad;

Sept. 15 ib. death of a bullfinch,

Sept. 25 330

per fears,


Page. Letter.


291 To S. Rose, Esq. Vincent Bourne; invitation to his 335 To the game. Cautions against an heedless inatten-


Nov. 30 330 tion to friends,

July 31 347

292 To. J. Hill, Esq. Introduction of Mr. Rose, Dec. 2 331 336 To Mr. Johnson. Mr. Fuseli's strictures on his Ho.

293 To Robert Smith, Esq.

Dec. 20 ib.


Sept. 7 318


337 To Mrs. Bodham. Mr. Johnson's carrying his Ho.

294 To S. Rose, Esq. On memory; Sir J. Hawking,

mer to London,

Sept. 9 ib.

Jan. 19 ib. 338 To S. Rose, Esq. On his marriage; preface to Ho-

295 To the same. On accidente,

Jan. 24 ib.


Sept. 13 ib.

296 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Progress in Homer, Jan. 29 332 339 To Mr. Johnson. Mr. Newton's preface, &c. Oct. 3 349

297 To S. Rose, Esq. On Hawkins Brown, May 20 ib. 340 To Mrs. Bodham. On the joys and sorrows of infan.
298 To the same. Cuckow clocks; Boswell's Tour,


Nov. 21 ib.
June 5 ib. 341 To J. Johnson, Esq. Visit from the Dowager Lady

299 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Compliments on the mar.


Nov. 26 ib.

riage of his friend,

June 16 333 312 To S. Rose, Esq. Prediction of future eminence in

300 To S. Rose, Esq. On Hawkins and Boswell, June 20 ib. his profession,

Nov. 30 350

301 To Mrs. Throckmorton. Poetical talents of a friend; 343 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Translation of Homer; on
incidents at the Hall,
July 18 ib. the office of Poet Laureat,

Dec, 1 ib.

302 To S. Rose, Esq. Improvement of time in early lise, 344 To J. Johnson, Esq. King's College subscription;

July 23 331 family of the Donnes,

Dec. 18 351

303 To the same. Mrs. Piozzi's Travels, Aug. 8 ib.


304 To the same. Variations in our summers; remark 345 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Long and short syllables in
on Mr. J.

Sept. 24 ib.
the English language,

Jan. 4 ib.
305 To the same. On receiving several presents, a spor- 346 To Mr. Johnson. On a line in one of his poems hav-
tive imitation of the Odyssey,
Oct. 4 335 ing been lampered with,


306 To J. Hill, Esq. French revolution, Dec. 18 ib. 347 To J. Johnson, Esq. Playful remarks on his charac-

307 To the Rev. W. Bagot. On Villoison's Homer, ib.

Jan. 21 352

303 To the same. The same subject,

336 348 To S. Rose, Esq. His present of Pope's Homer,

Feb. 5 ib.

309 To S. Rose, Esq. On his health; remarks on a pas- 349 To Lady Hesketh. Fame not an empty breath, Feb. 13 353

sage in Homer,

Jan. 3 ib. 350 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Blank verse the English he-

310 To Lady Hesketh. On his kinsman's poem; expec-


Feb. 26 ib.
tation of the critics on his Homer, Jan. 23 337 351 To J. Johnson, Esq. On the subscriptions from Cam-
311 To S. Rose, Esq. Bentley's remarks on Homer,

bridge, Oxford, and the Scotch Universities,
Feb. 2 ib.

Feb. 27 ib.

312 To Lady Hesketh. Verses to Mrs. Throckmorton, 352 To J. Hill, Esq. Preface to the translation of Ho-

Feb. 9 ib.


March 6 354

313 To Mr. Johnson. Remarks of Mr. Fuseli on his po- 353 To the Rev. Mr. Hurdis. Invitation to Weston; Sir


Feb. 11 333 Thomas More,

March 6 ib.

314 To Lady Hesketh. Anxiety for a female relation; 354 To J. Hill, Esq. Achilles in the attitude of a dancing.

on receiving his mother's picture, Feb. 26 ib.


March 10 ib.

315 To Mrs. Bodham. On his mother's picture, Feb. 27 ib. 355 To the Rev. W. Bagot. On the critical talents of Dr.

316 To John Johnson, Esq. Praise of Mrs. Bodhar;


March 18 ib.

invitation to Weston,

Feb. 28 339 356 To J. Johnson, Esq. On the poems of the Norwich

317 To Lady Hesketh. On the Test Act, March 8 340 maiden,

March 19 355

318 To S. Rose, Esq. Solicitudo for his friend's health, 357 To S. Rose, Esq. His Homer calculated at less than

March 11 ib. the 7th part of a farthing per line, March 24 ib.

319 To Mrs. Throckmorton. On a lady's remarks on his 358 To Lady Hesketh. God no more a respecter of wit


March 21 341 than he is of persons,

March 25 356

320 To Lady Hesketh. On the style he introduced in his 359 To Mrs. Throckmorton. Little success of applica.
translation of Homer,

March 22 ib. tion to the University of Oxford, April 1 ib.

321 ToJ. Johnson, Esq. Remarks on Longinus, March 23 342 360 To J. Johnson, Esq. Brilliant collection of names

322 To the same. On Lavater; particular studies recom-

from Cambridge,

April 6 357


April 17 ib. 361 To S. Rose, Esq. General success of the subscrip-
323 To Lady Hesketh. Completion of his translation,


April 29 ib.
April 19 343 362 To the Rev. W. Bagot. Mr. Bagot; Milton's Poems,
32 To the same. On pictures of both his parents, April 30 ib.

May 2 ib.

325 To Mrs. Throckmorton Village incidents, May 10 ib. 363 To the Rev. Mr. Buchanan,

May 11 358

326 To Lady Hesketh,

May 23 341 364 To Lady Hesketh. Letter from Dr. Cogswell, from

327 To the same. On a poetical application, June 3 ib. New York,

May 18 ib.

328 To J. Johnson, Esq. On particular studies, June 7 ib. 365 To J. Johnson, Esq. Translation of the Frogs and

329 To S. Rose, Esq. Oncarly marriages; a riddle, June 8 345 Mice,

May 23 ib.

330 To Lady Hesketh. Reflections on seeing an old wo. 366 To Lady Hesketh. Delays of printers; confidence in

man; inscriptions for a grove of oaks, June 17 ib. government,

May 27 ib.

331 To the Rev. W. Bagot. African serpents and ants; 367 To J. Johnson, Esq. On his procuring him the Cam-

on Bishop Bagot's removal,

June 22 346 bridge subscriptions to his Homer, June 1 359

332 To Mrs. Bodham. On letter-writing, June 29 ib. 368 To the Rev. Mr. Hurdis. On the time of the public

333 To Lady Hesketh. Mrs. Unwin's illness; on the

cation of his Homer,

June 13 ib.

French revolution,

July 7 347 369 To S. Rose, Esq. Man an ungrateful animal, June 15 360

334 To J. Johnson, Eaq. Danger of music engrossing 370 To Dr. James Cogswell. On the Task, and his other

too much time,

July 8 ib.


June 15 ib.

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